Psychic Q&A: Dream Interpretation

Psychic Q&A: Dream Interpretation

A Recurring Dream

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Dear Jesse,

I’ve had the same recurring dream since I was a child and I’m looking for some expert dream interpretation. In the dream, I walk through the doors of an old house situated in the middle of nowhere. It looks like a Victorian house to me. I walk down the hallway (I seem to know where I’m going.) and into a living room. I guess they would have called it the parlor back then. Anyway, the room has antique furniture, rugs, and other period pieces too. In the center of the room are couches making the shape of a loose square.

Here’s where it starts to get weird! There are people lying on the couches, more like slumped in all different kinds of positions. Some are leaning back, others are leaning to one side, and some are bending over the backs and armrests. They are on the larger side—both in height and weight and are wearing fancy attire. I am somehow certain they are all dead but there isn’t a mark on them. I just know they are dead and I am just staring at them from the entrance to the room. This is where the dream ends. It never goes further.

I’ve shared this dream with various family members over the years and they just dismiss it saying I had a morbid curiosity as a child (which is true). However, I know there’s more to this dream than that and I’m hoping you can tell me.


A Creepy Kid

Psychic Jesse ext. 9027 responds:

Dear Creepy Kid,

Your dream isn’t as strange as you seem to think. In fact, there is a great deal you’re sharing in your dream that may just surprise you! Dream interpretation is a very layered and subjective field of study, but some archetypes are fairly universal. For instance, dreaming of a house often reflects our feelings about life and/or death. It is no wonder that you saw figures in the house that appeared dead.

Without going into why and how such archetypes are formed, and for the sake of brevity for this dream interpretation, we need to explore what was so frightening to you. Psychically, I have the impression that you have often felt out of place in your current life. In the dream, there is also an element of a past life imposing on your current life journey. A past life reading might unlock even more of these doors of perception but your clarity of the environment in the dream lends itself to being part of a past life memory as well as a message for your present life.

In your dream, when you saw bodies, you mentioned that they were very large and appeared dead although you saw no blood or obvious signs of their demise. The general interpretation of that kind of dream shows that there are situations that have felt far beyond your control. It portrays a situation where you have felt outnumbered and out of place. That is a very uncomfortable feeling for anyone!

Based on this dream interpretation, you should consider making peace with your personal history. Because of the description you use for the house, you should also be aware that getting older is not a frightening thingSee it as a continual adventure. After all, growing older is a gift not given to everyone.

Change your perspective on how you see yourself and your life. The Fates favor the fearless! Let go of the things that you see as mistakes or errors in your life and get ready for an amazing 2018! It is the year of balance and appreciation and I believe your spirit is already showing you a way to make those changes in the best way possible.

Hope to hear from you again!


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3 thoughts on “Psychic Q&A: Dream Interpretation

  1. Linda R

    I have dreams about my deceits father, but when he visits me in my dreams he never says anything. What does this mean? and why is he visiting me and not speaking?

  2. Amorette Harris

    Hi, my name is Amorette… Few things, will this be my year financially and what does it mean when someone die and they come to you in your dreams you see each other but the never say anything to you.

  3. Navneeta Ray

    Dear Jesse

    I hope you are doing well!! Thank you so much for reading my questions!!

    Well the dream I am going to ask is not my dream but my mothers. She dreamt recently about her 2nd eldest brother who expired couple of years back from cancer. He visits her quite often in her dreams. My mother has 9 biological brothers and 4 biological sisters in total but 5 of her brothers are no more. My mom is highly attached to all her brothers especially this one in particular because he brought her up when my grandpa died.

    This time she saw him again and he was trying to tell her something but the moment he said something his lower half was dissolving into a smoke.

    My mother saw this dream back to back. I mean her sleep broke the first time she saw it and then saw the exact dream second time when she fell asleep.

    I interpreted it that maybe he was trying to tell her something but the higher power doesn’t want him to that’s why he was wisping away.

    Thank you so much for your time!!

    Curious Girl


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