Retrograde Planets

Have you said to yourself at some time, “If only I had a second chance, I’d…”? The gift of retrograde planets is that they can give you that second chance. Many of you have probably heard a number of negative comments about retrograde planets, such as, “Don’t sign any contracts, Mercury is retrograde!” Yet somehow, we forget that there is a positive side to everything. If you work in harmony with this phenomenon, this period in time will offer that second chance – to reflect, redo, rekindle, renew; all of the “re” things you need to do in order to make the past complete and to clear the path for our future.

Mercury (Communications, travel): Mercury goes retrograde about three times per year, with the latest period being April 17-18 through May 10-11 in the sign of Taurus. This was a particularly intense example of Mercury retrograde due to other active planetary aspects. With this, we saw the air traffic snarl in Europe due to volcanic activity. I’m certain it would be difficult for anyone grounded by the event to see a positive side to this. However, with a larger view, it was an opportunity to remind us to respect the power and abundance of our planet, and to be responsible for being in harmony with this amazing place.

The next Mercury retrograde period will begin August 19-20 in Virgo. This will be a great time to reassess details in your life.

Venus (Beauty, love relationships, and money): Venus will be retrograde from October 8 through November 18 in Scorpio/Libra. She goes retrograde roughly every eighteen months. While you might be feeling less social, you may very well reconnect with an old love. While a payment or other gift may be delayed, you may also receive a surprise gift or be repaid an old debt. A review of your finances during this time could also be helpful right before the holiday season.

Mars (Action, self-assertion, sports): A Mars retrograde cycle was completed on March 9 – 10 which began on December 19 – 20, 2009 in Leo. But the effects could be felt through mid-May. This retrograde cycle occurs a bit over every two years. During this period of weather extremes, you were likely to have experienced delays in your plans outside the home. This was a good time to remember to relax when nature demands. This gave you the opportunity to regroup for even better plans of action. It’s also a great time to show your boss the energy level you can achieve.

Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus will be in retrograde during various times throughout the year, offering opportunities to rethink your life structures, your hopes, and your need to progress in life. The focus of these powerful energies has been in late Pisces and Virgo (also affecting late Sagittarius and Gemini) and is moving into early Libra and Aries, with “Pluto the Transformer” in the mix in Capricorn (early Cancer is affected, as well).

If you have the Sun or Rising Sign degree (or important planets) in these locations, you are likely seeing the effects in your personal life that have been happening worldwide. You may be re-examining anything from your health care to finances. Your home life or career advancement may also be in focus. Here’s the good news: What you don’t manage to accomplish under the first retrograde influence will be available again for revision, revitalization, restoration, or reorganization. It is all for the good in the end — real second and third chances!

Knowing astrology and applying it to your chart is a wonderful tool for the “big picture” of your life path. While these planets appear to be moving in reverse from here on earth, keep in mind that it’s just an illusion in perception due to our relative motion with them. They remind us that we all need time for reflection, regeneration, and renewal, and there’s nothing wrong with giving someone a second chance. The illusion of moving backward allows you to reconnect and renew your relationship with others and nature’s cycles, actually bringing forward momentum on your life path. Perfect, isn’t it?

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