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Can I Change My Destiny? | California Psychics

Called by Spirit

Dear Kallista:

Ever since I was a kid I’ve been interested in the spirit world and the real meaning of life. I am fixated on the idea that one day modern science will be able to prove the existence of a world that we can’t see, psychic phenomena, and life after death. I wanted to be part of this revelation, so I studied science, got a PhD in molecular biology, then an MD, but this wasn’t the answer. I am trying to follow my passion now to be more in touch with my destiny and let the Universe show me my life path.

Can you give me guidance? Will I be writing books, developing products, practicing existing health restoring modalities? Should I stay in modern medicine for now and gradually develop more “spiritual healing practices”? If so, how would it be best to arrange this transition?

Thank you for any insight you can give.

PS: STRANGE OCCURRENCE (if you have input) . . . When I was in graduate school, in one of the many “down-times” of my life, I woke from a deep sleep at about 3 am’ it was pitch dark. There was “someone” to the left of my bed, near my feet. I didn’t know who it was or what it wanted, and it didn’t speak or touch me, but I know it wasn’t physical, and if I’d turned on the light, I probably wouldn’t have seen anything. The strength of the presence is what woke me up and I was quite apprehensive, but not scared. I asked it “what do you want?” but there was no response and I eventually went back to sleep. [If it is important, I was in University Park, PA at the time and the year was about 1985 or 1986).


Psychic Kallista ext. 9623 responds:

Dear Sheryl,

What a wonderful question you’ve asked. Since childhood, you’ve sensed the reality of Spirit. You instinctively knew there was more to life than what can be seen. Please know that Spirit has guided your willing heart to do all that you have done. There’s no need to try to change your destiny, for you have been on your true destined life path from the start.

We need those who work in science and medicine to let Spirit guide them as you have. It is no easy accomplishment, as the spiritual is so often met with resistance by current scientific thinking, but many doctors have successfully interwoven their spiritual discoveries with their scientific work. Dr. Larry Dossey, who wrote “Healing Words: The Power of Prayer and The Practice of Medicine” and Dr. Judith Orloff who wrote “Second Sight” are examples of these kinds of healers in the present day. The more widespread acceptance and practice of soul in conjunction with science will bring greater enlightenment in the future. Cures will be created that don’t yet exist, and many more lives will be saved. We all need this powerful integration of science, medicine, and intuition, for it will usher in an era of incredible healing.

Until that day dawns—and it won’t be much longer—it may be sometimes disheartening to feel like you must legitimize the wholesome, deep, and true spiritual knowledge of your soul in your scientific work, but the price is worth paying. You recognize that science has a long way to go, but you are already a leader in this quest. This is part of your greater purpose.

There is a divine timing for when all will be revealed, both spiritually and scientifically. You will do much toward achieving the goals you mentioned here, and you will continue being divinely guided to help manifest these revelations. You will help prove what Spirit wants us to see and know as part of the Divine Order.

To increase your spiritual healing gifts, meditation is a powerful tool, along with setting your intention to attain greater understanding through Spirit. Ask the Universe to bring you the right teachers, and they will come to you.

Could you change your destiny and walk away from your path of modern medicine and begin a spiritual healing practice at some point? Sure, but bringing those things together would be better. You can become rather well known as an author and healer.

Regarding your strange occurrence, you are a medium. It is often during our darkest hours that the veil between our world and the other side becomes thinnest. Your lack of fear with your spiritual visitor was how you knew you were safe. That visitation was just to let you know how strong your connection to the Spirit World is. It feels like this experience helped deepen your desire to learn more about your intuitive abilities. Your angels will help you.

Another gifted author is John Edward, who wrote “One Last Time.” This book is a helpful source for learning what it is to be intuitive and how to connect to the other side. You may already be aware that we can invite or banish spirits, allowing only the most loving presences in, and preventing the darker ones from crossing into our lives; simply decide to do so and declare it to Spirit.

You are on a beautiful path, Sheryl. Stay the course.


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