Your Venus Love Horoscope for December 2013

Your Love Horoscope Goes Back to the Basics

The story of Venus in Capricorn, which started in November, continues through December and beyond. The theme of this Venus love horoscope is lasting love, renewal of commitments and love that builds and grows over time.

Venus entered Capricorn on November 5 where she plans to stay until March 5, 2014. Her stay is extended due to her retrograde period (December 21, 2013 through January 31, 2014)—a time when we get to step back and take in the broader view of love in our lives.

Venus Retrograde

While the world is in a constant state of change, this period in history seems to need a dose of what Venus in Capricorn is offering—a return to the basics of love.

Venus rules both love and money, and during her retrograde she’ll make us take a long, hard look at our spending habits—who we spend our time with and how we spend our time in general. It’s a moment to pause and to review who we surround ourselves with and how those relationships fit into the bigger picture. When the Venus retrograde is over, renewal in our deepest truths will be evident. Venus in Capricorn will bring us back to basics. She is simplicity in action.

For each Sun Sign (and Rising Sign), it will be a little different, but in the end it all comes down to love. So what does Venus have in store for your love horoscope this December? Let’s see:


The adventure continues. You are intent on getting the relationship you want, and even if it already exists you’ll strive for improvement. After the retrograde period you’ll feel closer to “having it all” in love.

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Your Venus love horoscope is not only about finding love or being in love; it’s about the inner love relationship you have with yourself. Travel can bring you the peace you need to contemplate it all.


Venus is in your house of sex and transformation and you’ll explore all of the excitement of love—even the difficult parts. Having a disagreement could lead to great make-up sex and being even closer than before.


Venus is in your partnership house and you’re thinking about what you both desire and offer in love. The retrograde period may bring up past memories and you’ll realize how much you’ve grown. It’s a karmically charged time for you.


Venus makes you notice what’s special in all of your relationships—even work relationships. During Venus’ retrograde, it will become easier to discern the flowers from the weeds in your relationship garden.


Venus is now in your house of love, romance and creativity. Both you and your most treasured relationships will benefit. During the retrograde, some romantic relationships might even take a step back, but it’s only temporary.

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Venus puts home-based relationships in the forefront of your thoughts and heart. The retrograde period may challenge the feelings you have about relationships, but you’ll come out of it stronger.


Your Venus love horoscope is all about outwardly communicating what you feel in your heart to those you love. The retrograde will bring up comparisons to the past—you’re so much better at relating now.


Venus is in your house of money, with the emphasis on building a future with someone special. While Venus can help you save as well as spend, during the retrograde, your eye will be on the road ahead.


With Venus in your sign, love gravitates to you like a magnet. Also, this is a time to love yourself and also a time to honor your most treasured relationships. During the retrograde, you may question some things, but afterwards you’ll have all the answers.


Your Venus love horoscope opens your intuition in love and life in general. Leading with your heart can sometimes feel uncomfortable and impractical, but that’s one mystery you’ll be looking into during the retrograde period.

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Your Venus love horoscope is all about your social circles and surrounding yourself with those you love, including romantic partners as well as friends and family. Enjoy the comfort, peace and happiness that they give you.

7 thoughts on “Your Venus Love Horoscope for December 2013

  1. LJ

    Alex – sorry you’re going through such a trying time, but I’m glad you are seeking advice. Trouble is I don’t know how to help you when I don’t even know what sign you are – other than to say that if someone’s “torturing” you, you have every right to walk away, ignore them, change your number or do whatever breaks you free of your misery. Of course I personally wouldn’t want to live like that and I would just have to bite the bullet and tell them to their face, once and for all – diplomatically and with a sense of sincerity, that it’s just not working for you and that it has to stop. Obviously you don’t want to be “friends” for whatever reason. Tell the other party to respect your personal space. It’s okay to not want to be friends with someone if it’s not working for you. Free yourself of this burden by being open, honest and after that, if they still don’t listen, tell them you’re getting a restraining order. (???) Sorry for you.

  2. LJ

    Dear Rivers: Thanks for the comment and inviting people to tune in and take advantage – I totally agree – it will be a very interesting period. Thanks again!

  3. LJ

    Dear Michael – am I witnessing a proposal of marriage to someone special in my Venus Love Forecast? If so, I think that’s so romantic and I hope they accept! I love love.

  4. Alex

    So yeah. Fail to see how this applies to me. I only have one feeling left and it’s pissed off. The girl I hoped to go out with told me I’m not her type but, she still wants to be “friends”. If that’s the case why does she keep torturing the crap out of me? Don’t really have anyone else to turn to for advice.


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