You Are My Destiny… You Can Count On Me!

The Science of Numerology

Being good in math gave me the foundation and interest needed to propel into the spiritual science of numerology. I was introduced to this practice in the late 70’s, and it was a relief to know that all the methods of readings I used connected to numbers giving me even more detail into the past, present and future of my life as well as those of the people I read for.

The destiny number is the total sum of your date of birth, example 1/1/1988 – 1+1+1+9+8+8 = 28 reduced to a single number 2+8 = 1. Zero has no value so if it is a 10 it is a 1, does that make sense? If the date of birth were 10/10/1988, it would be the same as the 1/1/1988 birthday. Nine also is a very interesting number no matter what you add to it, let’s say 9 + 6 = 15 breaking it down to a single number = 6 so we can when doing the math also cancel out the 9. Enough of the math lesson here is what vibrations your destiny number carries.

This is your life path. It remains constant all through your life, never changes, kind of like your karmic number. It is also known as a Life Path number.

What happens in a relationship when two people are on born on very different paths? Something I have noticed is that people who have the same life path number have more of a connection in this lifetime, also a better understanding of their partner.

Here is a list of the meanings of each life path.

1 – Independent, deep thinkers, original, creative. THE PIONEER

Flip side – Over-positive, dominant, egotistic.

2 – Gentle, tactful, understanding and wise. CO-OPERATION

Flip side – Bottled-up, over-emotional, needs balance for happiness.

3 – Carefree nature, talent in writing and speaking, creative. INDIVIDUAL SELF-EXPRESSION

Flip side – Dominant, boastful, critical and cynical.

4 – Solid foundation, well rounded, mindful of change, moving forward progressively. PRACTICAL ORGANIZATION

Flip side – Life moves slowly, cannot fall down on responsibilities.

5 – The lover of change and adventure, never in a rut, the lesson for the 5 is to learn how to use freedom. EXPERIENCE & CHANGE

Flip side – Self-indulgent, needs to be responsible with money.

6 – Comforting, able to bring balance to hard situations, diplomatic. Has a great capacity for loving. RESPONSIBILITY/SERVICE

Flip side – Failure comes if responsibility is not accepted, if you are too dominant or forceful.

7 – The thinker and philosopher, studying life on all levels from the past, seeking truth, introspective and mysterious. MENTAL ANALYSIS

Flip side – Fear of being alone, learn to operate from inner self, do not rush.

8 – Infinite possibilities, spiritual and financial awareness, organized, sound judgment with the ability to head up any organization. MONEY – COMMERCIAL POWER

Flip side – For greater success, do not push too hard.

9 – Great at closing, finishing projects, never leaving things hanging undone, broad scope within humanitarian activities. UNIVERSAL LOVE – SERVICE

Flip side – Prejudices will stop happiness, has to work hard for the money.

There is so much more to each destiny number that any one of our psychic numerologists would be able to enlighten you about, learning the destiny number of the people in your life give you a better idea of the permanent vibration that comes with that person.

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