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Hello, and welcome back!

Our Tarot Reading this week will feature a delightful, unique deck of divination cards, The Le Normand Tarot. Marie Anne Le Normand (1772-1843) was the most prominent cartomancer (card reader) of the Napoleonic era in France. She read for the likes of Marat, Robespierre, Napoleon Bonaparte and Empress Josephine!

Members of the upper-class would sometimes masquerade as servants and come to her chambers through the back door to disguise their identities from those who disapproved. Persons waiting for a consultation would sit in the anteroom heavily veiled in order to not be recognized. Her following was massive and consistent throughout her career, which spanned several decades.

Mlle. Le Normand left a unique legacy of seven Tarot card decks, each containing her own symbols. They hold layers of meaning from the cosmic to the literal.

Lift your veil, take a sip of your tea and let’s begin!

June 9 – Sunday


You have drawn a very positive card for today’s significator. It helps to diffuse any difficulty in surrounding cards. Obstacles could present themselves but they will be overcome. It signifies warm, vital energy. There is an increase in confidence that will carry you through to good luck. It indicates fast recovery from losses. If career questions are on your mind today, it is a good omen for achievement. If love is your chief concern it can mean a hot and lively romantic day! If health is a concern, it speaks of over-all life energy being very strong. It may be good to spend some time in the sun today. The Sun card recommends initiating changes during daylight hours and during the warm part of the year.

Reflection: What choices can you make that will make you happier?

Mlle. Le Normand’s clue is: It may be something small!

June 10- Monday


Something good is coming your way. It may be short-lived like a clover, but it will bring unexpected enjoyment. If love is your main concern today there could be an unexpected encounter with someone. It may not go on forever but you will enjoy it.

Likewise, take advantage of a lucky break in your career because it will not last forever. The clover can indicate good luck which comes in twos. It also speaks of timing: the time span of two days, two weeks, or two months.

Reflection: Are you prepared to act when the opportunity arises?

June 11- Tuesday


In Le Normand, the Fish urges us to be free flowing. This relates to both love and financial concerns. It is a positive card, bringing abundance and entrepreneurialism to your work life. It is the sign of flexibility and free flowing ideas. The Fish does not relate to timing in the way most Le Normand symbols do. However, if there is a question about the time period of late February until the spring Equinox in March, it will indicate that time period specifically.

In love matters, it indicates a deep soul connection with emotion flowing freely all around. Your relationship is going well. There is no need to worry over something that isn’t broken.

In health matters, it could indicate the need to be around bodies of water and rain for your health and, possibly, to drink more water and eat more high water-content foods.

Relating to work, it could mean it is time to reach for an opportunity in consulting. Would you like to be your own boss by starting a small business? The Fish indicates success, if you do so.

Reflection: How can I have more freedom and creativity in my work?

June 12 – Wednesday


To look on the world without prejudice will bring clarity and kindness into your experience. The simple, sincere way of dealing with others is the most charmingly correct. The respect of friends will be coming your way due to your gentleness.

A child could be born to your immediate family or you will hear of a new addition to the family. Something new has started, but patience is required because a conclusion is still a long way off. Be open to new ideas and potentialities but realize there will still be a long wait ahead.

Reflection: How can you be more natural and tender in your dealings with others?

June 13 – Thursday


The reality of long-lasting love is promised by the Tree. This usually involves a past-life, karmic connection to another soul. The roots go deep and grow over a long period of time, even if below the visible plane. This card also warns that it is important to keep a long-term and deep relationship alive and fresh. It needs water and nourishment.

The Tree tells us to spend time in nature and fresh air today. Working in fields relating to medicine and healthcare can be highlighted in a beneficial way. Things that are deep and slow-growing are favored with this card. The tree relates to the number 5: five days, weeks, months, or years, the month of May, and Springtime.

Reflection: Who, and what, has deep roots in your soul? How can you further nurture these roots?

June 14 – Friday


If we are experiencing confusion or sadness today, drawing the Clouds card tells us to wake up and be honest with ourselves. The clouds tell us to be open and observe. When we pay attention to our deepest thoughts the clouds will part, revealing the sun.

In love, things may seem complicated and troubling. The card indicates that with enough honesty, things will clear up beautifully. In your career, you may not be at ease with what is going on and how things will unfold. Is there anything you can do? There is, and it will be revealed. The Clouds card correlates with the number six: six days, weeks, months, and the month of June.

Reflection: What is holding this problem in place? What questions can you ask that will change this? What do you know that you are pretending not to know?

June 15 – Saturday


The Le Normand Bouquet card speaks of an imminent invitation. It is for a party or other event that will be thoroughly enjoyable. The time of releasing and pondering has passed. You are now entering a time of pleasing celebration.

In love, the Bouquet indicates a relationship that is blooming. How can you nourish the blooms even more with your joy and gratitude? (Or, maybe, some spicy fertilizer!) If career is on your mind today, it affirms that all is well. If health is a concern, it looks like things are generally favorable.

The Bouquet correlates with the number 9: nine days, weeks, months, or years; it highlights the month of September.

Reflection: Are you sharing your talents and skills with others or are you hiding?

Thank You for joining me with the Le Normand Tarot this week. Enjoy that party!

7 thoughts on “The Le Normand Tarot: June 9 – 15

  1. Susanarseneault

    Will my dad be ok and there is a man at work that I’m interested in but he is hard to read just wondering if he feels anything for me and will I.ever go back to fla next year thank you have a nice day

  2. Jeanette S.Mielke

    11-21-42 my mind is about to blow——I need help ;what is going on I pray all the time God please hear me.

  3. Theresa Brandt

    Every Sunday I wait to see how my week will unfold. I love all your readings. Thank you Adrianna

  4. Marie Claire

    Will things improve at work? Will I ever go back to my former department? Will I stay at this job or leave? Very very depressed at the moment

  5. Kerry

    I love getting a tarot reading everyday and i truly enjoyed the Le Normand deck which was easy to understand and pretty spot on with whats going on at this time in my life. Thank you and im really serious about getting a new reading each and everyday.


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