Psychic Q&A: Feeling Guilty for Moving

Psychic Q&A: Feeling Guilty for Moving

Feeling Guilty for Doing the Right Thing

Dear Kallista,

I’m getting married next week to my fiancée and afterward, my daughter and I are moving out of state to be with him. It’s been very hard already because my daughter and I are very close to my mother and the rest of my family who lives in Texas. I’m feeling guilty for taking my daughter away from them but I know that moving in with my soon-to-be husband is the right thing to do.

Everything has been wonderful with my fiancé—until this last week. We have been fighting a lot and I know that wedding planning is stressful, but I have concerns. I love my fiancé, but all this fighting is making me wonder if I’m making the right choice. I don’t want to get hurt and I certainly don’t want my daughter to get hurt either. If I take her away from everything and everyone she knows and the marriage doesn’t work out, I’ll be feeling guilty forever. I’m just wondering if this marriage and this move are still good ideas.

Elizabeth B.

Psychic Kallista ext. 9623 responds:

Dear Elizabeth,

You have no reason to feel guilty about marriage and movingnow or in the future. It’s true that being afraid of making mistakes and the possible pain they might cause can leave one feeling guilty, but you have nothing to fear.

You are bravely making huge life changes for yourself and your daughter, but even good change can be stressful. This man loves you both and marrying and moving in with him will work out well for all of you. Your daughter is also resilient and she will adjust to this new adventure. Your new family will visit your mother and family in Texas as often as you’re able. It feels like your family is happy for you and they are supportive of your plans too.

Stress and tiredness contribute to arguments with your fiancé, but who doesn’t feel stress when planning a wedding and a big move? These are both huge life events, but the love between you will sustain you. You would both greatly benefit from talking to any of our love psychics to gain the powerful tools that will help you understand and communicate with each other better in times of stress.

Please release feeling guilty and continue to focus on all the good you are creatingfor yourself and your daughter. I see happy fulfillment for all of you going forward.

Wishing you everything wonderful,


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