Venus, Pluto and You

If you’ve got Venus’ seductiveness combined with Pluto’s brooding intensity you’ve got an intense sexual magnetism that keeps your life eventful and maybe even chaotic.

Understanding these dynamic forces is the key to learning to love all the intensity you generate. These planets in aspect mix Venus’ fabled arts of love, attraction and sensual expressiveness with Pluto’s dark control, passion, and devotion. This potent mash-up creates your explosive, powerful, sexual aura. In other words, if Venus is beauty, love and infatuation, then Pluto is black leather, passion and force. When you’ve got these forces harnessed together in your birth chart, they can exert a head-turning intensity that captivates both the brave and the vulnerable.

If you don’t have Venus and Pluto in aspect but do have Pluto in aspect to your Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Mid-heaven; or a packed Eighth House; or a preponderance of planets in Scorpio you’ll radiate a similar mysterious, bewitching, thrilling aura of dangerous intensity. That makes for too many variables to discuss in this article, yet you may find some pointers below if you’ve found that all that intensity isn’t working in your favor.

If you’ve got a Venus-Pluto aspect in your chart, your happiness in love depends on understanding and working with the forceful energies that are your birthright. Check your astrological birth chart to see what aspect Pluto and Venus entertain for you.

Venus conjunct Pluto
You’re emotionally intense, especially regarding your love life. The energy you radiate is deeply entrancing to others (or intensely off-putting) and gets a strong reaction wherever you roam. Unfortunately, you can be controlling, jealous and obsessive and then suddenly – utterly uninterested. When you fall in love it is everything to you; and your world pitches and heaves in the currents your passion generates. You give unstintingly and expect the same, woe betide the lover who takes you for granted or who betrays you.

Your relationships feel fated and, in fact, your personal growth is conducted through them. This can mean that sometimes your lover is merely the set for your own great drama. Your conscious side plays the Star, while you project your darkness onto your lover who is forced into the villain role. Sadly, you don’t realize it’s you directing both parts. Then, you’re mystified when your partner accuses you of using him/her to work out your own personal demons. This may well be true, even though you can’t see it until you develop experience, maturity and a bit of detachment. It is your fate to learn through your love relationships. Loss, obsession, conflict and separation all are your teachers,with them as guides, you’ll learn about boundaries and healthy attachment.

Ideally, you need a lover that meets and satisfies you emotionally, sexually and in a deeply mystical sense.

Venus square Pluto or Venus opposition Pluto
The square and opposition add even more conflict to this already volatile combination. You may be famous for choosing the wrong partner and then becoming utterly obsessed with this ill-fated love. Your friends and your lovers may lose patience with your unfettered intensity.

It can be said that at times you are manipulative and overly attached not only to people but also to outcomes, neither of which you can control. You also may unintentionally use people to act out your own unrecognized internal dramas, much to the dismay of those unfortunate enough to be caught in the wake. While young or immature, you may seem insatiable, unreasonable and tumultuous. With time, temperance and self-awareness you can learn to see yourself and others with clarity. All that emotional energy can then be redirected into works of great, passionate creativity that will earn you the fascination you’ve always aimed for but not received. When you’ve learned to nurture and respect yourself you will create a love that is equally giving and loving, and all that intensity can reside in the bedroom instead of tearing your heart apart.

Venus sextile Pluto or Venus trine Pluto
With the sextile and the trines, these stellar, shining aspects bring the best qualities of Venus and Pluto to the fore. Like oil cast on troubled water, the disturbances are soothed and what shines forth is a magnetic, powerful, charming, smoldering sensuality. Charismatic and even-handed, you’re often widely adored and admired. When you’re fascinated with something or someone you literally have superhuman energy – but when you’re uninterested even a limpet would be considered more dynamic.

You still have all the passion and sexuality of any Venus-Pluto aspect but your attractiveness and interest in others mutes its destructive effects. You can still be overly intense, and your charm can seem overly manipulative compared to lesser mortals; yet you care deeply for others and those who can handle your energy become fast friends or devotees. Since your deep creativity isn’t encumbered by pointless, passionate excess, you’re often a productive and inspired artist.

As you’ve gathered from reading this, the powerful combination of Venus and Pluto can be hard to handle. When it’s well managed it leads to dark, lovely, entrancing delights. However, if your love life leaves charred ruins behind you, try working with one of our professional psychics to learn to restrain and redirect your passions into life-sustaining love and creativity.

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5 thoughts on “Venus, Pluto and You

  1. peter

    A blessing and a curse indeed, the trine at 1 degree. EVERYBODY wants to control me, I guess the pluto control is real. I fell into the pluto trap once and damn did it hurt. Im more wary of peoples motives now. The upside is that I tend to attract people to me pretty easily..I love the passion but I hate the manipulation

  2. Flo

    Yes it’s a truly sexy aspect indeed!! 😉 I have venus in tropical scorpio conjunct Pluto in scorpio (o god i know) -_- but sidereal venus and pluto in libra..but i have lots of other aspects in my chart some with Venus sadly, like some nasty squares that make me put barriers up in terms of how I feel about myself sadly and not enjoy venus’s delights to the fullest! :@ I do attempt to control my environment and people but it’s not just cos of this aspect haha! When I feel like shit don’t want any attention I want to revert the unwanted attention elsewhere or i’m rude but when I feel great I don’t mind all the attention from either sexes. I’m thankful for some of my pluto aspects though, like pluto in 3rd house tropical since it helps me to channel a lot through writing (i love to write a lot of naughty stories heehee ) 😉 I can also be serious and intense when i want to and completely charming and charm the socks off a tree when i please (venus trine jupiter) tropical libra sidereal virgo.I do think I need to lay off the “control” factor sometimes and tbh I think the past “exes” are lucky they didn’t see the worst of me..I DON’T PLAY WITH MY RELATIONSHIPS (that aspect describes me to a “T”) its either all or nothing with me when it comes to those haha ^_ beware! Hence i steer clear these days till I’m ready to take the plunge into another “rosy” communion with another human being.

  3. Simon

    Wow, this describes me well. I have Pluto perfectly conjunct Venus in Scorpio (out of all signs), so you do the math of what happens when I get in relationships. Plus, this all happens in my 5th house.

    To say I’m a serious person would be an understatement. I don’t play, everything is life or death to me.


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