Full Moon in Gemini

The Full Moon is a time to review the results of our efforts and celebrate when we find the Full Moon in airy Gemini, a sign concerned with communication and mental stimulation. Gemini, who is also a curious creature, recognizes duality and seeks to unite opposites, says Ray Sette, author of The Planets Align So Rare.

Gemini wants to know what is going on within her immediate circumstances and has a thing for gossip. The sign of The Twins is also superficial and inconsistent. You may experience changing ideas, shifting circumstances and emotional jumps at this time.

It’s likely that you’ll flit between emotions and feel quite scattered – whatever you’re feeling one minute could be different the next. Basically stay flexible and in the moment. With that said, the collective consciousness is brimming. Ideas may pop in and out of your mind, making it difficult to grasp and almost impossible to apply. With so much information floating about, don’t do everything at once; it’s best to take deep breaths and focus on one thing at a time.

Because of Gemini’s rule writing and information, this is an ideal time to share something you have been working on in secret. This time can be adventurous ,so get out to an open-mike performance or a poetry reading. For those of you on the shy side, at least make sure you share your songs and stories with close ones.

Moon in Gemini is supposed to be a time of freely speaking one’s mind since the sign of the twins makes everyone feel chatty and playful. Attend concerts, cocktail parties and other gatherings where you can get together, communicate and have a good time. But watch out, Gemini’s ruler is still in the sign of Scorpio, which means verbal spats (intentional or not) can occur. Go easy on alcohol and watch your words lest you regret it later. Responding in a mature manner is your best strategy at this time.

Another possibility is to organize a party of your own. Invite a wide-ranging group of people and let them experience a diverse set of opinions and ideas while having fun. The point is be social. Don’t sit home in isolation.

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