Baby Names… Are in the Stars!

Choosing the right name for your child can seem like a daunting task – how do you pick one that aligns with your baby’s special place in this world? After all, naming has real power. In many holy books, a baby’s name points to that child’s mission. And to name something was often to make it exist.

Even today, names are still chosen with special care all over the world, because names have meaning. In Asian countries the child’s label will sometimes indicate the newborn’s place within the family, or reveal a quality that the child is meant to have – or a role they are to perform. In the United States, people can be less aware of the meanings of names as the generations drift away from the cultures of their ancestors. Many Americans have carried names all their lives – and known only that these labels came from the Bible, or another holy book. According to many sacred writings, names are an important part of manifesting confidence, authority – and each individual’s personality.

What’s in a name?
Astrologically speaking, there are names that most closely match each of the zodiac signs, based on each sign’s most important, telling and positive qualities. The names follow the idea that the tendencies in your child’s sign can be nurtured by the name selected. Use these names as a starting point, while you mull over all the possibilities!

March 21 – April 20
Aries: Your active little baby will be a Cardinal sign and a Fire sign. As the first sign of the zodiac – symbolizing all the energies of springtime – its signal strength is in creation, beginnings and the initiation of action.

For an Aries boy, the name Benjamin indicates “son of the right hand,” and Mark is “warlike.” Naturally, Adam is a traditional choice for the original “alpha male.” Suitable for a boy or girl, Kiah is an aboriginal name, meaning “the beginning.” For a girl, Nyssa is a Greek term that indicates “the point of beginning.” Other possibilities would include Holly, Ari, Ava or Eve, Dolly, and Victoria, which denotes “triumph.”

April 20 – May 21
Taurus: This solid, serious little baby is patient and practical – as it is the first among the Earth signs. Symbolized by the bull, this baby also embodies the joys of endurance, and is sometimes linked to Venus, the goddess of love.

For a Taurus boy, there is Carlos, which is Italian and Spanish for “manly and strong.” There is also the traditional Henry, “rules his household,” or Gabriel, “strong man of God.” For girls, the Spanish Celerina or the Teutonic Carly both denote “strong,” and Halle means “heroine.” You might also try Sarah, or “princess.”

May 21 – June 22
Gemini: This burbling little baby will be quick of mind and temperament. Ruled by Mercury, the child will love to communicate and be social. As a Mutable sign, they will be blessedly changeable. Sudden squalls of temper will quickly change into smiles before the tears have even had a chance to dry.

For a Gemini boy, Brice is Celtic for “swift.” The name Matthew means “gift of God.” Conner is “wolf lover,” and Carson is another heroic name that would make a sound choice. For a girl, Presta is a Spanish term meaning “quick,” whereas Julia translates into “youthful.” The name Abigail is Biblically linked to the concept of “joy.”

June 22 – July 23
Cancer: Your own Moon Child will have the qualities of a Cardinal water sign. Ruled by the ever-present moon, this child will be kind and dependable – and filled with love and affection.

Good names for moon boys would be the British moniker Gareth, which indicates “gently watchful.” Robert means “bright and shining.” Both boys and girls might be suited to the Greek Alexis, or “kind protector,” which is of course related to the more-masculine Alexander. For girls, Aimee, Amanda and Aiko all represent loving – and being loved. Ruth connotes Biblical devotion, whereas the name Vega means “star” in Persian. Madison is a modern variation on the traditional name Maude.

July 23 – August 22
Leo: Symbolized by the lion and ruled by the sun, the obvious strength in this sign is courage. This baby will have the quality of Fixed Fire, so they will be great in endurance – and in spirit.

There are a lot of choices for Leos. Boys might harmonize well with the Greek Andrew, the French Berenger, and the American Drew (a form of Andrew) – all of which mean “courage” in one way or another. Sebastian means “majestic,” and Stephen or Steven mean “crown.” The name Leonardo is also an obvious option!

For Leo girls, Drea is related to the the Greek term for “courageous.” The name Madeleine is related to an ancient word for “Tower.” The name Kimberly is derived from a term for “ruler,” and can also be used in its more androgynous and masculine versions, Kimba and Kim. The name Avery means “power,” which might be perfect!

August 22 – September 22
Virgo: This child will be admired for their industriousness, fine mind and commitment to others. Symbolized by the purity of the virgin and ruled by creative Mercury, this Mutable Earth sign has untold possibilities lying within it.

Its signature qualities are purity and thoroughness – for which there are some wonderful names: Shields is a Celtic name usually used for boys, and means “loyal protector.” The name Luke, or “light,” would also be a good choice, as would inspirational names such as Barack or Liam. Girl babies might be suited to Shyla, which means “loyal” – or the purity angle might be nicely reflected in such names as Lily, Mary, Chastity or Virginia – all of which signify feminine virtue.

September 22 – October 23
Symbolized by the scales, this little Mutable Air sign will be noted for diplomacy, creativity and a balanced nature, since they are ruled by Venus. Their essential quality is peace.

Good choices for Libran boys would be the Irish Tully, which means “peaceful people,” or the Latin Paxton, “town of peace.” Other good selections might be Timothy, “honoring God,” or Kevin, “gentle and lovable.” Oliver is another strong contender. For girls, Sula is an African term for “bird of peace,” while Oliviana and Olivia are Italian terms referring to the olive branch – once more, a symbol of peace. The name Elizabeth means “oath of God,” and the name Carol connotes forcefulness. Serena evokes peace, which makes it another sound choice for your Libran bundle of joy.
October 23 – November 22
Changeable, magnetic Scorpios are the personification of passion. Ruled by Pluto, from the farthest reaches of the galaxy, and symbolized by the scorpion, this Fixed Water sign comes at the time of Earthly renewal – when fall becomes winter. This beautiful baby will indeed be a powerhouse.

Great names for Scorpio boys include the African Raimi, meaning “passionate,” the Arabic Raheem, “passion for kindness,” or Abraham, and its more-hip variant, Rahm. The classic masculine and kingly name Richard is another obvious selection, as is Dylan. For girls, the Latin Necia and Arden indicate “passion,” whereas Janine, Jane, and Janet are all variations of a Hebrew word for “Divine gift.”

November 22 – December 22
This blessed, happy babe will be ruled by Jupiter – the god of joviality – and luck. Sagittarius is a Mutable Fire sign, an emblem of one who seeks the truth.

Masculine names such as the British Ernest and the Chinese Jin mean “truth.” The names Jonathan, John, Ian and Sean are all variations on an ancient name indicating “God gave.” Some of the feminine possibilities are the Greek Aleta, and the Hawaiian Alika, or “truthful.” You might also consider Jennifer, which comes from a Welsh term for “white spirit,” or Karol, derived from Hungarian and meaning “joy.” The name Emily connotes industriousness, whereas the recently invented Miley is a shortened form of “smiley,” and obviously conveys great happiness.

December 22 – January 21
This Cardinal Earth sign is ruled by Saturn, first known as one of the oldest gods, Chronos. Capricorn’s essence has to do with ancient wisdom. This baby will have a depth of expression in its eyes, and will be a force to be reckoned with as an adult.

Baby names that are evocative of wisdom include the Latin Sage and Sennett for boys. Other options might be Timothy, “honoring God,” and Peter, which means “rock.” Possibilities for girls are many, such as the Gaelic Channon, or the Greek Sofia – both of which mean “wisdom.” The name Natalie comes from an ancient designation for Christmas Day, which completes one year and ushers in the next. And Prudence is another obvious selection for this sign!

January 21 – February 19
: The water bearer is generally depicted as a human figure, because it represents the most humanistic and idealistic of the astrological signs. Ruled by revolutionary, impersonal Uranus, this Fixed Air sign’s key is its valor, and its thirst for justice and change.

An ideal Aquarian name for a boy is the Irish Farrell, which connotes “courage.” You might also consider David, for “cherished,” or Zachary, which means “remembered by God.” The names James, Jacob and Nathan are also good candidates. For girls, the Latin Valerie signifies valor, while Agnes, Nessie and Nessa mean “pure” – as does Catherine and its variation, Katherine (along with Kate, Kathy, Katrina and Trina, of course).

February 19 – March 21
Pisces: Dreamy Neptune rules the Mutable Water sign of Pisces. It’s the last sign of the zodiac, and is therefore the closest to the spiritual mysteries. Faith is one of its watchwords.

One strong Pisces boy-name would be the Welsh Griffin, which means “faith.” The name Theodore (or Ted) is Greek-derived, and denotes a “Divine gift.” Other possibilities would be Owen, Ethan, and Noah. For girls, Aislinn is Gaelic for “great faith,” and Anne is “full of grace.” Other good choices might be Belle or Clara.

Does a name equal a baby’s nature? In the end, your love, nurturing and attention will mean much more – and go much further – than what you decide to name your child. Just remember that the essence of the child’s dominant nature indicated by their astrological Sun Sign can be used as an inspiration to find some of the best names for your child, to be supplemented with your own parental intuition!

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