Flirting by Sign

Whether it’s a subtle brush against someone’s wrist or a witty repartee, flirting is all about body language — spoken or unspoken. What’s more, every sign of the zodiac has its special way of attracting the attention of a potential paramour. Are you using your natural flirting skills to your best advantage? Read your sign below to find out:

Aquarius: Your flirting style shows off your unique individuality. Your charisma is electrifying –after all, Uranus, the planet of electricity, is your ruler. You flirt especially well in groups, entertaining several interested parties at once with your wit. Being an intellectual air sign, you want an intimate brain-to-brain connection with your cohort. And if some otherworldliness emerges too – all the better!

Pisces: Fantasy and flirting merge with Pisces. You have an ethereal charisma that’s spellbinding to others. Often shy, you don’t have to say much for others to notice you. When you do speak up, people are attracted to your sensitivity and insightfulness. You can also be a magnet for other people’s projections because they see in you what they want to see. As such, you can use your considerable imagination to experiment with different personas when flirting, which adds to your mystique.

Aries: You aren’t afraid to assert your sexiness — brash and brainy is your flirting style. When you set your sights on a hottie, you want them to know you’re interested. Your confidence is your strength and what attracts admirers to you. Of course, some people will be bowled over by your direct approach, but no Aries wants to hook up with a wimp — so be yourself and find a partner who appreciates your gutsy style.

Taurus: Sweet and sensual, that’s your flirting style. Fingertips lightly caressing your sweetie’s palm, along with a subtle sigh are enough to make them want to pull you into a more, well, intimate embrace. Mainly, you need to know what the person feels like, even before you engage their brain in any meaningful way. Your sensual vibe is so strong that you don’t often need to make the first move, which is fine with you. Just send out the signals and be prepared for action!

Gemini: Wit and repartee are your flirting strengths. No one attracts more admirers for their way with words than a Gemini. Your mixture of intelligence and sassiness make you hard to resist. Mainly, you need someone who can engage your mind as well as your body, or else you’ll get bored in no time flat. So anyone who can keep up with you mentally is in the running. Also, Gemini rules the hands and arms, so using graceful hand gestures to augment your flirting will intensify your sexiness.

Cancer: Your flirting style is both alluring and nurturing. Often a bit shy, your magnetism stems from your emotional depth and empathy, which show in your eyes: The direct look, followed by looking away and then back again, with a small, knowing smile, make you irresistible. That, and your talent for listening, which connects you with others on an emotional level. Surprisingly, your alter ego is the comedian, so you may find yourself entertaining your admirers.

Leo: With their flair for drama, no one flirts quite like a Leo. You enter a room and all eyes are on you. Not afraid to show your interest, one look at your targeted hottie and they’re drawn to you like a moth to a flame. After all, the Sun is your ruler, and all planets revolve around that shining star. Surprisingly, you can hold court with several admirers at once, and no one seems to mind. Your ability to reveal your heart and soul, through entertaining words and gestures, is your strength.

Virgo: You have a reserved but strong sexual vibe that others find intriguing. A bit standoffish at times, you attract your share of admirers who feel honored to be included in your exclusive circle of acquaintances. Your subtle body language, like a tilt of the head and half-closed eyes, make others wonder what you’re thinking. If an admirer has the courage to breach your reserve, they will delight in your flirtatious side, which stems from your considerable sensuality and intelligence.

Libra: Considerable charm and grace are your flirting forte. Your artistry with words, combined with enticing, elegant gestures, heightens your powers of attraction. And your relationship savvy enables you to know just how to use these gifts to mesmerize a potential paramour. After all, Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is your ruler. It’s all about sharing for Libra, so your ability to share your heart and your knowledge will gain you admirers as well.

Scorpio: Masters at flirting, Scorpios have quite an arsenal of techniques. You can be subtly sexy with a sultry glance, or outrageously naughty with a suggestive (deceptive?) promise of a romp between the sheets. Sometimes you’ll flirt just to get a rise out of your quarry, even if you’re not particularly interested. Pluto, the planet of influence, is your ruler, and the ability to captivate admirers is part of your power. When combined with your heart and soul, your flirting finesse makes you impossible to resist.

Sagittarius: When your wild-child comes out to play, you’re a magnet for romance. Your carefree energy and sense of adventure make you a fun flirting partner. Always ready to share an outrageous story, your lightheartedness is contagious and attractive. You can also be quite provocative and have a talent for teasing, all in the name of being a good sport. However, it’s not all talk with you — the element of surprise, with some spontaneous touching, is part of your bag of flirting tricks.

Capricorn: Your straightforward flirting style is highly desirable to those who want someone real. You can be reserved, but this only adds to your mystique, making others want to know what’s behind the cool facade. When your sensuality is aroused, your body language — causally stroking your hair or lightly brushing a hand across your hip — says you’re thoroughly touchable and love being touched. And you make eye contact in a candid way that says you’re hot but also honest, an enticing combination.

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