Numerology: Karmic Debt Numbers

Dealing With Your Karmic Debt

Karmic Debt numbers are based on many centuries of Numerologists’ observations of their clients and their own knowledge of the vibrations in various numbers’ interaction with each other. More than half of humanity has Karmic Debt numbers in their basic Numerology or the number vibrations of different phases of life. When you calculate your numbers with the format described below, pause when you get to the final 2 digits of your Birth, Destiny, Heart’s Desire/Soul and Personality numbers. Notice if you find 13, 14, 16 or 19. If so, you have a Karmic Debt Number. Find out if you have a karmic debt in this lifetime. Get a numerology reading from Psychic Natasha ext. 5469.

Here’s how to calculate your Karmic Debt Number: Add together the numbers of the date of your birth. You then add those numbers together until you reach a number of 1 – 9. Example: 5-5-2001 is 5+5+2+0+0+1 = 13 (1+3) = 4. This person has a Karmic Debt number of “13/4.”

More likely, Karmic Debt numbers for adults are found in your Destiny, Soul/Heart’s Desire and Personality numbers that are determined by using the full birth name as it appears on your birth certificate, applying a numeric assignment to each letter and adding the same way as we did in the example above. The Destiny number uses each letter of the full name. The Heart’s Desire uses only the vowels of the full name, and the Personality number only uses the consonants.

Letters to number are this simple:
1 A J S
2 B K T
3 C L U
4 D M V
5 E N W
6 F O X
7 G P Y
8 H Q Z
9 I R

If you have a Karmic Debt number in your personal numerology, its meaning is as follows:

Number 19/1

Your extreme commitment to self-sufficiency or your need to be more independent is likely based on a wound deep in the unconscious from a time that someone you needed let you down. You reflect the basic human conflict that the self-sufficiency necessary for survival seems to be equal in power to the reality that humans are only a viable species because we combine resources and talents. Your karmic purpose in life to integrate these two powerful principles ultimately serves humanity. Everyone suffers from this dilemma in one way or another. People who are too dependent must learn that they are unique entities with something special to offer along with the related responsibilities. Those who refuse to acknowledge that humans would cease to exist without some mutual support must relax and accept this reality of life.

Number 13/4

This is a very successful number once you learn to persist in the game of life, in the face of the inevitable upsetting your plans and dreams. This requires that you recognize the natural flow of life and are able to give without fear that what you are releasing won’t flow back to you. The times of breakdown and setback are often painful and frustrating, but when you realize that this is a universal process for everyone, it is easier to “celebrate your failures” as part of the process of achieving success. Life becomes better and better as you practice this strong Japanese business concept. Each great new achievement by humanity was preceded by experimenting with things that didn’t work, and if you persist, your big idea could be the next great thing.

Number 14/5

You love being surrounded by beauty, fine food and drink, sexual gratification and the attention, admiration and adoration of others. These things come easily to you, and who doesn’t enjoy those parts of life? What you need to do to succeed is bring balance to your life by recognizing your commitments to others and their wish to share in your joy. We are all counting on each other and support each other to be able to enjoy a rich life. Everyone can harmoniously get “a piece of the pie” if you contribute your special talent to see that those pies continue to be made. You don’t have to abandon your curiosity and sense of freedom. Just remember that you are a crucial part of maintaining the beauty and blessings that surround us. All true freedom is based on accepting related responsibilities. Ready to regain balance in your life and want to know how? Talk with numerologist Psychic Kim ext. 5512 and find out.

Number 16/7

This is a particularly challenging and rewarding number that offers immense spiritual growth as you come to manage its energy through life’s experiences. You have considerable talents and abilities and take great pride in your impressive accomplishments. You are gifted, yet what is essential to being gifted is to realize that this inherent ability is meant as a contribution to everyone. It’s not just for and about you. You are the vessel for the creation of wonders time and again. So life will demand that you keep using those talents by forcing you to let go and move to the next accomplishment without resentment. Once you learn to honor your successes by focusing on your next contribution, you’ll find a greater satisfaction than you could imagine.

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53 thoughts on “Numerology: Karmic Debt Numbers

  1. anand bissa

    my date of birth is 2.6.1978 could you tell me when I will get my lost love its been 15 years since we Broke.

  2. sangeetha

    hi my date of birth is 27.7.1974. the debt number comes to 37/10. could you please explain about my future

  3. kay

    I also did my birthdate count & it’s 33/6 can you tell me anything? I’ll be waiting for your reply.

  4. Carrybeth

    Thank you for your blog. I don’t appear to have any karmic debt, which is a comforting thought, but I’m having trouble accepting this. Surely everybody gathers a little dust on thier karma?

  5. LesLie Ann Warren

    I Get A 12/2 Am I Doin Sumthang Wrong lol?? I Was 10/01/71 & That Is My Orignal Name, Can U Help Me Understand Wat I’m Doin Wrong.. Blessings!!

  6. Raelyne Jansen

    I’m hoping this message will be for Natasha at extension 5469. I received an email about calculating my karmic dept. I feel like I may have a HUGE dept even though I am a “young soul”. My problem… I took the time to calculate all the numbers for Karmic Debt (32/5), Soul Desire (2), Destiny (13), and personality (11). Natasha was unavailable. I have been on the phone with 2 psychics but neither one of them could interpret those numbers for me!

  7. Karen

    I just read your article on Karmic Debt and my number is 3. Mine is not listed. Also, you did not show all the numbers. Disappointing !

  8. Raynee Lambert

    I tried to do this with my birth date. But I came up with 30/3. Am I doing it right for the Karmic Debt #? 10-18-1946 is my birth date. I can’t afford to call. Thanks Raynee


    MY BIRTH DAY 24-12-1958 (24 TH OF DECEMBER 1958)

  10. John Payno

    Everything i just read sounds good and true, i never knew all of that and really would like to learn more, maybe sometime soon i will contact you and talk about it but you can feel free to send me any lnfo you want to any time,

    Thank you very much, John Payno…….

  11. eleanor freeman

    birth date no’s are 2+6+1+0+1+9+6+3=28 so 2+8= 10 or !+0=1

    vowels are: E E A O E E A or 5+5+1+6+5+5+1= 28 or 2+8= 10 or 1+0 =1

    consonants are: L N R F R M N or 3+5+9+6+9+4+5= 41 or 4+1 = 5

    can you free email me read knowing this? ef

  12. jeannice

    So 29/11 29/2 and if you add 29 it’s 11 so 11/11 for karmic date, and there is no description….
    umm can you say confused?!? LOL

  13. Ayesha

    I have a Karmic Debt no. of 34/7. What pray does that mean?

    Only reply via email. No phone calls.

    Thank you.


  14. Landstar

    So you are saying there are only 4 karmic debt numbers. What if your numbers don’t add up to any of these?

  15. Arnab Banerjee

    My no. as per birth date is 33 =6 and as per my name is 51 = 6. please let me know as career wise.

  16. Christine

    My number is 10/1 because my birthday is July 8, 1957. You gave explanations for other numbers in your description. Could you explain briefly my number? Thank you for your attention to this message.



  18. Tammy

    yes i have a question my full birth number is 37 =3-7=10 so what is this mean you have no # this high?for karma dept?Heart desire is a 2 and personality # is a 5 can you explain this please for me thanks

  19. jean wright

    my number i s 12 no list of what it meani have jeans better 791967 12 jeannette ajs bkt that what i come up with is that right.

  20. kamlesh nisar

    DOB- 4TH FEB 1974. I AM MARRIED AND HAVE A SON OF 13yers, but still i am zero i have no job or buisness, from last 4 months i am home, so please tell me when i will get sucess in my life. thanks.


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