Your Karma Horoscope for December 2013

karma horoscope

Breaking Through and Clearing Your Karma

A little less aggressive than she’s been in a while, Saturn in Scorpio brings subtle shifts this month. What does that mean for your karma? Read on to find out what the ringed one has in store for you this month!


Nuance is rarely your forte, Ram. However, this month you’re given the gift of noticing small shifts in yourself and those around you. Are they the forebears of transformation to come, or hints you should walk the other way?


Its been said that nothing ever leaves until it’s taught you what you needed to learn. So it goes this month, for you, Taurus. Though you may be on the verge of calling something quits, you’re finally able to see what it’s taught you.


You’re always moving in a million different directions, Twins, it’s part of your nature. However, the pull takes its toll this month and your eyes are opened to why choosing more carefully (and selectively) may benefit you in the future.

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The stars are shining on you during this transit, crab. The lessons were slow coming, but now that you’ve learned them all that is required to succeed is consistent application of your approach.


You have increased sensitivity to others feelings now. While you’ve ben struggling karmically for some time (with special emphasis on your family history), you now have the option to make a shift courtesy of understanding.


It’s possible that your voice should – and will – be heard by a wider audience this month, Virgo. How far you cast that net depends on the endeavor, but the stars favor the dispelling of all that you’ve learned in recent months for others benefit.


Slow and steady wins the race. Not easy to remember for an Air Sign like you, Libran, but the key to manifesting your desires is in taking a measured and consistent approach. With patience, doors will open.


You’re building the structures on which to hang the next chapter of your life. This means big shifts and life changing realizations. Stay true to your principles, as opposed to doing what’s easy, and you’ll thrive.


A cycle is winding down to a close. You have just two years left of this phase – whatever it is – before life will take you in an entirely new direction. Try to maximize them. Learn what you can from where you are in this moment.


While you’ve been nose to the grindstone for some time, you may have failed to recognize the areas of your life that are truly the most beneficial and pleasurable. That changes now and you begin to appreciate those you’d been overlooking.

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What do you value, Water Bearer? The ringed one’s transit through Scorpio will help you reveal what really floats your boat, so you can set about manifesting more of it. Be prepared for a curve ball.


Growth is the key word for you this month, fishes. It’s not always an easy process either; in fact, transformation is filled with confounding stumbling blocks. They’re actually gifts to help you along in the process.

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  1. Gloria Nye

    I notice that Rev Nanci is not on the list anymore for psychics. She was really good at the things she told me. In fact, I gave her very little info to go on and she nailed the issues. Her time time was also accurate. Will we see more of her?


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