Your LOVECAST™: Deep, Loving Feelings

The Full Moon in passionate Leo heats up romance by mid week. All twelve astrological signs can look forward to a week filled with deep loving feelings.

Week of January 19 – 25

Aquarius: Your wild side emerges to challenge love on Saturday. Access your deeper feelings on Sunday and Monday. A rendezvous for two turns lusty during Tuesday’s Full Moon! Your partner may see you as illusive on Wednesday. On Thursday and Friday, focus on eliminating emotional and mental garbage that hinders intimacy.

Pisces: You’ll be pulled in different directions on Saturday. Your creativity in the boudoir makes passion sizzle on Sunday and Monday! The Full Moon on Tuesday energizes your imagination in the bedroom and projects in the boardroom. A coworker’s confusion baffles you on Wednesday. Your partner may need a serious discussion on Thursday, which leads to a change on Friday.

Aries: Abrasive words can derail love on Saturday. Entertaining at home brings a sexy romp on Sunday or Monday. Tuesday’s Full Moon ignites a passionate tryst and inspires your creativity as well. Passion sizzles in an exotic ambiance Wednesday, when spiritual discussions deepen love as well. Focus on taking steps to manifest your aspirations on Thursday and Friday.

Taurus: Love feels out of control on Saturday. Words of love sweeten romance on Sunday and Monday, so express yourself! The Full Moon on Tuesday brings out your artistry for entertaining at home. Passion skyrockets on Wednesday, but you’ll have to clear up some confusion first. Commitment is the focus on Thursday. Discuss needed changes in your relationship on Friday.

Gemini: You’re a wild child on Saturday, when willfulness can derail love. Sunday and Monday are highly emotional. Flirting skyrockets during Tuesday’s Full Moon, when a trip can inspire romance as well. Love is deep and complicated on Wednesday. What issues need to be resolved? Family is the focus on Thursday. You may be considering a change in your home or career on Friday.

Cancer: Relationships feel chaotic on Saturday. Your warmth and sensitivity inspire love on Sunday. Your spontaneity ignites passion on Monday. Your sense of drama heightens lust during Tuesday’s Full Moon, so be creative! Your imagination delights love Wednesday, if you avoid sending mixed messages. Talk is serious on Thursday and startling (enlightening?) on Friday.

Leo: Unreliable friends can derail your plans on Saturday. Create a serene ambiance to deepen love on Sunday or Monday. Tuesday’s Full Moon in your sign heightens your powers of attraction, so get out there and socialize! Fantasy inspires lust on Wednesday. Organize your finances on Thursday, and avoid impulsive spending on Friday.

Virgo: Crazy people surround you on Saturday, so strive to stay centered. Romance blooms with promise on Sunday and Monday. Your fiery, spontaneous side takes over during Tuesday’s Full Moon! Showing your appreciation inspires love on Wednesday. You may be feeling self-critical on Thursday, but you’re craving an extreme change by Friday!

Libra: Gossip can unhinge romance on Saturday – seek the truth. Plan a homey tryst for two on Sunday or Monday. Friends may bring a surprise during the Full Moon on Tuesday. An artsy group can inspire your creativity on Wednesday. Take some alone time on Thursday to evaluate your path. A revelation about the past brings a sense of freedom on Friday.

Scorpio: Control or jealousy can upset love on Saturday. Reveal your feelings to inspire romance on Sunday and Monday. Passion ignites (with some complications) during Tuesday’s Full Moon! Romance feels illusive or mystifying on Wednesday. A serious talk with a friend arises on Thursday. A friend or lover may surprise you on Friday.

Sagittarius: It’s relationship chaos on Saturday, when feelings are irrational. Intimacy heats up on Sunday and Monday. A trip or foreign ambiance can heat up passion during the Full Moon on Tuesday. You’re on fire on Wednesday! Do some serious goal-setting on Thursday. A change in your career plan may arise on Friday.

Capricorn: Inner angst can unbalance you on Saturday. Plan a rendezvous for two to deepen love on Sunday or Monday. Tuesday’s Full Moon energizes sexual trysts, but you may need some alone time to recharge. Use your imagination (toys? costumes?) to heighten passion on Wednesday! Education and spirituality are on your mind on Thursday and Friday.

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