Why Do Bad Things Keep Happening?

Am I Just Doomed?

When bad things keep happening, it can sure make you think that you are doomed or even hexed. You begin to think that maybe this is just how your life is going to unfold. But it’s time to shift your paradigm. Once you understand the cause you can change your life around completely and consistently.

What causes so many bad things to happen and usually all at once? Negative energy is the culprit. You cannot see energy with the human eye but you can feel it. Remember meeting a specific person and thinking how you really just don’t like being around them or how you just don’t “click”? You may have gone into a house or a building and not felt comfortable. These are examples of experiencing negative energy. And, keep in mind, negative energy attracts negative energy.

The Law of Attraction is the belief that “like attracts like” and that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can create positive or negative results. This belief is founded upon the idea that people and their thoughts are created from pure energy. Like energy attracts like energy. In addition, clearing the negative energy away and starting fresh while maintaining the positive are vital to staying balanced harmoniously in positivity.

Here are 14 simple steps to get you back on the road to positive energy:

1. First, clear your home by smudging. The herbs most commonly used in a smudge stick are: sage, cedar, sweetgrass and lavender. You can make your own (several websites can show you how) or you can order online from a holistic or new age website. Smudging is an ancient and sacred ceremony, so please be fully aware and mindful in the process. It is best to smudge your home thoroughly several times a year.

2. Burn a white candle from top to bottom in one setting. The purpose? It manifests pure, divine spiritual energy, spiritual cleansing and healing and the presence of God’s sacred purity. It will rid your home of negative spiritual energy and will bring about a higher vibration of pure divine love and general healing.

3. Burn incense made from Sandalwood, Jasmine, Sunflower, Joop, High John and Rose are used for purification and protection. Use incense on a daily basis. It also raises the vibration of our energy fields.

4. Sea salt is commonly used in feng shui to get rid of negative energy and to allow a balanced chi to flow inside the home. Place a glass or bowl of water with sea salt in it. Set in a corner or under the bed to capture negative energies. Dump and replace each day. Dumping to Mother Earth helps to transmute the negative to positive.

5. Clean your home regularly. This includes rugs, curtains, walls, windows, and furniture. Every time you clean your home you are removing negative energy. Cleaning your home or workspace will make it lighter and more positive. Opening windows brings in fresh, positive energy. I especially love allowing sunlight in my home daily which also helps with mood, memory, overall health and increases energy.

6. Play high-vibrational music. CD’s repeating the mantra OM over and over are great house clearing tools. Any spiritual music that uses singing bowls, bells, Tibetan instruments, mantras, and even Kundalini yoga music helps clear the energy.

7. An intention from a meditative state of mind becomes much more powerful than it would be otherwise. A meditation, for even as little as 15 minutes a day will immerse a home with uplifting energy.

8. Prayer and/or Holy Water. Some people believe that making the sign of the cross in and around the house helps to call on the Divine in order to rid negative energy. Prayer can be used for blessings and protection.

9. Rearrange your furniture as in the Chinese practice of feng shui. Negative energy needs something to “cling to.” Create as wide-open a space as possible, allowing any negative energy to disperse.

10. Visualize a brilliant white light that completely surrounds you from head to toe and creates a barrier of protection. Depending upon your religious beliefs, you can simply say a prayer or ask for your guides and angels to continue to surround you with the white light of protection. It will keep you from harm and negative influences.

11. Soak in a bath of sea salt and, if possible, Epsom salts. You can even mix herbs in. When finished, drain the bath while visualizing all the things that are troubling you wash away.

12. Energy therapy, such as reiki, cranial sacral, reflexology, acupuncture, aromatherapy and massage can help to release unwanted energies.

13. The power of crystals. The right crystal will adjust your cells’ perception filters and transmute energy for you. Black tourmaline, amethyst, and smokey quartz are known for their ability to transmute and “cleanse” energy. Tiger eye, crystal quartz and onyx are also quite helpful.

14. Essential oils worn on your skin, in a bath or used on an oil burner can be helpful in warding off negative energy. Frankincense, hyssop, juniper, lavender, and patchouli are a few with this beneficial property.

5 thoughts on “Why Do Bad Things Keep Happening?

  1. arise

    I like this suggestion from T Harv Eker: stop all complaining. He calls complaints a “crap-attractor”. The more you complain, the more crap you attract into your life. Takes some effort, though! It helps to substitute a positive thought in its place.

  2. Durjoy

    All i can say WOW !!! I really enjoy talking to you .I took your advice to meditate more these days .Chanting “Harekrsna”mantra is so powerful.Thank you Aliza.


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