Astrology: Falling in Love By Sun Sign

Balanced Love and Harmony

You’re a love-struck, smitten kitten. When the object of your affection walks into the room you swoon, overcome with romantic feelings. Admit it, you’re twitterpated, or completely enamored! You can’t sleep. You can’t eat. You’re completely distracted by thoughts of them. They make your heart pound. They make you break out in a sweat. Falling in love is a wonderful thing.

In the Disney movie, Bambi, a rabbit falls in love with a skunk and because the rabbit is so in love, he can’t stop thumping his foot. I would imagine this thumping feeling must translate to another part of the body for men (smirk) and for women, the experience of being twitterpated means they can’t stop talking about their love. Their hearts seems so full they could burst the buttons on their blouses.

2013 is a universal 6 year. This means it will be a year for balanced love and harmony. This is also the year of the snake, which means sensuality heats up in us all, no matter how old or young we may be. We all want to get our groove on!

Smart sex and deeply profound lovemaking are spreading like wildfire. We will have the ability to be wonderful lovers and good partners. Great love relationships will begin and partnerships will be formed that will last. Being twitterpated will have us all thumping our feet and talking up a storm about our lovers.

Check out your Sun sign to find out how that twitterpated feeling could strike you!


Talk about being a bobble head! An uncontrollable urge to move your head about strikes you when least expected. All you think about is love.


Your throat gets stuck when you try to talk and your brain seems scrambled in the loveliest way, as all you think about is love, love and love.


Tapping your fingers, rubbing your hands together, the urge to wrap your arms around someone and taking deep breaths are your twitterpated moments.


The chest swells up like a bird, your stomach rumbles and the only “food” that will quiet it is a kiss.


You feel your heart pounding in your chest. Sit down, relax and catch your breath.


You’ve lost your appetite and you fear that whatever you eat you won’t keep down. When twitterpated, eat light and very selectively.


You find yourself drinking lots of water and while it does keep you running to the bathroom, it also makes you feel purified.  Feeling purified is a great feeling, as love enters your soul.


The urge to propagate takes over. Uncontrollable urges are felt in the southern regions.


You want to dance and shake your hips. Your thighs feel very strong. You feel like you could run a marathon.


Your teeth chatter, you knees knock and you get goose bumps and the chills. You feel like you’re melting, but you will be okay.


You find it hard to stand because your ankles feel weak. Your circulating seems faster and you keep laughing during your twitterpated moments.


You’re Thumper. Your feet dance even when you are sitting down. This is your truest nature.

19 thoughts on “Astrology: Falling in Love By Sun Sign

  1. Brytni

    Hello, my name is Brytni.I have a question that desperately needs an answer. I am 25 years old and my spouse turned 29 in May. I am a Capricorn and he is a Taurus. 7 years ago, he and I were together and we broke up due to some things. About a year after we broke up, he found my contact info and called me. We talked on the phone for a couple of days but we lost contact due to him getting incarcerated. As time had passed, my number had changed, so when he did get out, he wasn’t able to contact me . Remind you, the reason he got into trouble had nothing to do with me.
    Through the grapevine, I was told he was looking for me to be with me. I was looking for him too because I loved him then just like I do now. But I couldn’t find him just like he couldn’t find me. Feb. 13th of this year he finally found me through my brother. They were at McDonalds in the morning at the same time. Nobody had seen my man for years so when my man called my brother by his nickname, it shocked my brother. Anyways, they started talking and my an asked about me. He told my brother that he loved me and that I’ve always been his baby. My brother sent me a text telling me what all happened and I was so happy I cried. I kept saying ” my baby is still here, my baby is back. ” I believe we share a bond, as we stayed connected by heart through out all the years. We work through things together, we’ve always wanted to have children together. My question is, if you would be so kind as to give me insight, is
    1: will he and I have children, if so, will it be soon?
    2:is he my soulmate that I’m supposed to be with.

  2. Aarti

    Hi Quinn,I am waiting for a man whom I believe is my soulmate for the past 14 years.Will he ever return to me? Did he also have similar feelings for me? Should I continue to wait for him? If yes,then when will he return to my life? Please reply at the earliest. Thank you.

  3. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    Dear Miss Krystal –
    so good to see you. thank you darling. have a great week.
    metta waves~~~~

  4. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    dear Dolores William – your energy is wanting marriage, you are sending all the right signs to the universe for this to happen. soon a husband will be by your side.

    hi Ghada – it is hard indeed to be married to a man who you are not in love with. I pray you find something about the marriage that is good and that something can turn the love on for you. if not maybe it is time to move forward.

    hi – Kristie, just because you don’t believe in things that others do does not make them untrue.
    just reading our blogs and being in a place that is very spiritual and psychic shows you have some interest and would like to believe. bottom line “LOVE” is very real.

    dear Purushottam Kumar Gupta – if your family has a good business and you can do the same, do it… what are you waiting for? your work energy is very high this year. go for it!

    dear Araanza – thank you for your loving words. Love trumps everything…

    hi Barbara, yes DK loved you…

    hi Saphira – the skunks name was flower… I think I saw that movie over 50 years ago. been awhile… one of the classics of that time.

    thank you all for your posts and reading our blogs… we love you.

  5. Purushottam Kumar Gupta


    I m purushottam Kumar Gupta and my date of birth is 05-08-2013. I belong to small village in india. I came to capital of Delhi in 1991 and since then struggling for bread and butter of my famly. I want to become a industrialist and want to establish a own empire but every time when I tried to start my own business it does not matarlised.
    Please suggest if i do the same business in my spouse or my son name then can be my dreams come true ?

    Purushottam Gupta

  6. Kristie

    Sorry don’t mean to be negative,but the “romantic love” thing isn’t for everyone no matter what “cliches” are thrown at us non-believers.

  7. Araanza

    Hi there, good morning!! This is a beautiful-romantic article that make us feel such of energy and recharged!!! Feeling or being in love is the most fantastic-beautiful experience at any age!!! Indeed ?

  8. Sheryl

    I know am in love with at least 2 guys and decision is had I do think of one more than the other. But wen talk to them I really go gaga. I would like to know which one of the men is to be for me. I don’t wan to hurt either of them. They both have asked me to marry them. Getting the butterflies and all just drives me crazy. Please help me if you can ? I try to be friends with the others I talk to and the next thing I know they tell me they love me and want to marry me too. Please help so confused a times. thank you for listening. I know that you will know all of what I am saying. I too can, you should know what that means. thank you once again and many blessings


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