Your LOVECAST™: Sensuality Skyrockets

Sensuality skyrockets this weekend. Friday’s new moon makes fantasy come to life – in the boudoir and beyond!


Week of March 1 – 7, 2008

Pisces: Reveal your soulful side this weekend, when love is slow and sensual. Be inventive (unconventional?) to intensify passion on Monday and Tuesday. Your artistry heightens your allure and makes you a magnet for romance on Wednesday. Evaluate your goals on Thursday. The New Moon in Pisces revs up your ability to manifest your aspirations, so go for your dreams!

Aries: Romance needs consistency and commitment this weekend, so go slow to heighten intimacy. Your inner wild child takes over on Monday and Tuesday! A friend offers a surprising insight on Wednesday. Thursday is all about getting organized. The New Moon on Friday heightens your psychic powers and encourages a review of the past.


Taurus: Envisioning (vividly!) your ideal lover, in detail, can bring in someone extraordinary this weekend. Twosome trysts heat up on Monday and Tuesday, when your sensuality comes out to play. Let your imagination spur your creativity in your career on Wednesday. Romance feels serious on Thursday. Friday’s New Moon brings in new friends and social activities.


Gemini: You’ll enjoy deeper sexual and emotional intimacy this weekend, if your intentions and desires are realistic. Love is instinctual and illogical on Monday and Tuesday, so let out your sexy beast! Your intuition guides you in love on Wednesday. Thursday feels like a road block. The New Moon on Friday brings a new cycle of career activities.


Cancer: This weekend, the universe supports your desire for a true partner, so set your sights high and socialize. Your creativity in the bedroom makes passion sizzle on Monday and Tuesday. Look for an intriguing synchronicity that may prove enlightening on Wednesday. Watch travel on Thursday. Friday’s New Moon illuminates your future path, so heed your inner voice.


Leo: Love needs clarity and thoughtfulness this weekend. Also, focusing on work inspires a creative project. Passion roars on Monday and Tuesday, but watch out for the green-eyed monster. Your relationship either flows or is in a fog on Wednesday. Watch spending on Thursday. The New Moon on Friday heightens psychic and sexual connections with your partner.


Virgo: Romance fires you up this weekend, when a mix of sexiness and sensibility inspires commitment. Verbal wordplay revs up foreplay on Monday and Tuesday, so express yourself! A flirtation at work may spur gossip on Wednesday. Watch self-criticism on Thursday. Friday’s New Moon helps manifest a partner. Or, if you’re attached, it helps your relationship reach the next level.


Libra: A scrumptious meal and after-dinner massage cook up a weekend of sensual delight. Get physical! Love combines with lust to fire you up on Monday and Tuesday. Fantasy sweeps you away on Wednesday, so let your imagination run free! The New Moon on Friday energizes your diet and exercise goals, and can bring romance through healthy activities.


Scorpio: Let your earthy side out this weekend, with an evening of flirting and dining before a leisurely dessert. Your powers of attraction soar on Monday and Tuesday, so get out there and shine! You may be tempted to place your sweetie on a pedestal on Wednesday – seek clarity. Friday’s New Moon brings a new cycle of romance and energizes your creativity.


Sagittarius: Get out in nature (hiking, skiing, biking) to fire up passion this weekend – and don’t forget the massage oil! Passion simmers beneath the surface on Monday and Tuesday. A secret admirer in the wings? Your whimsical side inspires love on Wednesday. Limitations arise on Thursday. Creating a beautiful ambiance and entertaining at home bring delight after Friday’s New Moon.


Capricorn: Your naughty side gets down and dirty during this weekend’s (emotional) Moon in Capricorn! You’re a magnet for attention on Monday and Tuesday when friends can bring adventure. An inspirational gift to show your appreciation can rev up romance on Wednesday. Communications are challenging on Thursday. Networking and marketing bring opportunities after Friday’s New Moon.


Aquarius: Unconscious desires come out to play this weekend, so access your instincts and enjoy the ride! Romance intensifies on Monday and Tuesday, but hidden agendas can complicate a relationship. Your mystique and creativity draw admirers on Wednesday. Finances feel limited on Thursday, but Friday’s New Moon brings financial opportunities by energizing your moneymaking talents.

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