Psychic Fiona: Truly Value Yourself

Psychic Fiona ext. 5178 Counsels Us on Opening Up to Ourselves

Fiona ext. 5178 comes from a mystical family of readers. Encouraged by her grandmother, she immersed herself into metaphysical studies as a teen and was soon predicting the dates and fate of her high school classmates. A professional intuitive for 40 years, she uses astrology, numerology, the Tarot, as well as messages from spirit guides and relatives who have passed to connect people to the information they want and need. Fiona gives the ultimate truth and understanding in her readings.

We sat down with her and got her thoughts! Our first question was on astrology, and what she feels it can do:

“Charts are revealing with incredible accuracy. There’ll be something in each chart that just jumps out. And these are people’s power points. They’re the points where people have their successes and the points they learn from. If a person has a square, that’s going to be a power point for them, a major learning experience. There’s a person or an event for every major aspect in a person’s life. And as the transits move, we can tell things years ahead of time, and with great accuracy.”

Does she use other tools?

“I use astrology, tarot and people’s birthdays. It gives me something to tap into, that energy. And once I have the energy, I take off. Sometimes I use people’s voices. As people talk to me on the phone, I get a sense of things as they’re talking. And I’m not listening so much to what they say, I’m tuning into their voice, and the energy rhythm and the energy that comes with it. And that’s how I pick things up.”

What’s the hallmark of a good psychic?

“Integrity. I think people deserve the truth. I think it’s hard for them to hear it sometimes, but people instinctively know the truth when they hear it. I feel like I owe my clients that. Skill. Nothing speaks like the voice of experience.”

What does she see people going through in their relationships right now?

“People need to be real with each other. There’s a lot of stress in the world today, but even the stress is there for a reason. We can use it as a tool for growth. I feel like people are under stress, so they forget to listen to that inner voice that tells them things. To look for red flags or feel a sense of peace when you’re around that person. Not all energy is compatible, just like certain color palettes are not compatible. People want relationships that aren’t right for them. They want to make them work and they’re devastated when they don’t. But because I’ve been a reader for so many years, I know that there is somebody for everyone. It comes with the right timing, it comes with readiness. We have to be ready for the good that wants to come into our life. And we can sabotage it, not knowing. There’s a lot of things that make relationships work or fail. We have to respect each other and give each other space. People get so desperate that they forget that not everybody is going to do things the way you think they should do them or when they think they should. Doesn’t mean they won’t, just means they’re doing things in their own way. And when you blend two people’s energies together, you’re creating a new color, a new palette. It takes time to get to know people.

“I think that a lot of people think they’re in love, and it really isn’t love, it’s infatuation. People really only fall in love once or twice in their whole life. The rest of the time it’s infatuation. Love isn’t always about sex or getting something from the other person, it’s about enjoying them for who they are, and wanting to spend time with that person and to grow with that person. It’s many things. People get so desperately needy that they’ll compromise the core of who they are to be with someone who isn’t even right for them. Then they call us and hopefully we can help them. They get so desperate that they’ll compromise their values, who they are, spend any amount of money, go to any lengths. It isn’t necessary, it just isn’t. When people find the person that’s right for them, it’s natural, but it’s just timing.”

Is there a way you counsel people to listen to their inner voice?

“I recommend it for everybody, and I know that everybody can do it. We all have intuition—that voice within that will guide us. That’s what it’s there for. The people in the Western part of the world are not particularly taught to do that. We look to the outer rather than the inner, but it’s the inner person that falls in love with the inner person of the other person. Most of what happens between people is invisible. Everything converts to energy; it’s an energy current that operates between two people in the yin-yang principle, and that’s what makes or breaks a relationship. So much of what isn’t said—that quiet knowing and understanding between two people that makes them comfortable or makes them uncomfortable. Everything always converts to energy.”

What’s one thing she would like people to know?

“To value yourself. Live from that point of authenticity in yourself, and honor yourself. You’re a spiritual being on the earth for a specific reason. And you have a destiny. You’re going to bless people along the way and enrich the world because you’re here. We all have gifts and talents and everything to use. Be authentic; live from the highest aspects of your personality. By doing so it creates an invisible energy around you that will help you attract more of what is right for you. Like attracts like in spiritual mind.

What can Fiona ext. 5178 see for you?

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  1. Samo

    Shauna – How sweet are those seriously, we must get Maeve and Fiona toehtger. I can’t wait for camp they’ll totally be bff’s by the end of it and maybe Fiona can teach Maeve a few of her standing moves just a thought. Hope you’re well.

  2. Tina morales

    How do we know that we are with the right person I feel like I am in love with one man and use to the other. I have share so much of my life that I am afraid to leave him.


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