Astrology and Love: The Signs You’re Most Compatible With

Astrology and Love: Signs You're Most Compatible With | California Psychics

An Elemental Match

There are endless possibilities when it comes to determining compatibility with another person. People who share the same sign or element have a natural affinity for each other. People born at the same time of year are connected. Those born during the days that surround your birthday share your spirit and the way you express who you really are.

You can discover who has your spirit of expression by knowing the element of each sign. It’s no surprise that those who share an element are naturally compatible with each other and share similar traits. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are fiery and passionate. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are earthy and sensual by nature. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius have the airy love of flight and communication. Finally, Cancers share their deep and emotional, watery expression with Scorpios and Pisces.

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The Mental Connection

If your desire is for a compatible match in the mental realm, people born the sign before or after yours are likely to fit that description best, as their Mercury connects with your sun or your Mercury. To sit down and chat with one of these people is to feel like you’ve met a kindred spirit, someone who’s on the same intellectual wavelength as you. That can be a heady experience for some people.

Aries: Pisces or Taurus

Taurus: Aries or Gemini

Gemini: Taurus or Cancer

Cancer: Gemini or Leo

Leo: Cancer or Virgo

Virgo: Leo or Libra

Libra: Virgo or Scorpio

Scorpio: Libra or Sagittarius

Sagittarius: Scorpio or Capricorn

Capricorn: Sagittarius or Aquarius

Aquarius: Capricorn or Pisces

Pisces: Aquarius or Aries

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For the Love Connection

For that special love and sensual connection, you can look backward and forward either one or two signs for your Venus connection. An Aries may find Aquarius’ unique energy a real aphrodisiac due to their Venus connection, just as a Virgo may adore a Cancer or nearly faint when a special Scorpio walks in the room. This can also apply to the sign just before or after yours too. The Capricorn climbing steadily toward their lifelong goal may find that a Sagittarius sets a real fire under them and lights up bedtime when they come home from a hard day’s work. While people who share your sign or those two other signs before or after yours will be a smoother match, those signs just “next door” can spark you to new heights and add a dynamic element too.

Someone sharing your sign may also have your Venus connection as well, so you should look for such a connection as follows:

Aries: Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, or Gemini

Taurus: Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, or Cancer

Gemini: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, or Leo

Cancer: Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, or Virgo

Leo: Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, or Libra

Virgo: Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, or Scorpio

Libra: Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, or Sagittarius

Scorpio: Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, or Capricorn

Sagittarius: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, or Aquarius

Capricorn: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, or Pisces

Aquarius: Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, or Aries

Pisces: Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces,  Aries, or Taurus

To Connect Through Action

Unlike Mercury and Venus, Mars won’t have as predictable a connection, as it can travel much farther from the sun, but its placement in your birth chart is just as important. Venus may be the planet of sensual love, but Mars is the planet of action, the planet that determines how you act on those feelings. Those with Mars in Fire and Mars in Earth may find it difficult to work together, and the same frustrations apply for Mars in Water and Mars in Air. Mars in Fire and Air people will get along better, but they’ll still have their ups and downs, as will Mars in Water and Earth people.

At the end of the day, compatibility in Mars is best determined by the aspects in a couple’s birth charts. If Mars forms a major aspect in both charts, then you’ll complement each other well, providing excellent stimulation and fuel for each other’s passions. If they form a square or opposition though, then be prepared for rocky waters ahead. It’s nothing that can’t be worked through, it’s just going to take a lot of extra work.

For that Life-Long, Balanced Relationship

Are you looking for a life-long commitment? If you’ve found no one among the signs mentioned already, that opposite sign from yours has exactly what you need to balance your energy, abilities, and natural form of expression. Partnerships of a lifetime are often found with these mirror people showing you how amazing you really are. You can look for your balancing person by looking for a Libra if you’re an Aries, Scorpio’s passion fills a Taurus’ desires, Sagittarius fires up a Gemini, Capricorn gives Cancer that needed security, Aquarius is the perfect “promo person” for a Leo, and Pisces can bring the magic to Virgo’s practicalities. This works both ways, of course!

Your Astrology Holds the Key

The possibilities go on and on. Our Astrology Psychics can pick up on these energies and help you interpret both yours and your potential partner’s compatibility based on your birth charts. If you don’t have your birth charts yet, you can join our Karma Rewards program, and receive your complimentary birth chart today!.

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70 thoughts on “Astrology and Love: The Signs You’re Most Compatible With

  1. leslie

    I am an aries married to a scorpio….have like for a friend that is a capricorn – of course keep my secret 🙂

  2. Sherlene

    I’m wit a Sagittarius, I’m am Aquarius i feel he is my soul mate nevr felt this way I was married 20 yrs and 8 children and he loves us all is this to gud to b tru is he da one..

  3. Sherlene

    I’m wit a Sagittarius I’m am Aquarius ifeel he is my soul mate nevr felt this way I wad married 20 yrs and 8 children he loves us all but is he the 1

  4. lewis

    Horoscopes can be interesting and fun, but it really doesn’t determine the personality and how well you will get along with an individual. I am a Virgo and some of my good friends are Aries and Leos and I find Gemini’s very fascinating.

  5. virgo

    As use are all aware that I am a Virgo by nature in other words a mutable Earth communicator of the Earth element and I have always believed that and will always believe that we should stick with our very own elements as in Air Signs should be with Air Signs and they are Libra, Aquarians and the Geminis, Fire Signs be with Fire Signs and they are the Aries followed by the Leo’s and then the Saggitarian’s and then we have the Water Signs and they are the Cancerians followed by the Scorpions and then the Pisceans and then followed by the Earth Signs and they are Capricorns, then followed by the Taurean’s and then followed by the Virgo’s or the Virgoans or the Virgonian’s now this mixing and matching with Air with Earth and fire Signs with Earth Signs etc is a very grave mistake like why tolerate something when you could share a lot more compatibility and empathy within your very own elements than cause yourselves a lot of heart ache and incompatibility with any other element except for your own like there must be a lot of people that are out there that enjoy inflicting pain amongst each other or known as sadists or in other words sex and money relationships instead of seeking harmony and understanding in depth, like I would like to see our planet in a lot more of a harmonious state of mind than to create war zones amongst ourselves, like get real for once and have a closer look at yourselves, oh well the best of British and god bless.

  6. Leslie

    I’m A Libra (10/01/71) I’m In 5yr Relationship On & Off w a Capricorn (01/07/77), I’m InLuv w Him & He Says He Feels The Same Way; But There Always Sumthang Gettin In The Way Of Our Relationship & I Don’t Wat 2 Do Abt It Anymore, Which Is Makin Me Mean & Fustrated Cause He Use 2 Spoil Me w Attention But Now In Lst Year I Can’t Even Get Him 2 Show Me Anythang Positive But My Anger??! Tiredly InLuv Needs Help Pronto!!

  7. Valeriya

    Your compatibility predictions a WRONG! I can give you so many examples. You should not give an advice like that, everyone is different!!!!

  8. charles gillespie

    April 2 1959 i was with one woman 21 years she’s a drinker I’m not and tells she’s never stop drinking. I don’t drink or drug’s I’m a Christian she’s not find me miss rite please

  9. charles gillespie

    I was with one woman for 21years don’t ask me what happened she was drunk and still drinks i don’t drink or drugs 54 years old and looking for miss rite help me

  10. Candida

    Taurus we r nt controlling or sneaky we care and defend for wat truly love cuse when Taurus is not in control is cuse we don’t care bout wat is around us and sneaky we olso go by the flow if we see some wired game we around us we play top games wit A so if some one is love by Taurus give to it onesty passion and high class relationship tank you.

  11. Candida

    I’m a Taurus girl deep in love and comit to a Leo sing I dated cancer pices Aries libra and Taurus I never was so comited to other relationships tht I’m wit Leo he gives me protection makes me feel tht we r gone to be together fr ever he’s a flirt I let him bt when I see tht he’s gone over the line I stop him some times he likes it and somes not bt after I tell him how important is to maintain a healthy relationship he completely gets it

  12. Debora

    What about Caporciorn. ( January 8 , 1957) and .Sagittarius. (December 20, 1948). We reconnected. after 29 year’s and things are going okay. Do we have a chance of making a long term relationship?

  13. gemini

    I am a Gemini and I have recently met a Leo. We have been
    dating for 2 mths. So far so good. Lets see what happens. I stressed communication is very important, he appreciates my honesty and knowing what I want in a man.
    More to come.

  14. Marie808

    where Sagittarius? I’m a female, looking for my Male life mate, whom do I look for? month, year or name please!!!

  15. Karin

    I was married to a Taurus and what a mistake. Very controlling and sneaky. I’ve dated the other signs you say are a good match. No not really anything good. I’m now looking at Scorpio, can’t really read him easily but we seem to get along well, acquaintances/friends at this time. Is there a possible future? I’m a Gemini woman and he’s Scorpio.

  16. quinn ext 5484

    dear everyone, please read the bottom line it explains why debbie did not continue with the chart below.

    Aries: Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus or Gemini

    Taurus: Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini or Cancer

    Gemini: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer or Leo

    Cancer: Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo or Virgo

    Leo: Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo or Libra

    Virgo: Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio, and so on through the zodiac.

    a lot of you asked about capricorn and water and air signs.
    one thing i can tell you is that all signs can work together in love, some have more stress, more balance, more drama, more fun, less sex… etc.
    capricorn is a great sign with cancer, virgo, an aquarius – that is from my capricorn personal experience.
    water and air signs – meld together, if you were on the beach and looking out into the ocean there comes a point where the sky and the water meet, a perfect blend of energy. you look out and cannot tell where the water ended and the sky starts. this is a good place for these relationships.
    air and fire work well together – fire needs air to keep burning… air likes the warmth from the fire.
    earth and water – earth is the vessel for the water, it holds it in place. sometimes you can get mud if the mix is to heavy. like taurus and pisces.
    fire and water – steamy energy for sure. water puts out fire and fire can make the water boil and evaporate. a tread lightly mix.

    so much goes into a chart so much goes into just the sun sign levels and levels of knowledge.
    find the best in your mate and love that part – no matter what sign they are.
    -quinn ext. 5484

  17. josh

    I got sag most capricorn scorpio cancer i and life path 5 so Taurus nmy birth chart my and my girl got sag libras aquarius an virgo too along with life path 6 which is Gemini and sometimes I wonder whether we’re right fur each other we make each other laugh sometimes we make each other mad sometimes we don’t understand what were talking about so little moments like that make me wonder whether we’re good for each other in the long run….

  18. bella

    well,well well & WHAT ABOUT US POOR CAPRICORN’S ???? I GUESS NO 1 WANTS US, I WONDER WHY ???? lol lol ???? 🙂

  19. Nekisha

    I am a Gemini and I’m in love with a Scorpio and we seem like we just can’t get it together, But the cancer male always seem to find away back into my heart…

  20. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Nice article, Debbie Keil-Leavitt

    Debbie is the author of this and many great astrology articles….the author is always in the upper left hand corner, below the heading usually.

  21. Jane

    Hi Ariel, love your name and love your article. It explains lots, I now understand about the love and friendship I have with my youngest sister, she s like my soul guide, and with her being 10 yrs younger than me, and a Pisces, I never understood how we get each other so well…… I wud trust her with my life and I do, she is a wise ould soul, and I have an older sister, a Taurus, and no such affinity between us, and yet she too can communicate well with me, and get me thinking from her point of view. Lol, I forgot to mention, I am an AIRES, and dont usually bond with watery or earth signs, I seem to gravitate to air for love, and fire for fun!!!! My life is a bit of a mess at the moment, but my Pisces sis, she never judges me, just is there, and very insightful……. Nothing I do or say shocks her, your article helped me understand it today….. I thank the Angels daily and pray to them always. Wish yours the joy of minding you too…… thanks so much!!! xx

  22. Shane Anderson

    Wow, it is nice to look at this compatibility chart as I often wonder how am I doing in life and am I making the right decisions! When I was 21, I married an Aquarius that was 3 years my senior and life was pretty good, but there were untold events in her life that affected our sexual relationship; therefore I cheated to get my energy out and eventually got in a life changing accident where I was out of my body for a week and in a Coma/vegetable state for the next three weeks afterwards and upon getting well again about a year later told her of my affairs which led to a divorce on her part. Shorty after the divorce, I was together with a Taurus and had a boy immediately which had brought me back from my out of body experience and me need for the cultivation of Cannabis ended that relationship upon acquittal. After that experience upon a custody hearing got together with another Aquarius that is 18 years my senior from a different country in the Pacific Polynesian region that I’ve been with the longest and has taught me a great deal of life and the ability for good health.
    An Aquarius is supposed to do well with an Aries and I was a little wondering if I was on the correct path in life and am reassured that I may be just where I am supposed to be. I have two children with two separate woman, one older and one younger and they both have my children while I now am caring for animals with a much elder woman and am doing just fine. Life is tricky and I’m glad to leave a comment and don’t know if this will help out anyone, but thought to leave a comment for the psychic people to think about or ponder. Aloha Nui Loa……

  23. Wayne Bonfiglio

    Hello, please contact me asap, i was born 10-18-59 11:51am and my last GF was 9-10-55 3:10am-Jane – she recently left me supposedly for good, blocked her phone, etc, we were together about a year and a half but she pulled several breakups before – can I get her back and when, is she with anyone else

  24. Ramona Spells

    I always knew I have a strong connection with Gemini. My best friend is a Gemini, my lost love is a Gemini. New people I meet, I always have some kind of bond with a Gemini….soo amazing how that works and I am a Taurus. I tried to have a romantic connection with a Sagittairus, but it just isn’t working out so swell.

  25. andrea rodriguez

    i love my husband, and i recently find out he is sending money to another woman,who happen to have a man but they were dating for a while an then we get marry i dont know what to do he said he love her too and love me also i cant see through it

  26. Tania Noel

    My 21 year relationship with my leo male is a very argumentive relationship we are very competitive worh each other we love each other he has a cheating background and know he confessed everything and i forgave him and know he is focuse on his jobs and future and we habe 3 beautiful boys.

  27. Shawna

    My boyfriend and I of 2 1/2 yrs. were born on January 20th, him in 1961 and me in 1966. Can you tell me if we will marry?



  29. LINDA


  30. Sheryl

    Im a cancer and my boy-friend is a aqaurius.. but.. my ex-husband is a libra..
    I’ve been looking for my other half for a very long time, now..

  31. saundra

    I am an Aquarian, born February 12 1951. I am attractive. outgoing, sense of humor and down to earth woman. I can’t seem to keep a man. I don’t know what to do. Will I ever get married or meet a gentleman soon. Thank you.

  32. Tony Adams

    Seems like you short changed Scorpio a bit and didn’t list compatability like you did with the other signs. Maybe we are just stuck with a Virgo – the only sign you matched us with. 🙁


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