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The Sun will be entering Aquarius on January 20, where it will remain until February 18. As we move out of the heightened productivity of Capricorn, many of us will welcome the more laidback feeling showered upon us by Aquarius. This does not mean that we will necessarily become less driven – but our drive and focus is likely to change from the material plane and expand into the more esoteric realms of universal thought.

Symbols of Aquarius
The sign of Aquarius is depicted as a kneeling man holding an urn from which water flows. The glyph for Aquarius is also water. This may not seem strange or unusual, until you think astrologically – Aquarius is an Air sign! Air is all about thought, and water is all about emotion, so why so much focus on water in the Aquarian representation? Simply put, because the water that flows from the urn of Aquarius is the water of creation and consciousness, enforcing the concept that everything has the right to exist, and all things in life are in some way connected. Aquarius is the sign of hopes and dreams, the seed of wishes.

The Aquarius personality
Aquarius is probably one of the kindest, most laidback, signs of the Zodiac, which is reflected in the people born under its influence. You almost can’t help but like them! They are honest and helpful by nature, more than a little altruistic, and certainly never boring! Aquarians tend to be high-energy people, but somehow manage to remain calm and emote tranquility at the same time. Don’t let this fool you, though. There is always something going on in the Aquarian mind.

As great humanitarians, people born under this sign are loyal to the people they care about, as well as any cause that catches their attention. They typically have many friends, comprised of all walks of life – and even though they are intuitive, they usually aren’t overly sympathetic. The open nature of Aquarius is very accepting of people’s idiosyncrasies and flaws, but will not tolerate lying or dishonesty. Even though they may not always like to make decisions, their conclusions are based on fact rather than emotion.

An Aquarius is very likely to passionately chase a dream or start a revolution, but will balk at times at personal affection – making them seem a bit detached in their personal relationships. They are very firm in their opinions and do not like fighting or confrontation. However, they will argue or debate as a form of mental exercise – not from an emotional platform of passion.

Eccentric nature
Most people born under this sign are in some way considered to be eccentric, or to have a few eccentric qualities. It isn’t just a disposition, for an Aquarian will choose to make it a goal. They have a great sense of individualism and an ingrained need to be independent. To say that they march to the beat of a different drum can sometimes be an understatement – it would be more accurate to admit that they are the composer. It is not unusual for an Aquarius to end up in the oddest and most unusual of predicaments or circumstances.

Aquarians are dreamy and scientific, creative and inventive, investigative and usually quite mechanically inclined, and they have a passion for technology. They seem to think about everything – changing or saving the world being one of the hottest topics in the Aquarian mind. They truly want to make their mark in this world, and strive to bring a better future into the present.

Two types of Aquarius
Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of the unusual and unexpected – and is co-ruled by Saturn, the planet of planning and wisdom. This may help to explain why one Aquarius person seems to enjoy chaotic surroundings, and another Aquarius seems to be a bit more elegant and refined.

The “chaotic” Aquarian can usually be found in a smaller, haphazard, or messy home, tends to be a bit of a packrat, and has various projects and inventions lying about. They seem to gravitate toward plain foods, which they like to mix into unusual concoctions. If you see someone showering their macaroni and cheese with ketchup – they might be an Aquarian.

The “refined” Aquarian can usually be found in a large, spacious home filled with unique objects, relics and art. While they strive for elegance, opulence may be achieved, but was not the primary goal. This Aquarius is a fan of gourmet food. While you may not be sure what they will be eating, you can be sure it has one heck of a presentation!

Regardless of which archetype they follow, Aquarians in general tend to be tall and slender, have narrow hips and they move with graceful fluidity. They are just as likely to be a dancer, journalist or movie star as they are to be an inventor, astronomer or politician. Anything that is not routine and can bring change and impact to the world is a career option and choice.

Happy Birthday, Aquarius!
This year promises to be a year of change for you, particularly if you’ve been having a run of bad luck. Maybe it’s because your sign is doubly blessed with two lunar eclipses in 2008 – a New Moon eclipse will take place in Aquarius on February 6, 2008 followed by a Full Moon eclipse on August 16, 2008!

If you haven’t taken the time to look at your finances, now would be a good time. 2008 promises to bring your material well-being up a notch or two, particularly if you are paying attention. Financial opportunities are coming your way, and for those of you who invest, your payday can range from joyous to life-changing.

It is likely that you will find a new passion or cause, because your social life is about to take a different turn. Some of your old friends will be replaced by new, because your interests and creativity is going to peak. One thing is for sure, you won’t be at a loss for things to do!

The dreams you have been chasing are likely to manifest – and the universe is gearing up to acknowledge that she has heard your secret wishes. This year, more so than the others that have come to pass, it seems like you’ve got an angel on your shoulder or something pretty significant watching your back!

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  1. James W.

    Please give a more up to date review of us Aquarius’ s. It’s 2014 now. Your blog was done in 2008. I’m truly curious as to what 2014 and 2015 has to bring for me personally as an Aquarius. Although, all that was listed in the above blog in 2008 , was quite accurate! I just want to know more -in the now. Ixm quite fascinated with how much (you the psychic) knows about a astrological sign. FASCINATING!! I can not wait to hear back from you all.

  2. Faisal Khan

    Hi, I have severe vocal and struttring problems, and they say call us how can I call them.
    Please some one help me in it.
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    Faisal Khan.

  3. Shiva

    omg…its so true …i want 2 become a superstar and this year changing my life very much ….thankuu ….woooooooo

  4. vivencio m. cuizon

    I am looking for 2012 Spotlight for being an Aquarius. How come 2008 was featured?

    Hoping for my simple request.

    Thank you.

  5. Rosalie

    This is me on both aquarius. this is about 2008. I did make financial investment & it did not turn out to be good. I would like to know about 2011/2012
    Thank you


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