Your LOVECAST™: Chaos Reigns

Chaos reigns in romance over the weekend – but don’t fret! By midweek, love and lust promise to ignite in an interesting manner!

Week of January 12 – 18, 2008

Capricorn: Be open to a brilliant idea this weekend. Love, however, is less than brilliant and includes a large dose of abrasiveness. A sexy rendezvous at home brings out your lusty side on Monday or Tuesday. Your sensuality attracts a romantic fling on Wednesday – maybe Thursday – so get physical! Work may seem unending on Friday, when your energy is low – take some time to pamper yourself.

Aquarius: Weird is the word for love this weekend, when your kinky side takes over! Naughty flirting inspires passion on Monday. Your ideas have power on Tuesday, so express yourself. Think earthy (mud massage?) to inspire a lusty time on Wednesday or Thursday. Issues regarding commitment and shared responsibilities can challenge romance on Friday.

Pisces: Your energy and magnetism electrify love this weekend! Staying sane in the face of chaos is the challenge. Love may need a gentle confrontation in order to grow on Monday or Tuesday, so be direct. Expressing your feelings through words heightens relationship bliss on Wednesday and Thursday. You may feel unsociable on Friday, a good time to take some quiet time to recharge.

Aries: You’re antsy for a relationship change this weekend. Express your needs and ideals, but avoid extreme actions. You’re all fired up with passion on Monday then again on Tuesday! Love brings out your instinctual side on Wednesday and Thursday, so put your brain on hold. Talk turns serious on Friday, a good time to talk about long-term aspirations.

Taurus: Friends bring out your wild-child this weekend, but sexy encounters are unpredictable. Avoid impulsive spending, too. A lusty encounter in a serene setting brings bliss on Tuesday! Your senses are on fire on Wednesday and Thursday, so create a sensual retreat for you and your sweetie. Friday is all about expressing what’s important to you.

Gemini: Argumentativeness challenges romance this weekend, when you’re feeling restless and quarrelsome. Take some quiet time to get centered. Monday is sociable. Your idea of marriage gets subtly transformed on Tuesday, so seek insights. A quiet rendezvous for two deepens intimacy on Wednesday and Thursday. Expressing yourself may be challenging on Friday.

Cancer: Relationships need objectivity this weekend, so try not to get defensive if love isn’t cooperative. Assert your ideas and projects at work on Monday and especially Tuesday. Romance can be found during a group activity or through a friend on Wednesday and Thursday, when feelings flow. Feelings are slow and thoughtful on Friday.

Leo: This weekend, be open to a sudden insight about intimacy and emotional healing, but avoid troublesome friends. Your intuition can lead you to a new path on Monday. Focus on taking love to the next level on Tuesday. Slow and thorough touching can deepen lust on Wednesday and Thursday! A serious discussion with friends can bring insights (or criticism) on Friday.

Virgo: The need for freedom and change can challenge your relationship this weekend. Stay in touch with your feelings. Your assertiveness in the bedroom ignites passion on Monday! Express your ideals for love Tuesday. Get creative (bedroom makeover?) to energize romance on Wednesday and Thursday. You’ll need to lighten up when your critical/analytical side takes over on Friday.

Libra: Strive to see your sweetie’s point of view if a heated (and somewhat illogical) argument rattles your relationship this weekend. Cooperation is needed on Monday. A twosome tryst can ignite a soul-to-soul encounter on Tuesday! Love needs a touch of artistry (words, music, scents, lighting) on Wednesday and Thursday. Take some baby steps toward your goals on Friday.

Scorpio: Romance is unpredictable (even shocking) this weekend. Blend heart and mind for a clearer picture. Your leadership brings kudos at work on Monday. Your magnetism and power are heightened on Tuesday. Relationship energy soars to new heights on Wednesday and Thursday, so plan an intimate rendezvous! Sex and talk may feel blocked on Friday.

Sagittarius: Your wild side (or your partner’s) may get out of control and derail intimacy this weekend. Strive to blend freedom with commitment. Your adventurous side heats up romance on Monday and especially Tuesday! Natural surroundings can ignite passion on Wednesday and Thursday, so plan an outdoor rendezvous. Small problems in your relationship are likely to be blown out of proportion on Friday.

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