5 Kinds of Psychic Abilities

Do You Have Psychic Talent?

Do you have psychic abilities? Humans utilize less than a tenth of their brain capacity, so it’s not outlandish to consider that we probably have deep psychic talents. Have you picked up the phone just as it began ringing or thought of someone, only to find them at your front door soon after? Coincidence, maybe. But might we each have psychic abilities to develop? Consider some possibilities.

Telepathy – The ability to hear or read the thoughts of another person or even of an animal. If you seem to know what someone needs, or have an uncanny ability to sooth and train pets, you may have this skill. Concentrate on connecting with others’ thoughts and see if you can develop your accuracy. Like Sooki Stackhouse in the hit TV series True Blood, you might find thought reading to be a blessing or a curse!

Seeing or Clairvoyance – Do you have visions, maybe dreams, of events that haven’t yet happened? Clairvoyants receive mental images, often described as impressions, of things they couldn’t possibly know or intuit. These sensitives help police departments solve crimes. They help families locate lost relatives. If you find yourself receiving unexplainable images tune in and accept the impressions. Try to clarify your thinking and receive clearly.

Remote Viewing – This is a bit different from clairvoyance. Remote viewing is akin to astral projection. Adepts can relax their physical being and reach out mentally or psychically to a place far from their physical location. Such an adept can minutely describe a location they have never visited down to the exact decor, furnishings, and activities there.

Past Life Reading – Here’s a psychic ability that lets you connect with a subject’s past, long before they were born into their present existence. Past life readings can help people figure out relationship issues, understand their feelings and personality traits, or even explain allergies. If you feel a strong connection to your own past lives, and are aware of your past stories, you may be able to develop sensitivity to others’ lives.

Medium – This skill allows the practitioner to communicate with spirits outside the physical boundaries of this world. It’s said such an adept can connect with spirit guides, channel personalities who left the physical plane, or communicate with angels. Some use trance states, some use cards, and some even use crystals or crystal balls. All of those are tools, not necessities. The ability comes from within. Meditation and prayer may be the catalysts to make you aware of such talent.

We may each have some degree of psychic talent, but you’ll never know unless you practice and enhance your self-awareness. Consult your spiritual advisor or a professional psychic if you think you want to develop your psychic talents. A caution, though – if you decide to pursue things outside the realm of ordinary talents, above all, do no harm.

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2 thoughts on “5 Kinds of Psychic Abilities

  1. Jolene M. Bries-Jensen

    Thank you Taryn! That really explains a lot to me. I am still trying to learn my psychic abilities. I could always read energy…even as a little girl. But as Verbena said about the psychometry was an ah ha moment for me. I get little energy serges as I clean or have to sign a paper…if I follow it I never regret it but sometimes I throw an object away and the next day it is something someone needs. I will have to take the time to pause a little longer and tune into the energy and see what happens.

    Thank you all for your articles and the comments after. It really helps me.


  2. velvetoversteel

    I agree with you, Taryn! Many if not all people, have the capibility to so many psychic ‘talents’ that most do not even tap into. I would love to read more about ‘intuition’ or a ‘knowing’ about the situations and people around us. Also articles about being an Empath would be extremely interesting to me for one. I know I’m intuitive, but I’m also very ‘sensitive’ to the feelings, emotions and thoughts of the people around me and those I care about. I wonder at times if that means I am or could be an Empath.

    Nice article Taryn! Thank you!
    Hugs and Blessings,
    Coreen @ VOS


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