Money Matters: How to Overcome Career Obstacles

Chris from New York, New York, asks:

I am living the dream of a career in beauty and want to branch out as an entrepreneur in the coming years. My obstacle is that I worry too much about what if and the opinions of others. How can I transcend these obstacles in order to fully realize my potential?

Psychic Anya Dawn ext. 9179 Responds:

Each and every time you start to really surpass yourself in going to the next level, something happens. Your sensibilities are ascetically and emotionally telling you to watch and be aware of your environment. Slowing down for others can keep you from your path, no matter how much they try to convince you otherwise. How you choose to deal with the situation will affect how long it will take you to break through to your own personal destiny.

Evaluating just what is required is a gift you have in abundance. You are giving yourself time to catch up with yourself while going through the motions of finalizing your last year in a job. You are trying to analyze how you think, when all you need to do is accept the rareness of your spirit.

Create a solution space within your home to find the answers to all your multifaceted, intricate questions. The necessity of retreating to a place of tranquility, quiet, and solitude must exist. Magnificence is not too strong a word to describe what is meant for you if you keep distractions away. Distance needs to be maintained from people wanting to luxuriate and harbor within your dock.

Excitedly telling others you will soon be making things happen on an even faster level leaves them without words. All they see around themselves is lack, while you hold the winning ticket. Although you are very humble when making statements outside the normal tones of moderation, people are unable to withstand what is happening. They want to scream.

Fault finding from others is a sign that they want what you have—they are not seeing you in a lesser light. Separating yourself from others on a frequent basis will allow you to put your thoughts in order. Until you reach your zenith within the next decade, others will not want to give you the acceptance you deserve.

Opportunities come when we don’t look for them and are ready to receive them. Realizing your work will be commandeered for posterity is not a fable. You are a work of fiction that was pounded into reality. You have so much to offer by dramatically proceeding with your work in a confident leap.

Fate does literally come knocking on your door. Don’t be saddened that others cannot have your future. When they, like you, don’t seek fortune, then fortune will be looking more upon them. Go forward and receive the blessing that has been offered to you in this life. Enjoying the journey instead of the end result has made it all bearable for you. That is why you are selected as one of the few.

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  1. Kevin

    Money is slim to done,I know it takes money to make money,But oppertunity is slim to none,I just can’t get ahead.I take a beaten every time.


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