Your LOVECAST™: Daring Moves

The New Moon in fiery Aries calls for daring moves this weekend! Love gets a reality check mid week.

Week of April 5 – 11, 2008

Aries: Saturday’s New Moon in Aries signifies a new beginning for you, so go after your dreams! Watch jealousy on Sunday. Monday and Tuesday are all about revving up your moneymaking skills. Flirting (and other communications) skyrocket on Wednesday and Thursday, but don’t get too pushy. A tryst for two at home turns passionate on Friday.

Taurus: Restlessness rules during this weekend’s New Moon, which is preparing you for a new personal cycle in May. Your sensuality skyrockets on Sunday night through Monday. Tuesday may include a misunderstanding, so seek clarity. Make a list of moneymaking possibilities on Wednesday and Thursday. Erotic talk heats up passion on Friday!

Gemini: The New Moon this weekend brings in new friends and opportunities through group activities. Love booms in a natural ambiance on Sunday night through Monday. Meditate for answers on Tuesday. Your whimsical side makes romance bloom on Wednesday. You’re argumentative on Thursday. Reveal your deepest feelings to heighten passion on Friday.

Cancer: This weekend’s New Moon launches a new career cycle and may instigate a flirtation at work. A friend brings an opportunity or startling insight on Sunday night or Monday. A friend with a bad attitude irritates you on Tuesday, so stay centered. Your sense of humor makes you irresistible on Wednesday. Watch words on Thursday. Friday is hot hot hot!

Leo: The New Moon brings out your adventurous side this weekend, so plan a romantic trip for two! Create an intimate, sexy atmosphere at home to heighten romance on Sunday night or Monday. Mixed messages can derail romance on Tuesday. Networking can bring opportunities on Wednesday and Thursday. A cozy ambiance makes passion percolate on Friday.

Virgo: The New Moon says intimacy and irritation  can create sizzle this weekend, so reveal your feelings, whatever they may be! Your sensuality kicks into high gear on Sunday night through Monday. Pay attention to your intuition on Tuesday. Show off your ideas on Wednesday. Love gets complicated on Thursday night. Socializing may end in a passionate encounter on Friday.

Libra: A twosome is energized during this weekend’s New Moon, so be clear about what you want in love. Reevaluate your relationship on Sunday. Intimacy gets real on Monday, but fantasy takes over on Tuesday! An exotic locale revs up romance on Wednesday. Thursday night is irritating. Passion intensifies on Friday, when common sense flies out the window.

Scorpio: Passion mixes with conflict during this weekend’s New Moon, which also brings a new cycle of work opportunities. A romantic hook-up heats up on Sunday night through Monday, but confusion reigns on Tuesday. Your braininess draws admirers on Wednesday. Watch jealously on Thursday night. Passion skyrockets during a rendezvous (while traveling?) on Friday!

Sagittarius: Your creativity ignites a passionate rendezvous during this weekend’s New Moon, so be inventive! Love needs a physical approach (massage, exercise, nature hikes) on Monday and Tuesday. An adventure for two brings delight on Wednesday. Passion gets intense on Thursday. Love needs a demonstration of your deepest feelings on Friday.

Capricorn: Entertaining at home can heighten romance (or friendships) during this weekend’s New Moon. Earthy eroticism makes passion percolate on Sunday night through Monday. Love needs sensitivity on Tuesday. Show off your ingeniousness at work on Wednesday. Relationship complications abound on Thursday night, but passion ignites on Friday!

Aquarius: Your flirting skills kick into high gear during the New Moon this weekend, when a trip can also heighten passion. Getting real about love deepens intimacy on Sunday night through Monday. Use your artistry to accelerate romance on Tuesday. Your inventiveness intrigues others on Wednesday and Thursday. Love is a tidal wave of feelings on Friday.

Pisces: Get bold about expressing your desires during this weekend’s New Moon, which also brings a new financial cycle. Talk about the future with your sweetie on Sunday night or Monday. Your way with words makes love bloom on Tuesday, but keep it real. Romance at home brings delight on Wednesday or Thursday. Express your heart to deepen love on Friday!

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