Your LOVECAST®: Derailed Communications?

January 10-16, 2011

Conflicts can spiral out of control at the beginning of the week because of the afflicted Moon in hotheaded Aries. Mercury is also challenged, which can derail communications. Fortunately, Mars entering Aquarius this weekend (through February 21) energizes socializing, while Moon in Gemini brings out your inner flirt. Best days for socializing: Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

Aries: Escalating irritations can cause your temper to erupt at the start of the week, so take a breath and get centered before responding to challenging people or situations. On an uplifting note, a sudden glimpse into your future via an intuitive hit can guide your direction. Letting your wordster out to play brings romance this weekend!

Taurus: A suppressed feeling may resurface and take you by surprise. Is there an issue from the past that needs to be resolved? Your magnetism skyrockets mid-week, so make an effort to be seen! Or, if you’re paired, a sexy tryst with your sweetie will bring delight. Sharing your playful side attracts romance this weekend.

Gemini: A troublesome person or group situation may derail socializing at the beginning of the week, so be picky about whom you spend time with. A cozy, serene environment inspires passion mid-week. The past may be on your mind as well. Moon in Gemini heightens your powers of attraction (and makes feelings escalate) this weekend!

Cancer: If someone close to you seems to be going ‘round the bend, take some quiet time to regain your emotional equilibrium. Your boss may be especially prickly. Friends come to the rescue to provide fun and insights mid-week. Look for romance during a group activity. A witty film or sexy game that makes you laugh will inspire romance this weekend!

Leo: A discussion with your sweetie or potential paramour at the start of the week may bring up something surprising or insightful. Being honest without throwing tact out the window may be the best approach. Be open to a psychic nudge, too. Sharing your expertise draws admirers mid-week. Romance can be found during a community event this weekend!

Virgo: Your talent for seeing what others miss may irritate someone close to you, so be mindful of criticism. A fun getaway or cultural activity can inspire love toward the middle of the week. A long-distance romance, perhaps? Strive to envision the bigger picture of what you’d like in a partner. Your humor or brainpower revs up romance this weekend!

Libra: A seismic shake-up with your partner may unhinge you temporarily. Coming from the heart when expressing your feelings will help restore harmony by the middle of the week, when intimacy escalates. If you’re solo, try not to be hard on yourself for not finding the right partner. It’s likely you’ll meet someone special this weekend, if your heart is open!

Scorpio: You may feel unappreciated at work or after doing a favor for someone close to you. Relationships improve considerably by the middle of the week, so plan a mutually enjoyable activity with your sweetie or a date with a close friend. Expressing your desires – with a touch of wickedness – sets passion ablaze this weekend!

Sagittarius: Except for Monday afternoon, when romance is in your favor, argumentativeness or control issues can pave a rocky path for love at the start of the week. Try not to go to extremes in words or actions. A natural or artsy setting inspires romance mid-week. Your energized partnership sector brings a delightful tryst this weekend!

Capricorn: A sense of dissatisfaction with your relationship (or lack thereof) can throw you off balance. A discussion with someone close to you about the issue, which may be rooted in a family pattern, can provide a stunning insight. Romance rockets into orbit mid-week, so share your heart! A helpful gesture inspires love this weekend.

Aquarius: Your ability to shock people may be evident during conversations at the start of the week, so choose your words carefully (unless you intend to rattle some cages). Romance can be found through a work project or colleague toward the middle of the week. Passion escalates this weekend, especially after Mars enters Aquarius on Saturday!

Pisces: You may be forced to stand your ground over something (or someone) important to you. Your ideas will be more respected toward the middle of the week. Flirting and other communications can bring favorable results then, too. Throwing a party during the weekend will energize you and perhaps inspire a romantic interlude, too!

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