Neptune Goes Direct

Watery Neptune, residing in Airy Aquarius since January of 1998, entered its retrograde period on May 26, 2008, and will break its backward spin in the same sign on November 2, 2008. The effects of the retrograde are likely to be felt for three or four more weeks, allowing for the direct energies to settle in.

Neptune may not be the quickest mover in the sky, taking roughly 14 years to transit each sign of the zodiac. That’s 165 years to complete a single orbit or revolution of the Sun! When you think in those numbers, the five months a year that Neptune spends in retrograde doesn’t seem quite so extraordinarily long, and a little leeway for the energy shift to really kick in becomes quite understandable.

Masculine vs. feminine
The planet Neptune was named for the Roman God of Water and the Seas, from which it is said all life arises and eventually returns. The astrological glyph of Neptune is the Trident of Poseidon, the Greek God of the Seas. While both Neptune and Poseidon are mythically male, their temperaments and emotionalism are characteristically feminine in nature.

The Neptune influence
Neptune is the planet of spirit and faith. It governs our dreams and intuitions, our spirituality, imagination, delusions and addictions. This is the planet that can lead us to our higher purpose, dissolve our personally created limitations and boundaries, or send us spiraling into the murky depths of grief and chaos. Neptune energy can be harnessed for growth and change, particularly when we take the time to embrace the energy and the lessons Neptune gently or brutally is sending our way.

Neptune retrograde energy
Neptune energy is beneficial energy, regardless of whether it is retrograde or direct. Its retrograde periods encourage us to reflect on our past, to contemplate our connectedness with ourselves, emotions, and spirituality. Some of us find these periods to be energetically draining, while others don’t seem to skip a beat. The retrograde periods can be a time of denial, delusion, and escapism through addiction – often bringing us to our lowest points, whereupon we come to the conclusion that we need to grow, evolve or change. For most everyone, there is some murkiness or confusion in our lives, or selves, that comes to light, and if we allow it. It can be a time when chaos reigns.

Neptune direct energy
For most of us, when Neptune turns direct it is time to implement the needed changes that the retrograde has brought to light. A generous planet, Neptune gives us seven months in which to create these changes, becoming more in tune with ourselves and enhance our connectedness with all life. For most, this is a time of clarity – we create and receive less drama, are more aware of deceptions and manipulations, and even can recognize and break our negative and codependent tendencies. If you are one who has been feeling energetically zapped, Neptune is about to grace you with the ability to say “No!” with kindness and compassion – allowing you to move forward with your own healing and journey.

Fire signs
Aries is likely to have an increase of creativity and intuition, and Leo will be a little less selfish and more interested in social causes and universal change. Sagittarius may struggle a bit with finding balance, as they are likely to be thinking more philosophically and risk an element of delusion from seeds planted in their dreams.

Earth signs
Taurus will be on a material high, as their energy levels are back on the rise. Virgo is likely to be more peaceful now, as this is the time for their yearly cleansing and reality check. Capricorns will find themselves in teaching mode, as their confusion fades and their forward moving path is clear once again.

Air Signs
Gemini will thrive with new-found life, as the twins can now put their creative thoughts into manifesting motion, while Libra can breathe a sigh of relief as harmony settles back into home and family. Aquarians will find their strength once again, becoming more independent by releasing the emotional burdens that have held them down.

Water Signs
It is a time to right wrongs for emotional Cancer, who will be focusing their energy on those they love. Scorpios will feel as if they are reborn, conquering any addictions or blocks that have been clouding their mind. Pisces need to watch out for depression, as their imaginations may get the best of them now, because their delusions are being stripped away.

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