What to Do After a Breakup: 13 Energy Healing Tools to Use to Get Over a Breakup

What to Do After a Breakup: 13 Energy Healing Tools to Use to Get Over a Breakup | California Psychics

Healing the Hurt

At times when we are feeling lost or alone, our energy shifts and becomes unbalanced. Just like love can fill us with bright and positive energy, heartbreak can do the exact opposite. Many of us have similar habits when it comes to what to do after a break-up, ranging from eating an entire pint of ice cream to binge-watching some reality TV. Do these coping strategies actually help us, though? There are so many ways to heal yourself and restore balance to your spirit following a split, energy healing being one of them. It’s a powerful and ancient form of healing, with several variations that can be done either by yourself or with the help of an expert. You have the power to feel better permanently, and we can help you find the right energy healing tools for you.

Types of Energy Healing

  1. Get Grounded –It is easy to get swept up in feelings of chaos during a break-up. Grounding during a nature walk, going outside barefoot, and reconnecting with the earth can help you rediscover your roots. It can be as easy as stepping outside your front door into some fresh grass!
  2. Cord Cutting and Reiki Sessions – Usually available for in-person therapy, some practitioners also offer distance reiki healing. Healers can help in severing the emotional ties that linger. They also help process the grief of loss.
  3. Daily Affirmations – The end of a relationship can be the perfect time to set new intentions and new affirmations. It is time to remind yourself of who you are and what you deserve. You are worthy of love and happiness.
  4. Inner Child Work – Much of what we seek in relationships as adults (both good and bad) stems from what we received as a child. Taking the time to focus on clearing negative energy caused by past traumas helps us put an end to cycles that do not serve us.
  5. Have a Sound Bath – Sure, a bubble bath with your favorite love songs blaring on a Bluetooth speaker might be nice but have you ever tried a sound bath? In sound baths, practitioners may utilize tools such as singing bowls, drums, and tuning forks to channel healing energy.
  6. Write Them a Letter – This isn’t the same idea as calling or texting your ex. In fact, the letter you write them will never be sent. Writing down everything you wish to say will help you feel a release on the resentment or negativity you may be harboring. When you are finished, you may burn it safely for an added step of closure.
  7. Reconnect with Friends – It can be easy to let go of friendships and platonic relationships when we are entangled in a romantic one. Rekindling love and support from others you are close with can refresh your energy and motivate you towards being able to reciprocate positivity.
  8. Crystal Healing – Crystals are used in all types of healing. Many semi-precious stones have properties that can help draw energies of love and strength towards you. Wearing them in jewelry, carrying them in your bag/pocket, or placing them on your altar can create conduits to healing energy. Labradorite encourages self-empowerment and helps when grieving a loss. Rhodochrosite restores emotional balance and confidence. Malachite is a stone for transformation and will help with releasing past trauma.
  9. Chakra Balancing – While all seven chakras are ideally open and in harmonious balance, it can be easy for them to get thrown off in the event of a break-up. The chakra that may need the most attention is your Heart Chakra. Utilizing breathing exercises, eating dark leafy greens, and keeping crystals like Green Aventurine and Moss Agate nearby will help energy flow through your Heart Chakra.
  10. Love Infused Beauty Rituals – The most popular crystal when it comes to love is Rose Quartz, but this stone is all about amping up your self-love. Take the time to pamper yourself and heal using soothing serums that have florals like lavender, chamomile, and rose. These serums can be applied with crystal tools such as face rollers and Gua sha.
  11. Adopt a Plant – A new plant can be a wonderful gift to yourself. You shower it with love and nutrients, and it, in turn, revitalizes your air (and your sense of purpose). Welcoming this new life to your daily routine has another bonus too. Studies show that plants respond to the human voice, so a plant can be a wonderful listener if you are looking to vent.
  12. Space Cleansing – If you and your previous partner shared a space, now is the time to clear it. Even if you didn’t live together, lingering energies can be swept away. Clear away clutter, open windows, and welcome new scents in the form of candles or incense. You may also clear energies with ethically sourced sage, cedar, or rosemary.
  13. Get in Touch with a Professional – Just like how you would phone or video chat with a doctor if you were feeling physically ill, contacting a professional energy healer or psychic for guidance can be the key to feeling better after a broken heart.

A Beautiful New Beginning    

When you feel ready, these tools for love, clarity, and self-empowerment can also be the catalysts for welcoming new love into your life. Journaling about your process will provide insight into where your heart stands. Tarot or Oracle card readings can also prepare you for what may come along down the road. It hurts to break away from someone we love, but their absence leaves space for someone new when the time comes.

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