The Saturn Influence

Saturn is an amazing planet that has powerful influence in the astrological world. Saturn, simplistically, is Law. He is discipline and responsibility, the teacher of life-lessons, the parent that withholds rewards until they are truly earned.

Symbolically, Saturn rules fate and destiny. In the mundane world, Saturn’s effects can be seen and felt in your material achievements and pitfalls. As an acting hand of justice, Saturn upholds, “You reap what you sow.” Even though we start learning Saturn’s lessons in our youth, Saturn is the planet that Rules the 7th Age – the period of life from age 60 to death, which is a time to assess this life and prepare for what comes next. Saturn is also the ruler of Capricorn, and co-ruler of Aquarius. His day is Saturday.

The “Saturn Return,” the time in which the planet occupies the same zodiacal degree it held at the time of birth, occurs every 29 years. In these times, we typically feel a heavier Saturn influence where we face challenges, rise to new levels, reflect on our past, and make changes that lead to transformation.

Saturn is our “ultimate teacher,” the embodiment of Father Time, and often depicted as the Grim Reaper. A powerful vision to behold, this massive planet known for its glorious rings, will undoubtedly touch all of our lives with cold severity at some points and warm generosity after we have learned the lessons he meant to teach.

Saturn in Aries
This position brings many obstacles and challenges, but that does not mean success cannot be achieved. Embrace a more pioneering spirit and let go of the grumpies, and you will fare far better. You may be prone to headaches and dental problems.

Saturn in Taurus
You may have deep feelings of insecurity and tend to avoid routine. You are likely to forego immediate satisfaction for security and wealth later in life. You may be vulnerable to colds, sore throats and thyroid problems.

Saturn in Gemini
Your childhood will introduce loneliness and sorrow, but your mind will be enhanced with deeper understanding. Gifted with a head for finance, you will prosper with patience and intelligence. You may be susceptible to ailments of the lungs and chest.

Saturn in Cancer
You may have a hard time letting go and can appear clingy. You tend to gravitate to an older partner for security. You may be prone to digestive problems and weight issues.

Saturn in Leo
You may not work well with others, but you most likely will rise to the top professionally. Once there, be careful or you may fall. You distrust compliments and displays of affection. You may be vulnerable to high blood pressure and heart disease.

Saturn in Virgo
You are most likely methodical, organized, and a stickler for detail to the point of obsession. You are less than pleasant when opposed. You tend toward success through real estate. You may tend to have intestinal upsets and ulcers.

Saturn in Libra
You’ve got a great sense of balance, but need to develop patience and diplomacy. You tend to suppress the desire to be close with people in your personal life. You can achieve public success and are strong in artistic pursuits. You may be susceptible to back injuries and kidney problems.

Saturn in Scorpio
You can be very selfish and like to control others for your own gain. You may be drawn to affairs that cause trouble or lean toward the scandalous. You have great executive ability and commitment to goals. You may be prone to health issues as a child, but generally live a long life.

Saturn in Sagittarius
You may have difficulties with long-term goals, but know how to finish the task at hand. Even though you are often outspoken, it is this very nature that will bring you success in law, politics and matters of foreign affairs. You may be vulnerable to injuries of the hips and thighs.

Saturn in Capricorn
You are ambitious and dedicated, but lack organization and the ability to accept help. Self-sufficient at a young age, you are driven to achieve your material goals. You attract loyal friends but hardship in romance. You may be prone to aches in joints and knees.

Saturn in Aquarius
You have a talent for dealing with the masses and could achieve fame in politics or entertainment. You like to run the show, but tend to rub people the wrong way. You have a great need for independence. You may be vulnerable to injury of the lower legs and ankles.

Saturn in Pisces
You have a vivid imagination that tends to lead toward creative work even if you find yourself in an inferior position. You can be quite oversensitive and the greatest cause of your own unhappiness. You may be prone to problems and ailments of the feet.

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