Venus Conjuncts Uranus

When loving, seductive Venus is matched with spontaneous, free-spirited Uranus there’s drama, passion and wildness afoot. Do you have Venus/Uranus aspects in your birthchart? Understanding this powerful combination can smooth the path to lasting love, ease the conflict in your heart and help you to chart a course based on reality.

As you probably know, Venus rules love, beauty, aesthetics, values and partnerships. When she is well aspected by the Sun, Moon or Mercury, she is affectionate and tolerant – all sympathy and understanding. Yet, when she is in aspect to Uranus or Pluto, she is far more difficult and far more interesting; she’s flirtatious, self-indulgent, sensual, and vain.

Uranus’ reputation, however, is less well known. He presides over the urge for freedom. He reigns over revolutions, scientific discoveries, rebellions, paradigm shifts, and the unconventional. He is the personification of the adage, ‘Out with the old and in with the new.’ When he’s empowered, anything that has outlived its usefulness, anything that has become entrenched, anything that restricts necessary growth must be destroyed to usher in change. Unsurprisingly, this dramatic instability makes Uranus a planet many quiet souls dread, for he has no tolerance for the comfortable, the familiar, or for the status quo.

When the heavens put these two together, you get fireworks, eruptions and sudden changes in love and creativity. You get excitement, daring, and fascination with anything new. You get a magnetically strong, sexually experimental, fascinating individual. For those blessed with this powerful combination, the primary task of their earlier decades is to learn to accept their unusual, wild nature and not try to change or hide it.

Venus/Uranus natives will be admired for their fierce uncompromising attitude towards their creative pursuits, their individualism, and their independence. Those who love them will be troubled by how difficult it is for them to fit it, to stay in one place because they are often plagued with a burning restlessness. They are constitutionally unable to go along with the crowd in matters involving their passions: the arts, creativity, and the world of ideas. Their unorthodox nature can make life hard going at times. Especially as they stubbornly insist on their freedom sometimes at significant cost.

If you’re a Venus/Uranus native by birth, all of this can make your life tumultuous and turbulent. If you learn to hold your basic nature dear and to seek where your abilities will be appreciated rather than imprisoned, you’ll thrive. To best understand how to work with the gifts and challenges of your birth, consider the aspects involved in your Venus/Uranus energies.

Venus conjuncts Uranus
Your biggest challenge may well be honoring other people’s needs and desires. Your belief in personal freedom as a value sometimes blinds you to how you trample other’s freedom in the pursuit of your own. It’s not something that you do deliberately, but on instinctive flight. By the time you’ve gained the ability to see this, you’ve already done some damage and suffered for it. This realization can take years as you’re popular and therefore somewhat protected from the consequences of your actions. You’re generally widely admired for your honest lack of pretense and your sincerity. Your ability to buck trends and act from your deepest values makes you very popular especially in your late twenties. You can have little patience for the tender sensibilities and modesties of your lovers, preferring a bold, bare, experimental, sexual intensity.

To achieve a lasting love, you need to develop patience and to carefully choose someone who’s both extremely tolerant and somewhat detached, and/or someone as fully individuated and free as yourself. You’ll also have to accept that trying to change pigeons into eagles is only a hurtful exercise to those you say you love.

Venus square or opposition Uranus
These hard angles magnify the difficulty of the Venus/Uranus qualities. This is a karmic configuration meant to teach you about love, freedom and balance. The extreme desire for love and the fierce thrust for autonomy are hard to reconcile in your heart, so it can often be projected outwards. While it’s often your beloved who is seen as clingy, then rejecting, it’s actually the Uranian energies in you creating the estrangement. Not surprisingly, your love will take umbrage when accused of behavior not their own.

Sometimes you’ll adopt a coping mechanism to try and manage your emotional intensity in a feigned attitude of detachment towards your lover. When your partner cools in response, you can become demanding and intense. Your love relationships often begin in haste, explode in erratic swings from one extreme to the other, and end coldly.

In fact, Venus/Uranus hard aspects are often at their best in a long-distance relationship, as the physical distance helps moderate the inner conflict between romantic attachment and freedom. One thing they will not tolerate is a tepid sexual relationship.

These aspects, even more than the conjunction, need to learn balance, empathy and to feel secure in themselves so that they can be independent from within a loving relationship. Again, the best choice for a lover is someone wild and experimental, free and unfettered, someone much like yourself. You will need to learn to discern the difference between passionate attraction and the love that can stand the test of time.

Venus sextile or trine Uranus
The magical quality of both the sextile and the trine highlight the creative and magnetic qualities of these planets together. You’re unusually tolerant, understanding and sincere, your combination of brilliance, creativity and kindness makes you highly valued amongst your peers, friends and co-workers. It’s easy for you to make friends from all stations in life, from all countries and from all persuasions. You also delight in exploring your sexual nature and get rapidly bored and resentful if your partner holds you back. Otherwise, you’re quite easy as a lover; you freely and unconditionally give your partner all the time, energy and space they require. You’re also quite good at regulating your own need for closeness and solitude; to the degree that an insecure partner may wonder if you even need them.

In order for you to live your highest fulfillment in love, you’ll want to choose someone who is a good match, intellectually, creatively and sexually. If you want to ensure your happiness make sure your lifetime partner’s need for freedom and independence is similar to yours.

No matter how turbulent or magical, the combination of these two powerful planets makes for the most unconventional and passionate love in the zodiac.

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