Is It Just My Ego?

Joanna in Colorado writes;

Dear Red,

I am very confused about my feelings regarding my ex as well as his feeling towards me. I miss him terribly and constantly get mixed signals from him. I feel we only split up due to his fear; however, I still feel there is so much between us. He is currently dating someone else, but he does not seem happy and he looks at me longingly. I am really struggling to move on, and it would help to know if my feelings are just ego or if this strong feeling I have that we will be together again is real. If so, can I trust him not hurt me again? Please, can you help me gain some peace of mind?

Thank you,
Troubled Virgo

Dear Troubled Virgo,

I can’t blame you for being confused, as there is a very strong bond that still exists between you and your ex. But, even though the two of you still have feelings for one another, some things just aren’t meant to be.

Your ex did break up with you partly due to his fears, but partly because his love for you changed. He still cares about you a great deal, and misses many things about you and your past relationship. During the last several weeks of your relationship, he was being eaten alive by that nagging sensation that even though he finds you to be totally amazing, something was wrong or missing. While he didn’t want to hurt you and doesn’t want to hurt you now, he is going to continue sending you mixed signals while upholding the separation.

Your feelings really aren’t coming from a place of ego; you know in your gut that there is unfinished business between you and your ex. Where it gets a little more complicated is that while you will reunite with this man, the reunion doesn’t bring about a long-term relationship, but it will bring enough understanding and closure that you will be able to move on.

Things will change for you rather quickly. After your brief reconciliation and final parting of ways with your ex, you are going to be swiftly swept off your feet by someone new. While I don’t have a clue as to exactly how you are going to meet this new man, you will be with him before the end of the year. Things are going to move quickly, and wedding plans will be made. You are going to throw out all of your rules regarding dating and relationships, because this one is going to redefine your understanding of love. Your friends and family will express some concerns that you’re going through a rebound situation, but your own intuition (and a few psychics) will confirm for you that this is no rebound, or too good to be true, you actually have found your soulmate and your true love.

Hang in there! Things are going to work out better than you can imagine.

Brightest Blessings,


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