Your Mercury Horoscope for 2014

Be Careful What You Say

Mercury, the winged one, enters the sign of the Water Bearer on January 11, bringing with it both positive and negative aspects of the influence. While there’s a certain intellectual acuity that comes with Mercury in Aquarius, there’s also a tendency to jam our opinions down others’ throats.

Read on to find your Mercury Horoscope for the first month of 2014.


Positive progress is being made on the career front; finally a green light and everything flows. Communication in love may be more complicated. The 9th and the 21st are particularly sensitive days. Bite your tongue.


Like Aries, you’re focused on work—however, some kind of change is in the air and whatever you’ve got going on could translate to matters on the home front, too. A move perhaps? Be clear and level-headed, remain open.


You’re particularly prone to losing things this month, Gemini. It may be the rapid-fire pace your life has taken on, it may just be you’re absentminded on practicalities because of all the other exciting things going on.


You benefit this month by giving to others; emotionally and spiritually. Mercury brings out your philanthropic side. Meanwhile, a period of testing has passed now, and you find yourself more connected to your partner.

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You’re moving from an inward-focused state to a more outwardly-driven agenda and that’s good. But remember, it’s time for negotiation, not selfishness. You benefit from compromise.


Your spiritual center is shifting this month, Virgo. Perhaps there’s been a shakeup in your inner circle, perhaps you’re just changing gears from the inside out. Bottom line: You’re coming at things from a different perspective.

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You, too, are feeling a spiritual and philanthropic pull this month, Libra. Your social sector is highlighted; perhaps it’s time to do some good for yourself by doing good for others. Be sure to get enough rest!


Balance is the order of the day. While you may need to make your point, do so gently for the best results. Metaphysical pursuits are at the fore as you continue to explore your core purpose.


The need for independence combined with your already independent nature can make you a bit antisocial. Likewise, your natural bluntness is only enhanced by Mercury in Aquarius. Be careful in social situations.


You’re unusually good at asserting your will this month, goat—and odds are good you’ll get your way. Just try and do it gently, lest you put up walls that won’t come down easily.


Your mind is on overdrive; thoughts coming rapid-fire. You’ll find yourself drawing a crowd socially thanks to enhanced conversation skills. Just be careful not to be too aggressive. It would only be natural, but it could turn some off.


Implore tact in self-expression and the world at large will bend to your will, Pisces. You’re feeling massively creative and somewhat childlike in your enthusiasm. Seize it to get the year started right!

6 thoughts on “Your Mercury Horoscope for 2014

  1. Betty Acunas

    Thank you,
    The need for independence combined with your already independent nature can make you a bit antisocial. Likewise, your natural bluntness is only enhanced by Mercury in Aquarius. Be careful in social situations

    I think I need to work out on my independent nature so things will go smoothly. Few fixes and big changes for this year. 🙂

  2. Bella

    Sorry I meant 2 say “” all the retro mess deep soul searching was ALL worth while .. Imagine that “” was what u meant it’s my i phone .. 🙂

  3. Bella

    Lol lol happy bday 2 you Ms Quinn , I hope you have a great day – week … I’m really liking our Capricorn forecast N 2014 this made all of the Teri’s worth it … Manger & You know what I’ve never thought about that , however I bet that they are (retros) N my own birth chart 2 lol that would explain a lot IF I do have retro mixed N 2 it – me , maybe that’s why I’m such a great deep humanitarian thinker – debater BCZ I think legal mess 24/7XS 365 days a year XS 4 infinity & way N2 the future 2 lol … Well maybe it’s BCZ were are so smart lol lol ha – ha … 😉 .. Have a good 1 🙂 I know it’s cold every where else lol I’m just wondering if it’s cold out N sunny California lol lol .. 🙂

    Psps someone made a comment about my baby puppies & being a responsible mommy .. – = being spayed – Sorry if I offended anyone but they just didn’t realize I HAD inherited my babies girls problems – & her medical issues YES I knew all of this when I took her N – on & that yes she was a high rescued animal, due 2 the neglect But now she’s living N paradise … I wish you could see her pregnant butt age lives belly rubs 2 lol well she’s a beagle & the sweetest thing ever 2 … FYI I love beagles I’ve had a few of them fyi I had been looking 4 1 2 adopt out 4 a while B4 I found her … Lol here’s a funny lol When they did my normal follow up routine home check s up lol lol they saw how good spoiled rotten she IS – was they asked her if she wanted 2 trade places with them … I commented back I hope they don’t expect an – her 2 answer back lol , they said my baby boys he talks says mama lol which he does lol lol … & Yes I’ve already got them adopted out except 4 I’m wanting 2 keep 1 of the boys though lol I need another mama’s boy lol = 3 dogs & 1 rabbit lol .. 4 Laura Yes I’ve already paid 2 have her spayed 2 + shes got 2 have 1 of her teeth pulled out 2 which I’ve paid 4 2 it needs 2 be taking out ASAP I feel bad 4 her … Take care ms Quinn love ya didn’t mean 2 offend any 1 I can’t wait 2 talk 2 you ASAP BCZ I need a relationship 30 minute chart done & ASAP 2 let be know IF I’m making a mistake N my love life !!!! I will make an appt when it don’t hurt 2 talk FYI I’m tired of gesturing – writing everything down 2 but if I don’t it – causes me 2 bleed lol which I’m being told is a big no no lol lol .. ((Ms Quinn)) … Ms Gina Rose is very sweet – kind 2 , very good – correct N her predictions 2 lol , xoxo thank you ms Quinn Bella 😉

  4. Betty

    Thank you ,
    I am a Virgo and my spiritual center has been neglected . I have been very angry about the political matters in our country . Anger does not solve anything . I need to search for better leaders for our country with love in my heart , not anger and hate .

    You are spot on with this one .

  5. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    right on my birthday. its all good. I have lots of retrogrades in my birth chart, “they” say when you have retrogrades in your birth chart, you are smarter…. lol.
    maybe so… maybe not.
    mantra to self “rise above the influence” –
    thanks for the heads up about jamming my thoughts down others throats. I will only gently push.
    great week to you.


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