Saturn in Retrograde: Natal Charts, Effects, Meaning, and More

Saturn in Retrograde: Natal Chart, Effects, Meanings, and More | California Psychics

Cosmic Tough Love

In both Western and Vedic astrology, Saturn is the Celestial Taskmaster. He demands hard work–the kind that takes just about everything you’ve got–but if you persevere, he is known to reward you with success. He is also called Father Time and the Lord of Karma. The Romans associated the god Saturn with farming and agriculture and believed he was the father of Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto, among others.

Saturn rules Capricorn, the known hard worker of the zodiac, but did you know that according to traditional astrology, along with co-ruler Uranus, Saturn also rules Aquarius? This helps explain the dogged determination found in the Water-Bearer’s nature.

Saturn in Your Birth Chart

In your natal chart, the house your Saturn lives in may make both benefic (blessing) and malefic (challenging) aspects to your other houses and planets. This is how he will teach you patience, responsibility, maturity, authority, and discipline, but once you’ve learned these things, you will be well on your way toward attaining your most important life goals.

When Saturn Retrogrades

When Saturn retrogrades once a year, it means this fair and wise instructor has returned for exam time to see if you’ve learned whatever he wanted to teach you while he was direct. If you have, he may reward you with earned blessings. If you haven’t, he will present past experiences to help you learn his lessons once and for all, even if for a while you end up feeling a little like you’re in the movie “Groundhog Day.” Keep in mind that this too shall pass.

As Saturn retrogrades through each of your twelve house sectors during transits, you will feel the effects of being asked to slow down, give yourself some TLC, and undergo deep introspection in that area of your life where you may feel some old challenges coming up again to be met. It can act as a reality check. You are being guided to reassess what is important and make changes if necessary. When it is just transiting a particular house, it can come as a relief to know it is only temporary. If you were born with Saturn retrograde in your natal chart, be glad, because it pretty much guarantees success if you strive to meet its demands in that particular house.

Having to face overcoming weak spots, obstacles, and delays all over again doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, but it’s nothing to fear. You’ll see that all you endure to get through these rough areas will prove worthwhile. Think of it as a valuable chance for a do-over, or a way to correct past mistakes and create greater karmic balance. Eventually, we master these difficult lessons so we can enjoy the well-earned rewards of learning them.

Saturn Retrograde in the 12 Houses

Here are some brief descriptions of Saturn retrograde and how it may affect you in each of your houses:

First House

You’ll feel the need to go inward and do a sort of self-check of your identity or appearance. You might feel compelled to improve something physical or emotional that’s been bothering you.

Second House

Here you are required to look again at your values, both moral and material. What do you treasure most now? What are your priorities? How can you live a more authentic life?

Third House

Thoughts are things, and now you must reexamine how you are thinking and communicating. Are you building yourself and others up or down with what you think and say?

Fourth House

Your home is represented here, including your soul’s innermost home. Are your life and family needs in balance? Do you need to restructure your domestic obligations?

Fifth House

Are the romantic needs of you and your lover being met? Have you been giving sufficient time and energy to your creativity or children? It may be that you need a little playtime yourself.

Sixth House

Work, health, and pets are in focus now. Are you feeling overwhelmed with draining exhaustion? See which daily habits can be improved and give pets extra love and attention.

Seventh House

It’s time to rethink your significant relationships. How are they affecting you? Are you growing together or are you pulling apart? This can be a time of either separation or commitment.

Eighth House

How are you handling power, desire, sex, and other people’s money? You need to redefine and restructure what you are doing with these things to make life better.

Ninth House

You are being directed to look again at your faith and beliefs, be they religious, political, or philosophical, and ask yourself in what do you really believe? What do you truly stand for?

Tenth House

Now is the time to look closely to see if you are on track with your career goals. If you are, you may well see tangible rewards come your way. If not, you may feel the urge to change course.

Eleventh House

What is it you most wish for? Which personal goals do you need to achieve now? You are reviewing what you dearly long for and how to best attain your heart’s desires.

Twelfth House

You’re being called to take a deep dive into your subconscious to observe any limiting beliefs that may be haunting you in order to cast out anything that’s been holding you back.

Saturn Retrograde 2021

  • Stations retrograde: May 23, 2021, at 13°30′ Aquarius
  • Stations direct: October 10, 2021, at 6°52′ Aquarius

Worth the Struggle

Think of Saturn retrograde as the polisher of your inner diamond. It won’t break you, but it will make you stronger so that you shine brighter than ever. If you are bearing heavy burdens in your life, know that you are not being punished. Your soul is noble and good and only made ultimately better by struggles borne. Remember that Spirit promises all things work together for your good. Be sure to check with one of our talented astrologers here at California Psychics to see how Saturn, both retrograde and direct, is working in your life.

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