7 Survival Tips for Mercury Retrograde

7 Survival Tips for Mercury Retrograde | California Psychics

A Cosmic Upheaval

The second of this year’s Mercury retrogrades has come around. From May 29 to June 22 we’ll all feel the effects of Mercury retrograde in Gemini, its home sign. Last year, Mercury retrograde was in all Water signs, which are notoriously associated with feelings, confusion, and imagination (all things that slow Mercury down). Now that it’s in its home element of Air, things won’t be as emotional.

Air signs are all about logical thought, insight, and communication, and even if Mercury is retrograding through Air, it is still happier being there than not. A Mercury retrograde through Air mainly means you have a lot of introspection ahead of you because it’s still one of the most notorious moments in the astrological calendar. So, here’s how to get through it—and—dare we say—come out the other side thriving.

Don’t Make Major Life Decisions on the Fly

As with any Mercury retrograde, this is not the time to move to a new city, quit your job, start your dream business, the list goes on. Not only can logistical hang-ups curb even the best laid plans, but you may not be in the ideal frame of mind to upend your whole life or to really enjoy whatever goal you’ve been hoping to cross off your bucket list. Use this time to dream and plan but not to act…yet.

Pamper Your Relationships

Mercury retrograde messes with communication, meaning that even when you think you have communicated clearly, the other party may not have understood you clearly, or even heard you. This could cause misunderstandings, and even massive fights between partners. Don’t take these fights to the extreme by ending your relationship though, its just Mercury retrograde messing with your emotions and understanding. In the same vein though, it’s not wise to begin a new relationship or get engaged either. Mercury retrograde’s ability to muddy the waters can affect all kinds of relationship communications. When it comes to relationship decisions, it’s best to just wait till Mercury goes direct again.

Limit Digital Communication

Mercury Retrograde is characterized by misunderstanding. So, if you need to have an important conversation with a loved one, get your point across to someone at work, or communicate anything critical, you’re better off doing it in person.  Texts and emails can be misconstrued, or even lost during this challenging cosmic time. Mercury retrograde in Air denotes introspection in communication, so think through what you want to say, and if you can’t speak face-to-face, pick up the phone. Your relationships will be stronger as a result.

Double Check Anything in Writing

If you do need to communicate with email, text, or a written document, read it again (and again!) before you send or sign anything. Reading it out loud will ensure that you’ve caught everything that needs your attention. The introspection this retrograde offers makes you capable of looking more closely at what you may be revising, so don’t be afraid to take your time. Sure, it may be simpler to just blame Mercury retrograde if you miss something or if something you write gets misconstrued, but it’s far better for your peace of mind to take your time and make sure everything is in order.

Think Twice About Your Travel Plans

Mercury retrograde is not a good time to make any rash decisions, and that includes that last minute trip that you’re ready to book. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t travel during Mercury retrograde, it just means that any trips you take during this time should have a bit of extra care and planning behind them than usual. Since Mercury retrograde tends to mess with communication and technology, two very important components of traveling, you should always aim for earlier rather than later. Do as much research as you can about where you are going as well, so that you aren’t scrambling for a good restaurant when you arrive at your destination, tired and hungry. Most importantly, have plenty of patience for any upsets and delays that may occur.

Use this Time to Reflect and Grow

Bust out your journal and take advantage of the welling up of emotion you might feel during this time. Analyze your feelings for patterns and how they can lead to reactive actions. Listen to the voice in your head and try to understand if it’s really serving you—or if it’s actually pushing you in a less-than-helpful direction. You have the advantage of being able to think clearly right now, so don’t be afraid to sit with your thoughts and feelings for as long as you need.

Slow Down

Speaking of taking your time, use this season as an excuse to slow down. Don’t rush through your errands or your emails. Give yourself time to eat, relax, catch up with a friend, workout—whatever it is you need. Soak up each activity so you can really see the present moment in front of you. It’s harder to feel out of sorts when your mind and body are more relaxed. Taking the time to slow down will keep you from making impulsive decisions and allow you to see what you can make room for in your life.

Keep Your Head Up

Mercury retrograde can be a frightening and upsetting time, but fortunately, it doesn’t last long. Mercury will go direct again on June 22 and won’t go retrograde again until the end of September. So, proofread your texts, buy a journal, and get ready to have some actual conversations with the people you love, and maybe a few strangers as well, and you’ll come through Mercury retrograde none the worse for wear.

Tell us about your Mercury retrograde experiences in the comments.

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  1. Faron J Frazee

    The opposite of everything said here is how my energy is responding to retrogrades. I seem to have obstructions removed and I see things clearer and accomplish stuff. What does that mean

  2. VM

    I had a little fight with my boss, on Feb 17th. I think misscomunication and stuborness from myside. The good thing all pass and goes. No one took it personally, lucky me.

  3. Dawn Shepherd

    Well how true is this my mind is up side down my head carnt think straight I won’t things done now am thinking of ending my relationship who I adore and love I hate my life what more do i need say so glad I’ve read this X

  4. Aida

    Thanks for your daily emails with valuable information. Most of your reports and messages talk to me. At times you provide with aha moments, and other times you stop me from impulsive decisions. Your articles are very informative and helpful.
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