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Mother's Traits by Zodiac Sign | California Psychics

Mother’s Day Astrology

This is a special offering for all those who are mothers or those who ever had a mother. That should cover just about everyone. Some of you may not realize that the American version of Mother’s Day was created by a devout peace activist, Anna Jarvis, whose mother had cared for wounded soldiers on both sides of the American Civil War. When this amazing woman died, her daughter, Anna, took up the banner and wanted her mother’s memory to continue for the cause of peace. As a result of her efforts, and through many strange twists and turns, Mother’s Day in the United States became a congressionally recognized holiday.

Not everyone has a great relationship with their birth mother. We all fall short and we all miss the mark from time to time. Just as you may have sought forgiveness from your mother for your own transgressions, it is time to release your umbrage at her shortcomings, too.  Even if you no longer have a mother to celebrate with on this day, you can celebrate her “momery” by making it a day to concentrate on peace. That would certainly make anyone happy today! Here are mothers’ traits according to their zodiac sign.


March 21- April 19

This is a sign that is all about getting the job done. The Aries mom is a fast-paced, brilliant woman. These are very self-sacrificing women who may demand high standards of her young, but these are the same standards she sets for herself. She will defend her brood with the ferocity of a mother bear and she will often stand alone in her decisions. However, many times, those decisions will turn out to be correct. She has a great sense of humor and thoroughly enjoys laughter when shared with her children.


April 20-May 20

A mother of deep and powerful emotions, the Taurus mother strives to protect her offspring as much as she enjoys being a major influence in their world. She enjoys joining her children for games or an exploration of a multitude of subjects. As a powerful Earth sign, she is very balanced as she deals with her children. She doesn’t guide her brood by knee jerk reactions. She thinks things through. She is an active parent and one with a larger than life personality. Her children love her and she will always be their greatest fan.


May 21- June 20

The Gemini mom is known for her lightning-quick mind that doesn’t miss a single thing you have ever done! This Air sign has a legendary quick wit and a very clear vision of how she wants her children to behave. She may not take herself too seriously, but she takes her role as a mother as serious as possible. She is bright and chatty and is social enough to open many opportunistic doors for her brood.


June 21-July 22

If ever a sign lent itself to motherhood, this would be it! Cancer moms are notoriously maternal and are not ashamed to show it. These moms are loyal to a fault and nurturing on a wonderful level. She thrives on the love of her children and wants the very best life for each of them. She is a great listener and seems to always know just what her children need in order for them to become the wonderful people she knows they are. This is a woman who takes motherhood seriously.


July 23-August 22

This Lioness lives up to her sign. She is ferociously protective of her offspring and will make sure justice will come to whoever tries to cause harm. She can be showy, and almost immodest when boasting of her brood. She is the mom with a dozen “honor child” bumper stickers on her mini-van and the first one to volunteer for school projects. The Leo mother will defend and protect her family like no other sign. If you plan on marrying one of her children, you’d be well advised to court this mom first. Her approval can mean everything!


August 23-September 22

The Virgo mother is most often connected to the earth itself. It’s more than being an earth sign, this is her true personality. Just as the earth can be very harsh to its “children”, so it is with the Virgo mother. She may seem strict, but she has a very clear vision of how she expects her children to respond to their life. She is well grounded, balanced and intelligent. She has a great sense of humor which is often reflected in her offspring. Many comedians have been raised by Virgo moms. She cherishes teaching her children and relishes in stories of their shared past.


Sept. 23- October 22

The Libra mother is the epitome of balance and deep thoughts. She considers every angle of every proposition her children may present. She doesn’t act out of emotion, but she doesn’t take too long in handing down her decision. These Libra moms are cooperative and inspirational. You will often see Libra moms at the front row of the PTA meeting. She is a great volunteer when it comes to her children. She considers how each action impacts her offspring. She is generous and loves to laugh.


October 23- November 21

A Scorpio mother is undeniable in her intensity and devotion to her brood. Many Scorpio moms find themselves making tremendous sacrifices for the sake of their children, often not in the best well though ways. The Scorpio mom can be very single sighted and often cause a certain “co-dependency” with her family. Her progenies must often find ways to help bring balance to their beloved mother. Her fire needs tempering, but that same fire will do wonders for the feelings of love shared by her children.


November 22- Dec 21

The Archer hits a bullseye when it comes to this mother! The Sagittarius mom is the adventurer of the entire horoscope. She will take her children on wonderful quests that will help form their destinies. She is bright and can adapt to any situation. She warmly offers this gift to her offspring. She has a brilliant sense of humor that can defuse any of the greatest challenges they may face. She is a strong and dedicated mother.


December 22- January 19

The Capricorn mother is the master planner of the entire horoscope. She is the one with the clipboard and marker at every football game or cheerleading camp. She is very involved in her children’s lives and should be given the respect she deserves. Her life will often revolve around her offspring to the point that there is little time left for her own dreams. She doesn’t mind this kind of sacrifice because she knows it will pay off in her children’s adult lives.


January 20-February 18

The dreamy-eyed Aquarius mother is often filling the lives of her children with music, laughter, and games. She is often more of a friend to her brood than an unyielding parent. While her discipline may leave something to be desired, her dedication to her offspring is wonderfully balanced. The Aquarian mom is a brilliant conversationalist and loves exploring all manner of subjects with her children. While her children may become overly dependent on her, she will manage each event with great consideration. She is intelligent, loving and funny. What else could you ask for such a mother?


February 19-March 20

These mothers are often misunderstood. These moms live in a world of their own creation. They may appear one way in social settings and another way behind closed doors. Trust is very challenging for these women to accept, but once you have her trust, she will pour heart and soul into making the relationship a success. Still waters run deep around this woman. Never underestimate this one!

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