Your Weekend Horoscope for September 5 – 7, 2014

Your Weekend Horoscope: Explore the Practical Side of Your Passions!

As Venus moves into chaste Virgo this weekend, beauty and desire take a back seat to more practical relationship concerns like steadfastness, intellectual compatibility, and whether or not your mate can repair a leaky faucet. Does your partner have real substance? Or is he or she just another pretty face? Here’s your Weekend Horoscope!

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You are very sensitive to how you are being perceived in the workplace. With Venus bringing her sweetness into your work sector, this is a good time to work through any difficulties with an employer or co-worker. Your thoroughness in resolving problems will cast you in a more favorable light.


Your sign ruler, Venus, moves into your house of creativity and pleasure, turning your attention toward activities that support self-expression. You are comfortable being exactly who you are and that makes you very attractive to others. Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that if you pursue your passion, everything else falls into place.


You like order in your home environment and with Venus moving into your domestic sector, you want your place to be neat and clean, as well as beautiful. You’ll be doing more entertaining at home, so this is a great time to redecorate and to make your space more inviting!


It’s not often that you open up about your feelings, but with Venus in your house of communication you feel more confident about making your desires known. Whether you are stating your intentions to your partner or to the universe, be specific when you ask for what you want.


Your personality may be flamboyant, but you are pretty restrained when it comes to money matters. Your Weekend Horoscope says it’s okay to indulge in the urge to splurge. With Venus in your house of finances you are likely to see an increase in your cash flow in the weeks ahead.


Venus in your sign enhances your attractiveness and charm. You can improve upon your natural assets by getting a new haircut or updating your wardrobe. It’s not about impressing others, but more about presenting an image that accurately reflects the way that you want to be perceived by the world.


With your sign ruler, Venus, moving into your house of secrets, a romance may be heating up behind closed doors. There is definitely intrigue afoot! If your partner wants to keep it on the down low, it might be time to find out what he or she is really trying to hide.


You get a lot of mileage out of playing mysterious. With Venus moving into your house of friendship, you are likely to attract more people into your life who want to know who you are and what you’re all about. Take advantage of an opportunity to connect with a new group of potential friends.


Venus in your house of career helps you to project the right image. If you want to make a favorable impression upon an authority figure, now is the time to do it. Just make sure that your appearance reflects the role that you want to play in your professional world.


You need an adventure! Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that Venus in your house of long-distance trips may bring an opportunity to travel afar. Whether romance is the reason for your journey or merely a desire to pursue an activity that you’re passionate about, happiness comes through expanding your horizons.


You are not content to just keep things on a superficial level. You crave deep emotional bonding and serious passion! With Venus in your house of transformation, you can connect with a partner in a much deeper way than you ever have before. Get ready to take love to a higher level!


Venus enters your house of committed relationships this weekend, bringing harmony and joy to your partnerships, both personal and professional. If you have been flying solo for a while, this is a good time to connect with someone who is eager to accompany you on your life journey.

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  1. blanche

    on July 20 2014 me and my baby dad maid out. is that a good thing. I am having problem with that. could you tell me is that a good thing. I would like to me a nice man to love me for me and not my body. will you let me know about this.


    My home is neat and clean and simple. But, I do not do any entertaining or redecorating.
    ???????? so it does not make any sense because, I do not do these things.


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