Psychic Q&A: Their Karmic Connection

Psychic Q&A: Their Karmic Connection

A Karmic Connection is Pure Love

Psychic Kallista,

This is something that has puzzled me for quite a while and I need your help. It all started in fifth grade. A boy in my class used to pick on me (as boys do; he didn’t bully me). We went to junior high school together and then high school together. Senior year, I was telling my friends that I would be moving to Florida and I know he heard me, but we didn’t say anything to each other. This was 45 years ago and I still feel a karmic connection to this day.    

Over the years, whenever I feel stressed or overwhelmed, I dream about him. He wasn’t the focus of the dreams, but he always appears somewhere in them. Just seeing him in my dreams would make me feel calmer and happier when I woke up. I realized that his appearance in my dreams was a sign of true and pure love. It feels like a karmic connection, but why do we have it?

I went to my high school reunion and he was there with his wife. Seeing him again made me feel nervous but I think I hid it well. We sat at the same table and had a good time catching up. I really liked getting to know his wife and I think they have a good, solid marriage. They are both very family oriented. I have no interest in interfereing with their marriage in any way. I’m just trying to figure out what kind of connection he and I have. Is it, in fact, a karmic connection? It is something I’ve always wondered about.

Gail M.

Psychic Kallista ext. 9623 responds:

Dear Gail,

You absolutely do have a karmic connection with this man and your karmic connection is one of pure love. We have many soulmates in one lifetime. We don’t choose to marry them all, of course, but you and this man are definitely soulmates. He married his wife because he had a karmic connection with her, too. But this one is filled with life lessons for them both—lessons they could only learn from one another.

When I tune in to you and him, I see you were married to each other in a past life. It feels like it was during the American Civil War. You were both sympathetic with the North side, even though you two lived together in the South, and in fact did much work to help slaves escape their terrible lives there. At the end of the war, your family moved to the North and continued your work by helping former slaves who had made their way to the North to rebuild their lives as well. Your assistance, compassion, and empathy for these people and their needs became well known and you and your husband were regarded with high honor. The bond you had was eternal, and the true love you felt for one another then will be in your hearts in every lifetime. That’s a karmic connection!

It’s a blessing that you each recognize deep down that there is no need to act further on this love, for your soul work together became complete long ago. But the pure love you both feel remains. That’s pretty wonderful.

Wishing you every good thing,


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  1. Otis Jr Blackledge

    I’ll take your hand in mind,
    While you go search and find,
    The magic that i now bind,
    From now until the end of time.

  2. Chrissi Matusevics

    I wonder if that was the connection my first love and I had, he’s always the first one I think of if I’m down, and the only one I actually missed when he wasn’t around unfortunately he passed on so I also always wonder how things between us could have been had I been more mature as we often split up and got together again usually because of something unintentionally hurtful I had done as I was pretty immature for my age in my teens and twenties, even though I’m married to someone else now right up to the day I heard he had died I wondered if we’d get back together again

  3. Camille

    Hi i ment this guy named James j i truly like him will he give us a chance i ment him 6 years ago we tried to talk to eachother but we had alot going on help me thank you


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