Animal Tarot: August 11-17

Animal Tarot: August 11-17 | California Psychics

The Power of Tarot

This week as Pluto stares down the sun by a thorny astrological quincunx, and experience-hungry Venus and stern Saturn struggle to accommodate each other’s priorities, we revisit the grounded and sane world of animals. Let’s take a breath, focus, and gaze outside into nature. Opening the Animal Tarot by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, we find a soothing and engaging look at human solutions through watching the movements of the natural world.

One of the things I really love about the images of Tarot is that they seem to activate the creative right brain. I find myself looking at scenes in the natural world in a different way the more I study Tarot. Messages are contained within whatever we read during our daily walk or drive. Be aware of any thoughts and feelings which come up as we reflect on the card’s images this week. We will be guided to our solutions as we do so.

Sunday – August 11

Oriole (The Star)

The arrival of the Oriole in our reading tells us that the challenges we’ve been facing are soon coming to an end. A guiding star is visible in the center of the sky and the Oriole is receiving an omen of hope and happiness. A beautiful, blue butterfly flies overhead. Although it is evening, the landscape is light with tons of stars which brighten the Oriole’s path. A clear river flows out of the turned over Urn where he perches and the summery landscape is flush with greenery.

Many truths are on their way to us through many points of light in the darkness and are already with us if we look up and see them. Worry is being dispelled and optimism is coming home to roost. Oriole eggs hatch within 14 days, so an expected time frame for this positive change is about two weeks.

Question: How can meeting events today with joyful expectancy increase my chances for happy results?

Monday – August 12

Eight of Winter (Swords)

Because Buntings are among the most beautiful birds with their bright colors and lovely singing voices, they are often trapped in cages. This card signifies that we feel ourselves trapped in situations when we really aren’t. Though we may be subject to being kept as “pets” by others who need us to be a certain way, our larger self wants us to be free. We can seek out helpers who show us how to escape the cages that hold us in. The Bunting is telling us to do exactly this.

Question: Have I been put in a cage due to someone else’s needs today? Is it where I truly want to be? Where might I have caged someone else today? How can I set them free?

Tuesday – August 13

Five of Spring (Wands)

A clash may be going on with others today. It might seem impossible to come to a satisfactory agreement. The Five of Spring clues us into the reality that much of this is an illusion. It might be better to just let go of political, relationship, philosophical, or workplace disagreements destroying our happiness today.

The card shows young rams locking horns in order to establish dominance. While it is sometimes important to be firm, inflexibility is not strength. Brittle things break more easily. The ancient Taoists teach that softness and flexibility equal strength.

Angels and Guides are standing by with the capacity to change the energy in any of our environments, but we have to ask for it. They respect boundaries, so they won’t get involved unless we want them to. If the energy of competition has stopped being fun and constructive and started being toxic and destructive in any of our activities we can remember to laugh and lighten up.

Question: Where can I choose my battles more wisely today to minimize the stress on myself and others I care about? Can I see where losing a battle might make me win?

Wednesday – August 14

Eight of Spring (Wands)

We could feel like busy little bees today with too much to do and too many choices to make. While this can feel crazy, we could see it as an abundance of choices, an “embarrassment of riches.” The marigold flowers in the card’s image suggest that breaking things into smaller pieces make them more manageable. The longest mile can be walked easily one step at a time. Even if we instantly got eight thrilling things in one day it would still be overwhelming.

Question: How can I be more grateful for all the possibilities open to me now and express that gratitude? How could I prioritize to maximize this gift?

Thursday – August 15

King of Winter (Swords)

Our challenge today requires clear communication and professionalism. Objectivity will be important in a situation that arises. Emotions are good, of course, and not to be ignored, but we need to temporarily put them aside right now.

This card brings out the energy of a well-trained intellect. It relates, in the traditional Tarot, with the King of Swords who is often a technical expert or other specialist in an important field. Because his emotions don’t cloud his thinking, he often can see right through to the heart of a problem. His solutions, therefore, will reset the emotional balance and return us to the emotion of joy.

Question: How can I think out of the box today? What can I do to work toward clear communication with others?

Friday – August 16

King of Autumn (Coins)

It is a day of great success! The Gypsy Vanner horse pictured on this card is a Palomino breed known for its golden heart. We are reminded to share wealth with others in this card. It corresponds with the traditional King of Pentacles who often represents a successful business person. The skillful use of this energy is the creation of practical abundance which doesn’t stoop to greed and exploitation.

Question: How can I create richness for other people today through sharing part of what I’ve received? What are some of the ways that wealth doesn’t always correlate with money for me?

Saturday – August 17

Cuckoo (Life Experience/Tower)

Get ready for change today! We will be called upon to take action, whether we like it or not. Some changes could seem less than good, but they are forcing us to move in new and fresh directions.

This is the Tower Card in the traditional deck. It might seem scary and relates to the planetary energy of Uranus. (Think earthquakes and hurricanes.) In the card, the landscape and sky looks like autumn. The Monarch butterfly is migrating to its wintering place, forced by the change of seasons. The cuckoo is thoughtfully observing this omen. The butterfly perched on her post is promising the cuckoo guidance.

Cuckoos announce change. We are being urged to make changes being presented to us gently at this time. To not do so may bring more abrupt and difficult ones later.

Question: Which subtle omens of change am I ignoring? How can I peacefully consider them straight-on so I won’t have to experience them as shocks later?

A Fun Spread to Try

A fun spread to try with this deck is the Three Card Spread. The cards are laid out horizontally, left to right, indicating Past, Present, and Future. It can be done any time of day but is especially good for when the day begins. Start by asking: what do I need to know about today? The cards will reveal the past, present, and future of a key situation that flashes into your awareness. Pay attention to thoughts and feelings because they are part of the answer.

Thanks for joining me inside the Animal Tarot this week. See what messages nature has for you the next time you look out your window. Let me know what you discover!

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