Your Weekly Mantra Meditations: November 10 – 16

Your Weekly Mantra Meditations: November 10 - 16

The Power of Mantra Meditations

This week’s mantra meditations come to your through a deeply private meditation that presented itself on the wild, windswept Irish coast. As I closed my eyes, I asked my guides to reveal to me what you, gentle readers, needed to know most. I felt the power of the ancient people who watched as intruders came to their homes and left them in ruins. I felt the indomitable spirit of those who remained and chose to claim their destiny, as opposed to surrendering to the foes that sought to conquer.

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When I opened my eyes, I saw fat, contented sheep dotting the emerald hillside like so many white gumdrops on green velvet. Swans flew effortlessly and silently over mirrored, still waters. This could not be the place where, centuries before, people were consumed by great fleets of intruding warriors! How could such an ancient vision line up with our modern world? Why am I sharing this with you?

In a time when you feel helpless and, perhaps, hopeless, you should remember that others have gone before you and fought even greater challenges than you are presently experiencing. You have the shared experience of amazingly valiant men and women who refused to surrender their truth, their humanity, or their destiny. Remember, no battle is lost on the field; all battles lost begin in the mind. If you allow life’s difficulties to prevent you from pursuing your dreams or your goals, you are surrendering before the end is met. It’s time for you to determine which is greater, your courage or your fears? Which one will you follow? The choice is yours. No storm lasts forever and no one can defeat you without your consent. And with that, let’s jump into your mantra meditations.

November 10

“I am attracting what I expect and reflecting what I desire.”

We’ve all heard the expression “Fake it until you make it.” Today is a great day to aim for your dreams and act as if that dream has already come to pass. For example, f you’re thinking that winning the lottery is all you need to change your life, you should consider reframing that thought. Think about how your life would feel if you had no concerns about money, health, or career. Now being to live as if that lovely thought was your reality. THAT is priceless!

November 11

“If it doesn’t challenge me, it doesn’t change me.”

Do you appreciate the challenges you’re currently experiencing? A diamond is only a lump of carbon until a master craftsman strikes at it continually, finally revealing its true beauty. Such is the case with your life. Your mantra meditations remind you that each strike is certainly making you shine more brightly.

November 12

“I will not limit myself due to the lack of imagination of others.”

You may find yourself feeling misunderstood. You might feel as if you cannot relate to the way others are perceiving the world around them. It’s fine to feel that way, however, don’t allow it to prevent you from enjoying the delightful uniqueness of your truth. Your mantra meditations want to remind you that you are wonderful just the way you are!

November 13

“Every day may not be good, but there is good in every day.”

Changing your perception of a situation is more important than overpowering it, according to your mantra meditations. Sometimes perceptions can change through understanding and sometimes they change by temporarily accepting them. Either way, as long as you’re moving through the tough moments, you will certainly reach your desired goal. Therefore, begin by finding the beauty in this moment and build on it.

November 14

“I am the hero of my life, not the victim.”

If you were writing a movie about your life, who would play you? Would this role go to a strong, sexy actor or would it be a weak, helpless person? How do you see yourself and how do you want others to see you? Remember, you are the hero of your story. Therefore, don’t give your power to those who choose to use it against you. Instead, find those who think like you and embrace them. They are your tribe and they are waiting for you too.

November 15

“Optimism is the mindset that leads to achievements.”

There are no limits to what your mind and spirit perceive, according to your mantra meditations. History is filled with countless tales of ordinary people doing extraordinary things: a 95-pound woman lifting a car from her injured child; a man freshly home from the hospital due to a heart attack swims across a raging river to save his wife; a shy, studious young man focuses his talents and creates modern computers. Heroes are created through the belief that something can, and should, be done. Then they have the courage to make that belief a reality. Be your own hero today!

November 16

“When you undervalue what you do, the world will undervalue who you are.”

No matter what your job, no matter how impressive it may seem or how humble, at the end of the day, it’s only a job. It doesn’t change you nor does it make you a great person. Your heart, your values, and your actions are what determine the kind of a person you are and the quality of your life. Therefore, don’t allow yourself to be intimidated by those who seem to “have it all.” Instead, show some kindness and graciously accept it when someone is returning it to you. You are a wonderful human being. Do not doubt it; live up to it!

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  1. Joan,[jo]

    11.17th.2018.”JESSE” If it doesn’t challenge Me,I become DULL!{so-to-speak}.With your GREATNESS For Advice/confidence/Mantras/Awareness/Prayer,etc.Beleiving In A Higher Source. I would be standing-in quick Sand!! THANKs For Sharing.[jo].

    1. Jesse

      And without hearts as wonderful as yours, this planet would be so much more difficult to navigate! Thank you so much, sweet one! I am just a phone call away whenever you need me. Many blessings and thank you!

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