Tarot Cards That Resonate With Gemini

A set of three Tarot cards. Two are cut off and cannot be read, but the center card is the Queen of Swords.

Tarot and the Sign of Gemini

Gemini Suns are born between May 21 and June 21. This sign is associated with the third house of the zodiac, which highlights communication. They are ruled by Mercury and are known as the sign of the twins thanks to their flexible and dualistic natures. As such, they tend to be lively, adroit, and highly coordinated multitaskers who entertain, instruct, and enliven humanity!

The Gemini-born are the “butterflies” of the zodiac who flit from table to table, making friends and admirers of everyone they see. They carry information in all its forms, and they love to talk, write, and communicate.

Like their ruling planet Mercury, Geminis can be tricksters, storytellers, teachers, writers, actors, and “thieves.” However, they don’t steal money. Instead, they steal boredom, sadness, despair, ignorance, and loneliness. They frequently inspire the people around them with their gift of gab.

With this abundance of powerful energy, several Tarot cards in both the Major and Minor Arcana resonate with the sign of Gemini. These cards represent speech, communication, and reason.

Here are the Tarot cards with the strongest Gemini correspondences:

The Magician

The Magician exemplifies dexterity of mind and body. By using their focus and coordinating the elements, they create magic in their world. They channel life force and ideas from other realms, bringing them into physical manifestation — just like the witty, expressive sign of Gemini.

The Page (of Swords, Cups, Pentacles, and Wands)

All pages are messengers — and the ruler of messages is none other than Mercury, who is literally known as “the messenger of the gods.” Ruled by Mercury, Geminis represent the page in all its possible forms. They can be the Page of Swords, spreading information and ideas; the Page of Pentacles, bringing news about money; the Page of Wands, sharing inspiration and courage; and the Page of Cups, announcing love and romance.

Two of Pentacles

The Two of Pentacles is a card associated with maintaining balance, especially in the face of numerous responsibilities and demands on someone’s attention. Flexibility and (sometimes) indecision are Gemini traits. This is the sign of duality, and thus they tend to have two of everything. Many Geminis have two homes, two lovers, two jobs, two viewpoints, and even two children. They despise boredom and hum-drum situations, and they love variety and diversity in everything. They have a lot going on and need to juggle it all.

Seven of Cups

In this card’s art, the cups of happiness swirl around a confused subject who stares at them dejectedly. Some Geminis, confused by their many options, can seem very scattered. Because they’re multitalented and mentally versatile, they sometimes see too many possibilities and find it hard to choose between them. This leaves them with many “castles in the air” and none on the ground. However, they are still enormously successful thanks to their mental and communicative gifts.

Seven of Swords

A slightly darker card, the Seven of Swords is associated with deception, manipulation, and strategic thought. This connects not to Gemini overall but to Gemini’s shadow side, which can show itself through sleight of hand and ambiguous, misleading word choice. Geminis know how to use the smoke and mirrors of a two-sided discussion and have a masterful ability to use language to manipulate and separate, as well as unite.

Two of Swords

The charismatic Gemini-born can absolutely drip diplomacy when they choose to. Their flexible minds see both sides of every question, and their charming voices and sparkling wit disarm even the angriest and most stubborn adversaries. The Two of Swords is often associated with difficult decisions and impasses, and like the figure on this card, Geminis know that the best way out of any perplexing dilemma is through connection and consensus.

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