Your Weekly Mantra Meditations: December 1 – 7

Your Weekly Mantra Meditations: December 1 - 7

The Power of Mantra Meditations

Welcome, gentle readers, to the delightful month of December! There are changes in the skies above you and in the spirit within you, and your mantra meditations this week will address how to embrace those changes. From a blazing meteorite shower to the last full moon of the year, this month kicks off with dazzling wonders and profound revelations.

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My meditation began with an image from my guides. The image they gave me was that of a maze. Life is quite a maze, isn’t it? We enter it having no idea what we’ll encounter or where each turn will take us. We know where we want to end up, but each dead end often makes us wonder if we’ll ever find our way to the light. Along the way, we’ll encounter others moving through the maze too. Each one will have a part of their story to offer us, and the more we help each other, the more we learn and grow. No one has all the answers, and no one is perfect, however, we piece together a far greater picture of the human experience than we would create alone. And with that, here are your mantra meditations for the week!

December 1

“The storms in my life may feel overwhelming, but they’re only temporary. I will adjust my perspective and enjoy the view.”

What you feel is just as valid as any kind of tangible proof. The great news about feelings is that most feelings can be reframed in a way to alter your perception of your current circumstances. Therefore, make sure to reduce or completely eliminate negative input. Regardless of whether the negativity comes from your spouse, your coworkers or your social media, turn it off and replace it with positive music or words. Your mantra meditations say you’ll be delightfully surprised with the outcome!

December 2

“I am a good person and I will not waste my time proving it to anyone.

The Buddha said, “Three things are not long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” When you are living an authentic life, you have no need to shout to the world that you’re honest or smart or whatever. Instead, you walk in the grace of your truth and you need no other validation.

December 3

“I am beginning my day with the magic of positive thought.”

The line between science and magic is often blurry. A child can look at trees in a strong breeze and believe that the trees are dancing and waving at one another. A scientist would see a barometric pressure change and thermodynamics at work. Believe in the magical world around you. Science will shadow your concepts.

December 4

“Before I find fault in myself, I will find five wonderfuls.”

A basic rule in advertising is to lead with your strengths and it takes 75 positives to undo the damage of only one negative. If this is true in advertising, imagine how much damage you are doing every day when you focus on the negatives in your life, your body, and your world. Each time you think something negative, it will require 75 times that effort to let the positive break even. You can certainly choose to be wonderful today!

December 5

“I will not ‘should’ on myself today. I will do things out of love and joy—not because someone has told me that I ‘should’.”

Imagine how joyous your life would be if you didn’t perceive so much of it as an obligation. “I SHOULD get up and get dressed for work.” “I SHOULD have worked more last week instead of going to that play with my friends.” So many “shoulds”! Turn that thinking around and celebrate the fact that you have a job or that you made a wonderful memory with your friends. Your mantra meditations encourage you to reframe your thoughts in order to change your life.

December 6

“I do not need to seek anyone’s permission to be my greatest self.”

I’ve always found it easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission. If someone doesn’t approve of your life choices, it doesn’t matter. This is your life. Exclusively. No one else can live this experience. Only you. Therefore, be kind, be compassionate, and be a shining example of your truth too.

December 7

“My life is a magical wonderland and I hold the keys to the final outcome.”

As December rolls on, don’t forget to give yourself the freedom to experience the childlike wonder of holiday lights, carolers, and sweet treats along the way. Your mantra meditations encourage you to find hope and wonder in each day. Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, and so many more have managed to defy stunningly depressive situations and still smile. There are heroes all around you too and it’s time for you to become your heroic self.

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