Your LOVECAST®: Me vs. We

March 14-20, 2011

Stodgy Saturn can weigh down feelings at the start of the week. Then from Tuesday through mid-Thursday, fiery connections between Leo and Aries influences intensify passion. This weekend, Saturday’s Full Moon in Virgo quickly transits into loving into Libra. However, oppositions from Aries influences through most of the weekend can create some me-versus-we conflicts. Best days for socializing: Tuesday and Wednesday.

Aries: Your brainpower makes romance sizzle, so share your ideas, insights and humor, especially on Tuesday. Look for love during a party or entertainment-related activity, like a film or concert. Expressing yourself may be difficult on Friday, however. The Full Moon can bring romance while helping others on Saturday. Compromise and commitment are the themes for Sunday.

Taurus: Your home is the focus for socializing, so use your artistry to create an enticing ambiance for entertaining friends (or someone special!). A sudden insight on Tuesday about the past can improve your relationships. Love may feel abrasive on Friday. This weekend’s Full Moon energizes passion, but you may need to deal with some turbulence.

Gemini: Romance can be found online, during a class or while traveling this week. Socializing may bring in someone unusual or with an unexpected message. You’ll likely get irritated easily on Friday, however. Throwing a party will energize you during Saturday’s Full Moon. Love is serious on Sunday, or you may attract someone older.

Cancer: Irritations can throw you off balance on Monday and Friday, but a romantic encounter will likely bring fulfillment toward the middle of the week. Look for love through a colleague or during a public event. A moneymaking opportunity may land in your lap as well. Your unique sense of humor draws admirers during this weekend’s Full Moon!

Leo: A lucky synchronicity can bring someone special into your life this week, if you’re in touch with your intuitive guidance. At the very least, an unexpected opportunity of another kind will present itself. Feelings may be confusing on Thursday, however, so strive for clarity. Communications bring positive (or surprising) results this weekend because of the Full Moon!

Virgo: Socializing is stilted at the start of the week, but a rendezvous in an intimate ambiance will intensify passion on Tuesday or Wednesday. Also, some soul-searching about the past will bring a surprising insight. Impulsive behavior can upset love on Friday, however. This weekend’s Full Moon in your sign draws admirers into your social circle!

Libra: An issue about commitment or power may arise on Monday. Socializing mid-week can bring an unexpected romantic encounter, so keep your eyes open for someone special. If you’re paired, a shared activity with friends or a volunteer group will energize your relationship. This weekend’s Full Moon awakens your intuition about your love life (and other areas).

Scorpio: Moodiness can unhinge love on Monday, but your flair for drama makes you a magnet for romance toward the middle of the week! Also, a career-related project can bring romance. A social situation may get tense on Friday. The Full Moon can bring romance during a group activity on Saturday. Self-analysis will improve your love life on Sunday.

Sagittarius: Your psychic powers kick into high gear from Tuesday through Thursday. Also, a connection from afar may be instrumental in bringing love into your life, or you may meet someone from a different country or culture. Feelings can get prickly on Friday. Partying with friends either enhances or upsets romance during this weekend’s Full Moon.

Capricorn: Relationships can be difficult on Monday unless you express yourself clearly. Trying something new between the sheets will fire up passion on Tuesday or Wednesday, so get creative! Criticism or silence can unhinge romance on Friday. This weekend’s Full Moon helps you intuit how and where to find love, or ways to improve your current relationship.

Aquarius: Monday is a good time to discuss something serious or practical with your sweetie. A spontaneous or unusual date with your partner on Tuesday or Wednesday will energize your relationship. Or you may meet someone new unexpectedly. Just watch out for mixed messages on Thursday. Communications and love are tied together during this weekend’s Full Moon!

Pisces: Sensitivity inspires romance on Monday, while an audacious approach heats up passion on Tuesday or Wednesday. Also, romance can be found during a healthy activity. Caution or fear can hinder your actions on Friday, so try to get clear about your intensions. This weekend’s Full Moon energizes your partnership sector and encourages you to speak your mind.

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