Use the Power of Silence to Boost Your Relationships

6 Ways to Find Strength and Confidence in Silence

We use words as our messenger, sword, and savior. The power of words to communicate your thoughts and desires is undeniable. However, there are six situations in relationships when it is better to express your feelings through thoughtful, conscious silence than opening your mouth and saying something that could later cause regret.

“Quiet the ego mind and embrace silence, for much more is heard within silence than within all the noise of the day.” – Psychic Robin ext. 5492

1. The Power of Pausing

Think about a time when you were listening to a speaker drone on about a topic, and they suddenly paused for air. This is also called “dropping a rock,” and involves taking a breath in between important points, as if allowing the ripples from a rock thrown, to reach the ears of your listeners. When this is accomplished properly, a couple of thoughts will flash across the listener’s mind. What happened? What did they just say? Why should this be important to me? During this moment, the listener reflects back on the speaker’s words, bringing a greater understanding of what was said. This technique can also be used during important conversations in your relationships, to help bring clarity to your intention. Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

2. Silence as Motivation

When one partner offers an idea about the relationship, it may be necessary to give them a moment to think over their original statement, to reformulate their offer, making sure their point is both understood and fair to both parties. A typical scenario when this technique can be used may look something like this:

Your Partner: “I’ve been thinking about our living arrangement, and think you should give up your apartment.”
You: (contemplative silence).
Partner: “I mean, I think we should start thinking about a life together… as in marriage.”

3. Muteness Can Bring a Greater Awareness of Yourself

Have you ever listened to the sound of a promise made to your lover? It’s within these moments that you will truly understand what it is that you have just said. In relationships, people use words to make each other feel better all the time. However, they often fail to feel the consequence and importance of these promises. Take a moment to listen to your inner dialogue. By doing this, you will appreciate the meaning behind your words, giving you a greater understanding of yourself, your lover, and to be inspired by your compassion and thoughtfulness.

4. Sometimes the Squeaky Wheel Gets Thrown Out

Ben Franklin once said, “Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place, but far more difficult still, to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.” During conversations, you might be tempted by the apple of anger, and bring up a complaint before you have thought it through. You may think your comment is justified. However, to the other person it may appear mean, hurtful, and cold. There can be a fine line between asking and nagging, when you have more bad things to report than good.

“Communication is the key to confidence. Know yourself, find your voice, speak up and be decisive.” Psychic Charrmayne ext. 5058

5. Using Silence as An Exclamation Point

When a lover makes a statement that they are unsure about, they may back it up with multiple explanations, which usually includes an assortment of verbal bookmarks, such as ah, uh, and um. Rather than ramble on about your ideas because you are afraid of having them shot down, say what you need to say once. Then let the silence show your partner just how important it is to you. Silence can bypass your insecurities, leaving your finals words in their fullest strength, rather than diluted with hesitation, insincerity, and fear.

6. When Silence Proceeds Darkness

Occasionally, we are given the perfect moment to speak from the heart, but instead choose to bury our feelings within our fears. These are the lost moments that can bring darkness upon a relationship. These include the missed opportunity to express your love for someone. Under certain circumstances, silence can be misinterpreted as saying, “I don’t love you” to a soulmate. In addition, when you refrain from telling your partner when they’ve hurt you, you are creating a wedge by holding in these feelings without giving them the chance to apologize. Your silence will be more effective when it proceeds the truth, rather than when it is used to mask it!

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5 thoughts on “Use the Power of Silence to Boost Your Relationships

  1. margaret cotto

    I cannot express to you how much this statement has help me, but I still love and miss my spouse so much, yes the silence treatment hurts but he still calls or text me after a few days goes bye.

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500


    I have to say…..this was a stellar article…..

    Eric, you out-did yourself on this one and is, by far, my favorite article written by you, to date !!!!

    Very wise and honest advice.

  3. Phyllis

    This was a good article; Mr. Leech always has very insightful thoughts to share. All credibility was seriously damaged, however, by point #6 and the incorrect use of the word “proceed” (twice). I think the word you want is “precede”. Look it up.


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