Your LOVECAST™: New Year’s Aspirations

The New Moon in Capricorn illuminates and supports new year’s aspirations in all signs this week. Be open to all sorts of opportunities in love and career. Manifestation rules, so keep your eye on the prize you most desire.

Week of January 5 – 11, 2008

Capricorn: Inner restlessness on Saturday and Sunday can prompt a shift in love or work. Your feelings empower your actions on Monday. The New Moon in your sign brings a new personal cycle, so take some steps to manifest your dreams! Look for a moneymaking opportunity on Wednesday, but watch out for a misunderstanding over money on Thursday. Your artistry with words inspires romance on Friday.

Aquarius: Friends pull you into a wild adventure on Saturday! Insensitivity or willfulness can derail love on Sunday. Meditate for answers during Tuesday’s New Moon, which can help you heal the past. Your powers of attraction soar on Wednesday, and your mystique inspires romance on Thursday. Show your appreciation to your sweetie with a gesture of love on Friday.

Pisces: Love may need a direct confrontation on Saturday or Sunday. A clash with authority is likely, too. Your talents shine during a group activity after Tuesday’s New Moon, which can bring in new friends as well. Take some time to meditate on your direction on Wednesday. Your intuition guides you on Thursday. Romance is in your hands on Friday!

Aries: A change of scene can heighten romance on Saturday. A revaluation of your goals brings insights on Sun. Tuesday’s New Moon helps advance your career, so keep your eyes open for opportunities. Socializing energizes you on Wednesday. Spend time with uplifting people to avoid negative vibes on Thursday. Your imagination inspires love on Friday!

Taurus: Intimacy may feel detached on Saturday. Sex is intense (to the point of obsession?) on Sunday! Review and implement your New Year’s resolutions during Tuesday’s New Moon, which brings about a fresh start for your aspirations. Focus on your career aspirations on Wednesday, but watch out for a misunderstanding at work on Thursday. Romance is dreamy – maybe even idealistic – on Friday.

Gemini: Expect the unexpected during a sexy twosome on Saturday. Passion (and complications?) soar on Sunday! The New Moon on Tuesday heightens your need for emotional intimacy and sexual fulfillment. It also encourages you to heal old emotional wounds. Love is spiritual and idealistic on Wednesday and Thursday, so express your relationship aspirations. Envision your career ideals on Friday.

Cancer: Your ideals about love get a wake-up call on Saturday. Change needed? Revaluate your health regimen on Sunday. Tuesday’s New Moon brings a new partnership cycle, so now is the time to envision your ideal mate. Surprise your sweetie with a sexy encounter on Wednesday! Sensitivity heightens intimacy on Thursday. Love may come from afar or through a spiritual activity or class on Friday.

Leo: Romance is exciting and unpredictable on Saturday. A clash of wills can derail romance on Sunday. The New Moon on Tuesday is an excellent time to start a diet and rev up your exercise routine. Plan a tryst for two on Wednesday. Discuss your relationship ideals with your sweetie on Thursday. Creating a whimsical ambiance that delights the senses intensifies passion on Friday!

Virgo: Romance needs freedom on Saturday. Focusing on cooperation can help you sidestep argumentativeness on Sunday. Romance gets a fresh start during Tuesday’s New Moon! You’ll begin a new creative cycle as well. Lending a helping hand revs up your attractiveness on Wednesday and Thursday. Partnership energy soars on Friday, so think in terms of “two.”

Libra: Extreme words can unhinge love on Saturday and Sunday, but an enlightening conversation brings insights. Use your artistry to create a divine home ambiance after Tuesday’s homey New Moon. Romance is electrifying on Wednesday – be spontaneous! Fantasy intensifies passion on Thursday. Your helpfulness (volunteer activity?) inspires love on Friday.

Scorpio: Love is rocky on Saturday (clash of ideals?). Passion and conflict reign in the romance arena on Sunday. Communications present opportunities after Tuesday’s New Moon, so express yourself! A spontaneous party at your abode may bring a surprise on Wednesday. Love blooms in a serene home ambiance on Thursday. Revealing your feelings inspires romance on Friday.

Sagittarius: Your charisma soars on Saturday, but avoid extreme words or actions. Love challenges your intentions on Sunday. Look for moneymaking opportunities after Tuesday’s New Moon, which brings a new financial cycle. Your inventiveness revs up romance on Wednesday, so be creative! Avoiding the truth can sabotage love on Thursday. A sensual ambiance at home ignites passion on Friday.

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