July Forecast

Ah, July – the most patriotic and festive month of summer with its exploding fireworks, water fun, clear hot skies and laughter. In 2008, you can expect this and a fair amount of challenges with well-earned victories that will be doubly appreciated by month’s end. Not to worry, while the celestial influences are determined to teach us more than a few lessons in the coming days, they also will encourage us to take time out to play.

This month starts out in true Cancer form, which can be a bit emotionally turbulent as we struggle to find righteous balance for ourselves, while creating improved conditions for family and friends. By mid-month, we should have our personal lives heading in a more positive direction, freeing our attention to focus on bigger future goals. When the Sun enters Leo on July 22, fresh, creative energy will start to smolder at our very core, encouraging us to let go of the past – and forge ahead into a brighter future – one where calculated risk is met with reward.

When the time comes to flip the page from July into August, take a moment to look back at the month. While there will have been some challenges and struggles, you will see that not only did you recognize previously veiled problems, but you also managed to solve them by facing them head-on. July 2008 may not be the kind of month you can simply sail through, but those who learn the lessons will emerge from these experiences more vibrant, self-assured and strong. 

July highlights:

July 1: You may find your energy to be a bit more obsessive and detail-oriented today when Mars enters Virgo. Be sure to utilize this burst of organizational energy to its fullest potential – your desk can be righted, checkbook balanced and you’ll still have enough zing for a long mountain hike or swim!

July 2: The Cancer New Moon is likely to tug at your soul. A great time to express your desires, and rectify any existing tensions that exist with family and friends.

July 4: While the Heavens above may seem a bit still, the night sky over the United States will most likely be blazing with color from fireworks. Happy Independence Day!

July 5: When Mercury squares Uranus things have potential to go awry. You may feel a bit edgy (along with everyone else), so do your best not over-think or over-react today. A positive attitude can keep you from saying something you may later regret.

July 6: When Venus trines Uranus, loving energy will fill the air. Expect the unexpected and you just might be rewarded with a happy surprise!

July 9: Lady Luck is with us today, as Jupiter opposes the Sun. If you’ve been needing a little positive boost on a project or problem, today is the day to get things done.

July 12: Optimism is likely to infect even the darkest of moods as Venus enters Leo. A quick glance in the mirror will reconfirm that limitless potential resides in you.

July 18: The Full Moon in Capricorn will have a grounding effect, especially if you consciously let go of the baggage you’ve been holding onto like an imprisoning security blanket. The answers you seek are likely to find you this day, provided you are open to receiving them.

July 22: It’s a high-energy day as the Sun enters Leo, and the day is ripe for fun. You may find that you feel invincible, but use some good old-fashioned common sense and caution, or the Leo Sun combined with the Mercury/Uranus trine will remind you that you are not.

July 26: There may be a little drama invading communications today, as Mercury enters Leo. Definitely a time to surrender to passion and shed a little inhibition. Drama isn’t always bad!

July 28: Venus opposes Chiron until July 31. The lesson of this aspect is that sometimes less really is more. Keep a cool head and lean toward compromise and middle ground and the rewards for your self-controlling efforts can be pretty profound.

July 29: You can almost see the light bulb going on over your head as Mercury conjuncts the Sun. This is an inspirational time of new beginnings, as a higher intellectual cycle is beginning.

The elements…

The Fire Signs
 Aries, Leo
and Sagittarius may find that they are trying to burn the candle at both ends. Rather than complicate things further, it’s time to swallow a bit of fiery pride and learn how to ask for help. Try it! You’ll be surprised at how effective a little humility can be.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo
and Capricorn are likely to accomplish great things, but only after becoming more focused. Slow and steady wins the race. Take a breath and be willing to compromise. This is a great time to manifest the things that you want, but you may have to deviate from the original plan to bring about the desired results.

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra
and Aquarius are likely to go into social overdrive. Pay attention to the details, because this is the time to build relationships as well as allies. Your over-active mind is likely to complicate things for you this month, so choose your words carefully, especially in negotiations, or you may have a tough time rinsing the taste of foot off your mouth.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio
and Pisces may find that by trying to heal the world, they can also heal themselves. A sense of clarity is likely to find you now, and truth is going to be a stronger force than fantasy. Follow your own intuition – it just may lead you to the security you seek.

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