The Traits of the 12 Rising Signs

A circular geometric design with little V-shapes pointing inward. In the center is an arrow directed upwards, as if to indicate rising. The background is a light teal.

How Subtle Is Your Rising Sign?

If you think that your rising sign is difficult to figure out, the truth is that it may not be — at least not to those who know what to look for. Your rising sign rules your physical body, your health, your personal style, and your self-presentation. As such, it influences how you express your other placements.

Your rising sign is the first thing you show to others when you meet them and, as a result, it’s usually much easier to guess than either your sun or moon sign, because its clues tend to be obvious and up-front.

How To Identify Each Rising Sign

If you’re still familiarizing yourself with astrology, though, there are some rising sign “secrets” that can help you identify the different rising signs out there. While it’s true that not everybody with the same placements looks or acts identically, these are some typical patterns or traits that can give you hints as to a person’s rising sign — and that likely show up in the way your own rising sign manifests.

Aries Rising

Aries Risings usually lead with their heads, and they walk at a quick clip. They often have bodies built for speed, not comfort. They talk fast and think faster. They tend to favor the color red when choosing clothing and accessories. Ruled by Mars, they’re usually ready for action and just can’t resist a challenge. When you see them coming, move out of the way and return their friendly wave, or they’ll be hurt because they’re the zodiac “babies.”

Aries Rising Secret: They’re soft inside and strong on the outside, so treat them gently and they’ll always return the favor.

Taurus Rising

Taurus Rising moves at a slow and steady pace. Their voices tend to be deep and melodic, so many of them are singers by profession or hobby. They tend to look beautiful in earth tones, and they generally project an aura of sensuality.

Taurus Rising Secret: The presence of a Taurus Rising can be comforting — unless you get them mad. Then look out, because you’ll have to deal with a charging bull!

Gemini Rising

People with a Gemini Rising placement tend to have beautiful hands, wrists, and fingers. They are super deft and very coordinated when participating in any activity that requires those body parts, which are associated with Gemini. Their ruling planet, Mercury, gives them lots of captivating words, stories, and one-liners. They love written and spoken language alike. They frequently look younger than their true age and their movements are graceful and lively.

Gemini Rising Secret: Their eyes sparkle as brightly as their wit. In truth, they have the most beautiful eyes in the zodiac.

Cancer Rising

Cancer Risings love their homes, and they make sure they spend a lot of time there. They favor cozy, warmly lit environments, especially if they have some food cooking! They look lovely in subtle, oceanic colors, especially silver and aqua. Their faces are warm and caring, and they speak tenderly to the people they love. Their faces and bodies often reflect the mood changes of their ruler, the moon. For instance, they will appear radiant before and during a Full Moon.

Cancer Rising Secret: If you catch them in a bad mood, they may snap at you like a pestered crab on the beach!

Leo Rising

Leo Risings tend to dress dramatically and richly. Their posture is regal and upright. They love to be front and center in most situations. Even the quieter ones exude a steady and stately aura of self-confidence. They radiate a bright warmth and sense of competency, just like their ruler, the sun. Their nobility makes them generous to the vulnerable.

Leo Rising Secret: They don’t like to be taken for granted. When they are not treated with respect, they turn as icy and critical as your grade school principal.

Virgo Rising

Look for impeccable grooming and understated colors. Their clothes will be neat and exude good taste. They have clear eyes and intelligent features. Their movements are precise and efficient. Think of the perfect nurse, doctor, or surgeon performing their duties, and you’ll get the picture. They tend to respond coldly to loud, glaring colors and intrusive people who interrupt their thought processes. They get their work done in record time, often outpacing everyone else around them.

Virgo Rising Secret: People with a Virgo Rising placement are frequently very creative and artistic. Their talents are subtle, nuanced, and highly refined!

Libra Rising

Libra Risings are ruled by Venus and are some of the most attractive people in the zodiac. Their smiles are noticeably beautiful. As masters of diplomacy and tact, they are welcome everywhere they go and even function as “ice breakers” within their friend groups. They can act as mediators, helping everybody get along, even when others usually wouldn’t. With their well-balanced features (they’re the sign of the scales, after all) and lovely taste in clothes, they “go anywhere” well. When they are highly stressed they may get overly chatty and hover over the sweets a little too much. Otherwise, they are usually the epitome of balance, tact, and grace.

Libra Rising Secret: For all their tact and diplomacy, they love to lead. They are a cardinal sign, after all!

Scorpio Rising

Scorpio Rising is enigmatic, intense, and mysterious. People with this placement have penetrating eyes and x-ray vision when it comes to people’s intentions. They say the least and know the most. They’re astoundingly tough and have incredible endurance, especially when things get difficult. That’s when Pluto, their ruler, lets them really shine. They often wear black, maroon, and deep gold, and those tend to be their most flattering colors. Being natural-born detectives, they can probably tell you exactly what you ate for dinner last night. Additionally, they possess deep compassion for those who are suffering, a trait that expresses itself through tangible kindness and provision.

Scorpio Rising Secret: Don’t cross these people; you will not win.

Sagittarius Rising

People with Sagittarius Rising on their chart are always on the move and love to travel more than anyone! If they can’t go somewhere physically, they will explore ideas. Jupiter, their ruler, tends to make them jovial and happy-go-lucky. Don’t try to pin them down. They will make commitments when they really want to and are ready to do so. Their style of speech can be quite philosophical, and they can keep an eye on the big picture. They tell the truth and expect others to do the same, even when it hurts. They love animals and athletics. As such, you’ll see them running or moving around a lot. Their rising sign rules the legs and shins, and theirs tend to be strong, because they hate to sit.

Sagittarius Rising Secret: They think best when they’re moving. Don’t pen them up in a stuffy office, because the results will not be pleasant.

Capricorn Rising

Capricorn Risings often have an executive attitude and appearance, not just at work but wherever they happen to show up. They tend to be slightly more dressed up and formal than most other people. They will also command more listening ears with their quiet and cautious authority. Saturn, their ruler, gives them the wisdom of experience, even when they’re young, and their self-discipline generally earns them widespread respect. Their business clothes are their favorites, and they sometimes wear them even on weekends.

Capricorn Rising Secret: On weekends and after hours, these people are some of the most sensual in the zodiac!

Aquarius Rising

Aquarius Risings start sentences in the middle, and then they can go either direction depending on where Uranus, their ruler, sends them. They’re brilliant, exciting, and unpredictable. They love ideas and technology and have a knack for both. Their hair, make-up, and clothing will be zany, original, and sometimes shocking! They are innovators and inventors, and they despise being bored.

Aquarius Rising Secret: For all their originality, they seek structure and routine (so long as they get to set it for themselves), because they are a fixed sign and their ancient ruler is Saturn.

Pisces Rising

To recognize a Pisces Rising, look at the eyes. They will be dreamy, deep, and full of mystery. They may be a little shorter and daintier than most people, and they tend to wear soft and mystical shades of aqua, purple, and silver. They love flowy, comfortable clothes and gravitate toward art, music, and charity. They can, in fact, see through you, so it’s wise to watch what you’re thinking. Seriously, they are the closest things to angels and earth spirits that have ever walked the earth.

Pisces Rising Secret: This rising sign can produce brilliant scientists who get their hypotheses during dreams!

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