Your Money Horoscope: Keep an Eye on Your Spending

Money Horoscope

Your November Money Horoscope

The playful, fun-loving energy of Sagittarius is being paired with the fair-but-stern hand of Saturn from now until December 2017. It started in September, but this month that energy is inviting other planets to engage in some contradictory behavior. Generally speaking, the November Money Horoscope does bring some good financial vibes for everyone, especially on the 5th, the 10th, the 13th and the 24th, but it also has some difficult aspects such as the 20th, the 25th, the 26th and the 29th.

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November’s second half will be busy and quite possibly expensive. Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday all land around some tough financial aspects. The best way to handle the odd mix of energies this November is to stay positive, be creative and keep an eye on the spending.

Now, let’s see how November will affect you and your Sun Sign:


A New Moon in your solar house of joint finances will open the lines of communication with anyone you share expenses with. Make sure you’re sharing expenses equally. Lucky Jupiter is present in your house of daily work and reputation. Your hard work brings rewards.


Venus, your ruling planet, hooks up with Mars on November 2, making it a great day to profit from doing what you love—either as the creator or the promoter. The Full Moon on the 25th in your second house of finance will help you get clarity on where your money is being spent.

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Circle November 13 as your day to dive into an investment or partnership. With Venus in your fifth house of speculation and Saturn in your house of partnership, the planets are aligned in your favor. Just make sure you’ve researched your investment thoroughly before signing on the dotted line.


After November 8 when Venus moves into Libra, your fourth house of home and family, it will be a good time to straighten out any money-related deals or problems with family members. One day to avoid, however, is November 20 when Venus squares with Pluto.


Beneficent Venus pairs up with get-it-done Mars in Virgo, your house of personal finance, on November 2. It’s a great time to tackle family related money issues. Virgo’s influence will prompt decisions based on practical, rather than emotional, matters.


Personal finance gets an extra boost on November 13, thanks to the Venus/Saturn connection. Saturn is tough but fair, and he rewards hard work and those who help themselves. The harder you’ve worked, the bigger the reward.


When it comes to your November Money Horoscope, financial negotiations, closings and consultations are all favored in the first half of the month. Even if you’re feeling a little more feisty than usual, remember that all Libra ever has to do is turn on the charm and magic just happens.


After the 22, a group of planets in your second house of personal finance, including tough-love Saturn, will help you see solutions to any financial situations that have been keeping you from moving forward and/or making decisions. Your head will now override your heart where money is concerned.

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During the week beginning November 8, Venus lights up your house of rewards. On the 13th, Venus works with Saturn to help you shine and be noticed for all your talents and abilities. It’s the perfect week to seek a raise, promotion or interview for a better paying job.


Your career provides the means to live and enjoy life. In November Venus and Mars will shine on your house of career. On the 13th they both form a favorable angle to your ruler, Saturn, in your house of confidentiality, giving you an advantage. Your status and finances are due for a boost.


Though your November Money Horoscope might start out by confusing your financial savvy, rest assured that you can stay on top of things with some careful research and by reading the fine print. By the 13th you’re feeling informed, aware and back in control of money matters.

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Venus enters your house of shared money on the 8th of November. Extra money may come through a creative talent and possibly a business partnership. Meanwhile, your social life starts getting busier and overspending may be eating up any extra income. Venus helps you balance it all out.

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