Dating a Capricorn Woman

Dating a Capricorn Woman | California Psychics

Capricorn Woman Traits

It’s true what they say about Capricorns, they are indeed stubborn, but that’s hardly a complete or fair picture of the Capricorn woman. Yes, she lives under a strong influence from her ruling planet, Saturn, the planet of responsibility and structure, but she knows how to turn such things to her advantage. The Capricorn woman is meticulous, hardworking, and disciplined, all of which make her the perfect partner in both the office and in life. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that she’s boring either; she’s very ambitious and isn’t afraid to try new things if she finds them interesting enough, or if she thinks they’ll help her achieve a goal. She does share the need for security that all Earth signs are famous for, which can make her a bit risk averse at times, especially when it comes to financial concerns, and matters of the heart. She also keeps her heart closely guarded and will show you her horns if she feels threatened, but if you can get past her brisk exterior, you will find a beautiful soul beneath it. The Capricorn woman possesses a heart that is soft, patient, and sincere; nothing is ever too much for the people she loves. That’s the thing about the Goat, they’re fierce and protective, and well worth winning if you have the patience to try.

How to Attract a Capricorn Woman

In general, Capricorns aren’t terribly in touch with their emotions, and the Capricorn woman will rarely prove an exception to the rule. On top of that, she’s very protective of her heart and won’t give anything away easily, if she even notices you’re trying to indicate interest. Being sincere and open with your affections is the best way forward with the Capricorn woman, but don’t push for anything too quickly, because she needs time to analyze the situation and the inherent risks. Here’s the thing about the Capricorn woman, she’s not asking for a lot in a partner at all. She wants to be able to feel the emotional connection between herself and her partner. She wants to know that they can keep up with her in work and life, so that the secure foundation she cannot live without will always be there, and she wants someone who can make her smile. It’s not a long list; connection and reliability, that’s all she’s asking for. With that goal in mind, don’t be afraid to brag a bit about your successes to her, but make sure to acknowledge how brilliant she is while you’re at it. She’s a modest woman in spite of her ambitions, and she won’t do it for herself. She deserves a little bolstering now and then, and she’ll appreciate coming from someone else.

How to Date a Capricorn Woman

The Capricorn woman tends to be a bit more conservative, and is rarely adventurous, so you don’t need to take her on crazy, adrenaline-fueled dates. In fact, she will usually always be happy with a nice dinner or take out and movie on the couch. Don’t let her low-maintenance date preferences make you lazy though. The Capricorn woman tends to be low maintenance because she believes that she doesn’t deserves nice things, when in fact, she does. Go ahead and spoil her a little when you’re on dates. You don’t have to explain, just do it. She’s also very fond of traditions, so don’t be afraid to introduce a place or a small item into your dates that becomes something the two of you share. You can even go so far as to take her somewhere for your first-year anniversary, and then repeat it the next year, making that a tradition as well. It will go straight to her heart, and she will cherish it. The wonderful thing about making traditions with a Capricorn woman is that the longer your relationship lasts, the more you can make. As they get older, Capricorns tend to let loose a little and start having more fun than they allowed themselves to in their younger years. That means that all of those crazy dates that you wanted to go on at the beginning of your relationship could be on the table later on. Talk to her before you decide that a cross-country road trip is a good idea, but don’t rule it out either.

How to Communicate with a Capricorn Woman

The Capricorn woman is a woman of action rather than words. It’s her love language, and she throws herself into it, body and soul. If she cares about you, she’ll go above and beyond to ensure that you’re taken care of and that you feel her love for you. Often, she does this at the expense of her own needs, so you have to learn to read between the lines of her actions and her words, otherwise they may go neglected for a long time. For the Capricorn woman, it’s always more preferable to solve issues with logic than with emotions. She prefers not to talk about emotions at all if she can help it, as they make her a bit uncomfortable. The best way to get her talking is to approach her with something you need advice on. Interestingly, many Capricorns tend to sound older than their years, so they have a lot of wisdom and insight to pass on and a willingness to do it. Take advantage of it, and then see what else you can get out of them.

Turn Ons of a Capricorn Woman

It’s already been established that the Capricorn woman is a bit of a contradiction, being both averse to risk and yet happy to try new things, and she’s just as much a contradiction in what she finds attractive. It’s hardly surprising that the most traditional member of the zodiac would find someone who shares that trait enticing, but what may be surprising is that she finds people who are willing to push for change and progress equally as sexy, if not more. Here’s the thing about Earth signs: they’re ruthlessly practical, and the Capricorn woman is no exception. If the most practical thing in any situation, be it a relationship, the workplace, or societally, is to change how things are done, then she’s all for it, and will do what she can to help bring it about. It may be risky, but forward momentum is worth it in her eyes, and she likes people who see things that way. It’s the people who prove themselves reliable, however, that really make her heart race. As security conscious as she is, she needs someone who won’t let her down, so of course, the most attractive thing in the world to a Capricorn woman is someone she can rely on.

Turn Offs of a Capricorn Woman

The Capricorn woman doesn’t like people who wear their emotions on their sleeves or who let their feelings overpower them. It’s rarely useful in any situation, and feelings are uncomfortable to deal with, so she’d rather just avoid people who are like that. She also really dislikes anyone who can’t keep their lives together in an organized fashion or wasteful. It’s the absolute opposite of reliability, and if she can’t trust that her partner will be dependable or won’t squander the stable foundation that she’s built for herself, then she won’t take the chance. She’ll keep her walls up and turn you away as quickly and politely as she can, and you’ll never see her again.

Capricorn Woman Compatibility

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