Psychic Q&A: Missing Their Granddaughter

Psychic Q&A: Missing Their Granddaughter

What’s Best for Their Granddaughter

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Dear Cameron,

Our granddaughter, Katie, lives in Missouri with her mother. She is five years old and her father is our son. He is in jail but will be free this November. Katie’s mother is marrying someone else next month, and she doesn’t allow us to mention our son in Katie’s presence. She also won’t allow us to give Katie’s contact information to our son.

We haven’t spoken to Katie since April. Her mother won’t return our calls or texts. Instead, she had her fiancé call us and threaten to take away our right to see Katie if we send her gifts. All we can send Katie are clothes and shoes. For now, we have followed her rules, but we miss our granddaughter and don’t know what to do.

Do you see us reconnecting with our granddaughter, Katie, in the future?

Kim and Dave

Psychic Cameron ext. 5412 responds:

Dear Kim and Dave,

Thank you for your question. My heart goes out to you during this difficult time. I began your reading by focusing healing energy on all those involved—most specifically on Katie. Often, in situations like these, there is a lot of pain, misunderstandings, and anger and it’s hard for everyone to move forward.

I did a basic spread with my tarot cards, asking for clear advice from my guides. I’m being shown by the Four of Coins and Temperance (reversed) that this situation has been stuck and frustrating for quite some time. There have also been disappointments and heartbreaks with the number of cups—both the Five of Cups and the Three of Cups—that are reversed. It’s definitely time for some new energy and a change.

The two words that appear in your reading (I have consulted a second deck of Healing Cards as well.) are Courage and Patience. Right now, you feel that your daughter-in-law is being unreasonable. However, what I see tells me there will be changes after your son is free. I believe that there will be some positive news around the holidays and that things will improve by the end of the year.

The bottom line here is that your granddaughter, Katie, needs a constant in her life. There has been a lot of ups and downs already and she needs someone who is consistent—who is above any pettiness or power games. This can be you. Courage and Patience in this situation mean defining your relationship with her, not by the short-term frustrations, but rather the long-term results. You are modeling loving behavior for her, and one day she will be grateful for that.

As much as you would like to have some resolution sooner, my suggestion, based on your reading, is to continue to support you granddaughter in every way you can and try to keep the best relationship possible with her mother. If she is taking her frustration with your son out on you, that’s unfortunate, but it’s better not to get into a battle with her. Your son and his ex need time to work out some of their issues. The mistake that many grandparents make in this type of situation is getting too involved or choosing sides. There is only one side—that of your granddaughter and her well-being. It’s so important, even if it means putting up with rules you don’t like for now.

The cards reveal that while your son and ex-daughter-in-law don’t get along, there will be a way for you to have a stronger relationship with your granddaughter in the future. I’m being shown the Queen of Swords. I believe there is someone in the family who can be helpful in this situation. Is there a very close friend or family member who can speak with Katie’s mother on your behalf? I see this woman playing a pivotal role in the communication that brings everyone together. If this person isn’t familiar to you, the Queen of Swords in your reading may be someone in an official position who helps this situation get back on track. Her position directly next to the Six of Coins suggests to me that she will be part of a successful outcome and she will be fair to everyone involved.

Finally, my advice to you, after a second spread on your situation, is to begin by keeping loving thoughts in your heart for everyone involved—especially Katie’s mother. Sending her loving thoughts doesn’t mean you agree with her decisions; it means that you are allowing Spirit to help heal the situation. Again, you may not like the behavior you’re observing, but this is about healing the overall situation and getting closer to what is most important to you: spending time with Katie. Focus on the loving years ahead because I feel confident that there will be many more to come.

You’re in my thoughts!


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