Astrology and Your Summer of Eternal Love

Astrology and Your Summer of Eternal Love

Are You Looking for Eternal Love?

The summer of 2015 is one of those special times when you enjoy that powerful feeling that your love is eternal and blessed—without the limits of time or space. We humans have always seen our stories reflected in the skies, and we’ve seen our passionate, richly loving selves in brilliant Venus. This beautiful planet is guiding us in our approach to love, and how we can experience its unending fulfillment and joy in even greater forms.

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Your summer of love may have begun in difficulty or confusion with your lover. That’s just your eternal selves demanding more of you and the love you share. Happily, the summer unfolds from mid-June to mid August as Venus and Jupiter travel together in the sky. They will show us how to expand everything that is rich in our lives—particularly a generous, fulfilling love. This plays out in different ways for each Sun Sign.


This summer brings a more creative time in your approach to love and lovemaking. Allow the fearless child inside to come out and play with your lover and watch their delicious response. This can be a summer of loving delight that brings you the relaxation you need to dig even deeper into your souls.


You’re in this relationship for the long haul and this summer is a good time to show your lover the value of you strong commitment and the safety of you as their adoring home base. As this stronger love grows, you can be more relaxed and focused on luxurious lovemaking in August.

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You’re all about the language of love this summer. While you may have suffered from some confusion or a seemingly false start in June, you find yourself on a pleasant “roll” this summer when your words and loving touch are golden to your eternal partner. You find yourself more valued in love.


You began the summer with some compelling, romantic feelings that have caused you to question your values in love. While these magical feelings have been exciting, they’ve been difficult to define and express in real life. As the bounty of the summer unfolds, you’ll find more and more evidence that eternal love is within reach.


By July you’ll find yourself often basking in the sun when it comes to relationships. Love easily comes your way and others seem to really appreciate you. The main thing you’ll be concerned with is completing old issues and doubts so that you can feel free to celebrate your lover just the way they are.

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June has been a demanding month. You’re not certain that you’re getting clear information from your partner and work has left you little time to focus on eternal love. July finds you examining and enjoying feelings of love from the past. As the late summer unfolds, so will your path to that eternal, greater loving fulfillment.


You’ve been focused on relationships for about two years and what they mean to you. What’s interesting is that this summer is a time when you could discover that an old friend is your true soul mate. Somehow, that old comfortable feeling drifts into passion and you can find your ideal mate was there all along.


You are enthralled with your lover’s passion and the sexy power struggles, yet you’re wondering if you can make it work with your eternal mate. You’ve actually been finding your truest self in this process. This summer brings you to a new plateau where you can explore your lover as a supportive, spiritual partner to the true you.


As enthused as you are about eternity and love, June has been downright weird. But this summer will be a fun one. If you aren’t already with that eternal love, travel could have them appearing in such a joyous way that you’ll know you’ve found real love.

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You’ve been so involved with work that you haven’t quite focused on your true love for much of June. But now you’re feeling an urge to enjoy commitment with that person who shares your dreams in life, and the desire to succeed that is so sexy. Allow your feelings to flow and you can find your eternal, passionate love there.


June has been a time for taking action when it comes to linking eternally with your lover, but you’ve had a lot of “do overs” thanks to misunderstandings. Just clear the communications and your lover will be looking to share your joy, passion and pleasure in July and August.


You’d have been just as happy losing yourself in romantic thoughts during June as you’d be dealing with the demands of a real eternal lover. But this summer, magic arrives while you’re involved in your favorite cause. Your eternal love appears in this part of life with a new or current lover.

When we look at the skies at the end of summer, we see eternal lovers Venus and Mars aligned in a passionate embrace. They reflect our greater experience of eternal love. Enjoy!

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