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Aquarius Yearly Horoscope: 2024

What You Have To Look Forward To

  • The big news is that Saturn has finally packed its bags and walked out the door after its two-and-a-half-year stay in your sign! It has left you with more realism, focus, and the ability to create new structures in your life.
  • Just as strict, exacting Saturn leaves your sign, another planetary heavy, Pluto, arrives for a lengthy visit of approximately 20 years! Luckily, this is great. Pluto’s transit will bring answers to some of your deepest questions.
  • A fated meeting in mid-February is likely thanks to Venus and Mars conjunct in Aquarius for three consecutive days. Clues about what’s to come in your personal life will surface.

What You Should Watch Out For

  • Some changes could happen swiftly in or around your home. This can leave you a bit dazed, but trust that these shifts are for the better.
  • You’ll undergo a speed course in transformation. There may be some growing pains, but afterward, your alignment with your purpose will be stronger than ever.

Astrology Predictions for Your Career in 2024

Expect the beginning of a fascinating and challenging journey. The Universe itself is like a vocational counselor — Pluto will see to it. Additionally, the North Node transits your third house of teaching, learning, and communication. Create the change you’d like to see.

Astrology Predictions for Your Love Life in 2024

From December 7, 2024, through January 2, 2025, Venus pops over to make her second visit to you in 2024. Take the plunge, Aquarius.

Important Dates for Aquarius in 2024

February 16-March 11: Venus in Aquarius brings a chance to merge with a tuned-in, socially conscious partner.

May 26-December 31: Jupiter in Gemini and your solar fifth house means that money will come to you through artistic, creative, and recreational ventures. Pull out all the stops in those areas!

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